Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Attunement Servitors

The write up below is from the previous version of Warmachine, but all in all I suspect I will continue to take these guys as I do like the models, and they are useful to fill points gaps! 

Annoying to the last, their AOE makes them very good at getting -2 DEF onto multiple targets, and that further increases the potential of the entire force, for a PC of 2 they are just amazing.

Consder that with three of them, you stand a decent chance of getting the flare off against something, and that then provides a buff off (in essence +2 RAT, MAT & SPELL to all your models).

Also dont be afraid to target something with Flare already, even though it doest stack your AOE should mean you can clip something else, further giving your better options.

With them being Solos, and able to move independently you can get yourself some nice flank & rear shots, specifically looking for those rear shots to increase your chances.

Additionally they are quite good as charge lane blockers, I really need to look at getting me a few more of these guys, maybe one of the other variants to further boost the forces potential.

While I dont see these guys as game winning, they synergise very well with the rest of the force!