Works Raptor Recon Helix Tactics & Comments

The Works Raptor helix has changed a few times since I first used or played against it. 

I think the latest incarnation is less powerful than previous versions, but now means that its slightly better points.


The first fliers available to the Directorate as Natural Allies, these guys rock in with Cloak, and 6 Interceptor shots each at both Long & Effective range, they are your go to guys for anti-air.

With the Elite quality you don't need to worry about Dis-Order tests too much, but they are fragile, with (at the time of posting) a stat line of 4+4.

Cloaked & Flying will help immensely with this, and the final bonus for them is the Aerial Assault special rule, this allows them to go flat out (forcing your opponent to need 6's to hit them, and with cloaked, they can't re-roll for extras) and still shoot. The shooting is Rushed, so you only hit on 5's, but with 18 shots to use that should average out at 9-12 successes. 

Planning your targets should give you some decent options here, and the 3 CQB each, while it isnt amazing, careful positioning may mean you can get your 9 CQB vs one low CQB or damaged model.

All in all I like their flexibility, they do tend to die early for me, but in doing so they go for the must kill enemy unit on the table top (potentially that Hawkers Industry Flyer that can call in Artillery strikes ::shudders:: 

With their flay out move of 28", and their ranges when shooting they have a very respectable threat range, and should you find yourself with only one model left and badly outnumbered, that movement means you can easily get them off the table to deny your opponent 3TV.

The Crone is a recon specialist in every sense of the words. Sure Hover, Hard Target (-1) & Cloaked can make them tough customers to deal with outside of Effective range, but with a DR of 4 each, no shields and a CQB of 1 they are very weak. 

What they excel at are grabbing / threatening those back field objectives, or getting those flank / rear shots on enemy units. 

If they get in range, then the 5 of them can put out 20AD, which in someones Flank or Rear arc can be devastating. 

Their recon move means they can shoot 17" before the game begins to help get in those positions, and with the Elite quality its not such a big deal that they might run out of range of their command element. 

While they will excel at killing infantry with the Anti-Personnel MAR on their weapons do not limit yourself to just using them for those purposes, sometimes the best bit is to surprise your opponent with that 20AD rear shot, and if they shoot at these guys, they are not shooting at the rest of your army.