Winter War 2016 - The List!!!

So without too much thought, minimal planning, very little time and crossing the 30k & 40k streams... here is my first attempt at an 1850 point Winter War list.

Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Ultramarines
Force Organisation: Gladius Strike Force

Core: Demi-Battle Company
Auxilary: Anti-Air Defence Force

Demi-Battle Company
Terminator Captain - Cataphrattci Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi Bolter
Tactical Squad (10) - Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Drop Pod
Contemptor Dreadnoughts (2) - Kheres Assault Cannons
Attack Bikes (3) - Multi-Melta
Devastator Squad (10) - Rocket Launchers x 4
Command Squad (5) - Plasma Gun x 5, Drop Pod

Anti-Air Defence Force
Stalkers x 2
Hunter x 1

Total Points: 1850

Kill Points 13

So everything is different with no two units being exactly alike which is nice! 

Three drop pods gives me a level of flexibility on what drops when & where without breaking the army into too many small chunks, and won't feel like wasted points assuming I don't HAVE to start in a dedicated transport (I only call that out in case i missed it in my read through of 7th Ed. 

The Stalkers & Hunters could very well end up as wasted points in some games, but at least it gives me a solid Anti Air option, along with a little bit of interceptor (although at a lower BS) if required.

All in all it feels pretty solid, and doesn't mean I need to spend a load of money on models that won't work when I play 30k (i.e the Stalkers & Hunters just won't convert over, unless I find some awesome way to assemble them that lets me use em as Rhinos as well (or a Damocles!)