Horus Heresy Conversions (HQ's)

With a second box of Betrayal at Calth I decided that it was time to start doing a few small conversions, so far the Contemptor has a new gun arm, and one of the Cataphrattcii terminators will be getting a Plasma blaster (when I find the pieces I need!)

For now though, I remade the Terminator captain, just a small change to leave him with a Combi-Bolter & Lightning Claw, and add on the standard.

Then I decided to have a look at the Consul models (or captain if he is in 40k!) and he got a Combi-Bolter added in, although I havent chosen the special weapon yet, and a power sword. 

All in all pretty happy with these guys, simple quick conversions that should help them stand out from their already build counterparts! 


The Horned God said…
Looking good. Can't wait to see them painted
Kraggi said…
Thank you, gonna need to pull my finger out and get them painted, especially as the Terminator Captain is likely to be leading my forces out on the 12th November!