Horus Heresy - The Primarch so far....

Robute Guilliman... the Ultramarines Primarch, my first Lord of War for 30k, and currently on an unfinished base.

I am pretty happy with how he is coming along, a bit more work required on the sword and scarab, but I think he looks pretty sharp (for my level of painting).

With the painted Sergeant & Terminator Captain side by side for height / size perspective.


jabberjabber said…
Great progress! The scale comparison to the other marines makes him even more impressive.
Kraggi said…
Thank you Jabber, still a bit unsure on the marble he is meant to be standing on, might leave it as the stone, then I need to finish off the Sword & Sword Hand + the Scabbard.

Been busily trying to get the second box of Betrayal all glued up before the weather makes outdoor gluing impossible!