Limited Edition Legion Herald Unboxing

 Good evening all,
 A quick post about a purchase I made today, I have to admit I rarely get Limited edition models, and this one's price tag very nearly put me off.

However I decided to treat myself... probably not something the wife will let me do again! 

As you can see from the image above the price was £22.50 for the model (which is pretty much how much I needed to spend on a drop pod for my army)... very much a case of crazy pricing, but I still bought it. 

When you open it up you get to see the four main parts to the model, the arms are separate (which can allow those more adventerous types to give them new arms and new poses. 

The main body & arm, there are only (that I have spotted) two Ultramarines signs on the model, on on the arm shoulder pad, and one on the knee pad of this left leg. 

This should make it pretty easy for someone to change his chapter allegiances and get a bit more scope out of this model.

This shot shows the backpack with its cape, and the standard, I have to admit I am not keen on the cape, mainly because of the awesome detail on the back of the model itself, I will have to see how it goes together but i am likely to swap it out for one of the spare backpacks I have from Betrayal at Calth

The top of the standard for those of you interested.

Followed by his left arm and head, again not so impressed with non-helmeted models, although I do have a few, so this might be getting changed as well.

His holstered bolt pistol

And then a couple of different shots of the models components. 

Finally once you get the model out it shows you how to glue it all together, nice to have instructions for a model from FW!


Glorious Gamer said…
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Glorious Gamer said…
Where do I glue the bolt pistol to? I cannot find a picture of any finished models nor can you see the pistol on the provided picture... thanks for any suggestions