Rapid Fire 2011 - The Results

So after my post on Saturday, here is the list I actually went for.

Lord Kaldor Draigo
10 Knight Strike Squad, 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition
10 Knight Terminator Squad, 2 Psycannons, 2 Daemonhammers, 7 Force Halberds
10 Knight Interceptor Squad, Psycannon, Daemonhammer, 6 Halberds
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Psycannon 

Below are a couple of quick highlights from each of the 5 games, no promises on Battle reports but with luck you may get more details!

In my First game I played Jamie who had Space Wolves (Yay Again!). This resulted in a Victory for me as I managed to get in close and cause him numerous problems on the way in.

The Second game I drew a Grey Knight Force, Draigo, 15 Paladins, 5 Terminators & a Librarian. He reserved his entire force, and the found out what Warp Quake was as it Delayed the Libby, Killed Draigo and his unit and basically messed his army around. I had a resounding game with Maximum Victory Points!

The Third game was one I was very Worried about as I played an Ork player and with me dropping Incinerators I was worried about How I would deal with that many Orks. My Dice let me down, with my opponent refusing to complain when he rolled badly because mine were terrible throughout. However somehow one of my Dreadknights entice three Killa khans into charging him and this changed the whole game allowing me to snatch a Victory!

The Fourth Game was me against Tom... it seems we meet in every tournament we both attend (well the three so far). The scenario was crazy and not going first gave me an uphill battle, one which I eventually won, but only just as Arjac Rockfist gave it a damn good try in killing Draigo in one on one combat. It could have gone anyway until I killed the crippled Landraider that survived 4 rounds of combat and around about 12 Psycannon shots before I killed it.

The Fifth Game was against a Mech Eldar force that reserved it all, and me being stupid setup so he could come in on a flank and cause me problems with half my army out of position. The dice gods are ever fickle and somehow I passed 10 3+ armour saves on my Interceptors, and survived another 14 Fire Dragon shots on my Dreadknight to leave him on 1 wound. This was perhaps my most enjoyable game as it was played (in my opponents words) 'just like a game in any shop'. We had an excellent laugh and had the game ended on Turn 5 I lost, Turn 6 I won, and Turn 7 was actually a really tight call. Turns out you shouldnt be goaded by your opponent into charging Yriel, especially when he is already fleeing and will not be rallying in your next turn. I should have left him alone, I should have let him flee. However I decided that I wanted my Terminators in combat and Draigo in combat so I charged... it nearly cost me the game but as my opponent was fun to play against I did it, definately an in the spirit of the game moment and was perhaps one of the best combats of the Tournament!

All in all it did end on Turn 7, it was modified Kill points and I won by a landslide in the end. With 5 Victories I won the tournament with Maximum points and collected myself an nice Certificate and a wonderful Prize!

Thanks to all my opponents (any of you who may be reading the blog) and a big shout out to the Stirling Wargames club. If you are reading this and in the Stirling area


Ok not such a good blog post title.

I have to say that I think GW may have out done themselves this time.

The actual quality of the models that the Necron line has is amazing.

Saw this guy up on the GW pre-order page and boy do I want him. No idea what he is as I dont want to find out much about Necrons till I have the codex in my hands!

I am not going on a mad Necron buying spree... I am not going on a mad Necron buying spree... I am not going on a mad Necron Buying spree. There I said it three times... now I just need to hand all my money over to my wife to ensure I actually dont ignore what I just said!

Rapid Fire 2011 - The Army List!

By now I will have played 1 of my Games at the Tournament I am attending in Stirling, Scotland.

Hopefully it went well, and the dice angels were with me, if not then I have 4 chances for me and the army to redeem ourselves!

This tournament has made me tear through army lists, with hundreds of re-writes / tweaks to try and get the best that I can out of it.

You can see the 5 scenarios we were playing listed here.

In the end I settled on not changing my army for the Tournament... there were no composition rules so I got to pick what I wanted and just had to feel the army would do well how I wanted it too.

In the end I had two lists that I couldnt decide between. I hope that I picked the right one of these two and that I am happy with how it has played thus far. 

The first list is:
Lord Kaldor Draigo
Terminators x 10, Psycannon x 2, 7 Halberds, Daemonhammer x 2
Strike Squad x 10, 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition
Interceptors x 10, Psycannon, Force Halberds x 5, Daemonhammer
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, H. Incinerator
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, H. Psycannon
Total Kill Points (under their scenarios): 11

The Second List is:
Lord Kaldor DraigoWith Special Characters being allowed and HQ's worth a whopping 3 Kill Points each in the two Annhilation games I figure he is a better choice than a standard Grandmaster. 

Terminators x 5, Psycannon, Daemonhammer, 4 Halberds
Strike Squad x 10, 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition
Interceptors x 6, Incinerator, Force Halberds x 5
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, H. Incinerator
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, H. Psycannon
Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition
Total Kill Points (under their scenarios): 15

He doesnt need the cover of a unit and this improves the number of things the army can deal with.

Both lists are the way I like to play Grey Knights. Ultra Aggressive and in your face as quick as possible. In the first turn I can have virtually my whole army in your face and you get 1 turn of shooting to kill it or die.
Honestly the second list can be a bit of a Glass Cannon, the Stormraven going down severely limits some of my options, but I think the risk may prove worth while...

The difference in Kill points is pretty huge, especially as the 4 Kill points come from the Stormraven (easily one shottable) and the Dreadnought (also easily one shottable). The reduced size on the Interceptor squad also limits my options and makes them a lot easier kill point... for that matter so does the terminator squad.

However there is a level of added flexibility with so much of my army able to jet into the enemy face on turn 1.

Well by now I have made my decision and I have to trust its the right one!

Army List Wednesdays - Doubles List (Space Wolves & Grey Knights)

Following on from the excellent piece of fluff that was written by Tom, here is the list we used in the Doubles Tournament this weekend.

It certainly didnt have the time and planning we usually put into it, but my half (the Grey Knights) allowed me to use Draigo, something I don't intend to do in my standard armies.

Space Wolves - 875 Points

Rune Priest- Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane.
Lone Wolf - Mark of the Wulfen, Fenrisian Wolf.
Grey Hunters x 10, Drop Pod, 2 Plasma Guns
Grey Hunters x 9, Drop Pod, Meltagun
Long Fang Squad x 6, 2 Lascannons, 3 Rocket Launchers
Long Fang Squad x 6, 2 Lascannons, 3 Rocket Launchers

Grey Knights - 875 Points
Lord Kaldor Draigo
Paladins x 5
- Paladin - Force Falchions
- Paladin - Daemonhammer
- Paladin - Psycannon & Force Halberd
- Paladin - Psycannon & Force Sword
- Paladin - Force Halberd
Interceptors x 10, 4 Force Halberds.

This list faced three different armies, and managed to win two and draw the other game. All in all it was enough for the victory.

I will be posting more information on the games later this week.

Winter KoA Doubles - The Story!

This was written by my Doubles Partner Tom, an excellent piece of background, which totally fits in with Space Wolves!

"The Inquisition - asking for help from us? Those uptight bastards must have really bitten off more than they can chew ".

Ragnar looked down at the Rune Priest and shook his head slowly - "Remember Sven - diplomacy - you've dealt with Grey Knights before and you know how touchy they can be".

"But yes you're right, they gave us very few details just that they need help and we're the best choice - very politely it was too "Requested in the name of the Emperor of Man" was the phrase used - this Inquisitor has obviously had dealings with us before, the other option is that they want another look at us.

It's been a few years since the 6th Chapter has been subject to scrutiny by the Inquisition - unlikely they'd use Grey Knights for that though - so yes probably something nasty especially as there are other Chapters with forces closer".

They were both in his quarters on the Battle Barge and the Wolf Lord refilled the Priests ale as they both started thinking about what would need to be done. He realised that where possible they would have to use Wolves who had previously dealt with the Inquisition, whose methods tended to enrage the less experienced members of the Chapter - which meant Grey Hunters and Long Fangs. He heard Sven mutter under his breath "No Blood Claws" and that raised a wry smile from the Wolf Lord, yes Blood Claws and the Inquisition would not be a good mix at all.

"I'm going to use Ulfgir's Long Fangs", said Sven, "They were all on Armageddon in various roles if I remember rightly and they'll be able to fill in the rest of the boys on the way there as to what to expect", Ragnar knew that the Rune Priest never forgot a thing and he was also old enough to get away with calling Long Fangs who'd been fighting the Emperors enemies for half a century "boys".

Privately to himself the Rune Priest decided that he'd be careful as well to make sure none of the marines who would be dropping in were showing the least sign of succumbing to the taint of the Wulfen, if the Inquisitor was going to be looking for a reason to launch another investigation at the Fang they'd get nothing from this drop.

He looked across at the young Wolf Lord and wondered if he'd ruled himself out for the same reason, Ragnar wasn't going to fall but his ferocious rages could trigger the mark in others and that would be counter productive. "I'm going to assume you don't want me to use the Thunderwolves either my lord, no need to give those nosey bastards any more reason to poke around?"

Ragnar's nod was accompanied by yet another smile which grew into a chuckle,

"Yes, I'm fairly certain they know about them but lets not flaunt them in front of somebody who might not approve. Just act like the normal barbarians that they expect us to be and there shouldn't be a problem".

The Wolf King had already made it clear to both Ragnar and the Inquisitor that there would be none of the usual Inquisition mind wipe tricks after the battle and there had been surprisingly little protest from the Inquisitor on this point. The more he thought about it the more the Wolf Lord was concerned that this was going to be a nasty fight with enemies who were perhaps not as clear cut as was normal - hence why the Wolves were being given the dirty end of the stick. Ever since their inception the 6th Legion, as it was, had been tasked as the Emperors executioners and were given jobs that others might have baulked at - so be it - they'd never turned down a fight and they weren't about to start now.

He shared a look with the Priest and realised his thoughts had been going down a similar path, they both nodded and with nothing more needing to be said Sven Longstrider headed off to tell the various squads what he expected of them, the boys had been spoiling for a fight and he was certain they were going to get one.

Dorriksson Clan History

The Dorriksson clan, lives under the Grey Mountains, their hold lies to the East of the Bretonnian City of Parravon, with Altdorf to the north and Nuln to the south.

The Clan itself has extensive trade with the humans of these three cities, mainly in their engineers assisting in the building of defences and weapons. They are well paid for their services, and use this to Gold to buy from the other, more well off Clans.

Rundorik Dorriksson ascended to the roll of the Lord of the Hold after his Father was killed while fighting Orcs. A Giants final act had been to crush his mighty frame, with wounds so severe that he did not recover.

The Clan itself has a large body of warriors that it is able to call upon, either to answer the War Call of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, honour their Alliances or protect the Hold. While they do not have access to as many Warmachines as many other Clans, they still can put out a formidable artillery line.

Rundorik’s recent battles came against Daemons, High Elves, Lizardmen and the a rogue band of humans with stolen machines. He performed heroically in each fight, inspiring his warriors to even greater feats of bravery.

Although he was greviously wounded by one of the Daemon forces they encounter and the thrice damned Elves he recovered to lead his forces into Battle once more.

More Recently answering an old favour, he has taken a sizable force of his warriors to a once proud Dwarven hold.

The city has fallen to the cursed Skaven, after what almost seemed like a joint campaign from the Orcs & Goblins and the Skaven. An old debt was called in from Karak Eight peaks. Even though it was a long trek the Dwarves of Clan Dorriksson will not be found wanting when a debt is called in.

Since their arrival they have been involved in several vicious encounters with Skaven & Orcs alike in the halls and passageways of the once great Dwarven Hold. Now as the Dwarves have established a stronghold to begin reclaiming their city from, Clan Dorriksson has been venturing out in to the surrounding lands to trade for supplies and to deal with any unwanted forces to close to the city.

1750 Army List Wednesdays! (Imperial Guard)

Time for another installment of my Army List Wednesdays.

This time back on the Imperial Guard, and this time its for an entirely Outflanking force. My opinion is that against an opponent this is a 1 shot wonder, however its well worth it for the look on their face when 'setup'.

Unit Name Unit Size Equipment / Options

Company Command Squad 6 Creed, Astropath, 4 x Meltaguns

Vendetta 2
Valkyrie 2 Multiple Rocket Pods
Vendetta 1

Sly Marbo 1

Veteran Squad 10 3 x Grenade Launchers
Veteran Squad 10 3 x Flamers
Veteran Squad 10
Veteran Squad 10 3 x Grenade Launchers

Leman Russ Squadron 3
Battle Tank
H.Bolter & H.Bolter Sponsors

This list gives you lots of options, but my favourite is to outflank it all (except for Marbo). Creed allows you to grant one unit Scout, so I think we will give that to the Tank Squadron. 

Then you are only making 5 Reserve rolls, with +1 and a re-roll for the side you outflank. This means you have a 88.88% chance of bring the unit on the side of the table you want too. 

The Tanks to be honest would be better in individual units, but I reckon that whatever they shoot at will die with three of them doing it. 

The Veterans can actually put out a decent rate of fire across all of them, while Creed's squad is there simply to kill Tanks, along with the Vendettas.

The Valks & Flamers are there for the Hordes of the World. 

In a scoring mission the Vets do not need to jump out of their Flying Tins of Doom except when trying to capture an objective. 

It is a very min-maxed as such to try and fit in all the metal boxes I can, but if my oppoenent isnt expecting it then I should be able to spring a nice surprise for them. 

As ever thoughts are more than welcome.

This Model!!!

Now I am doing what the rest of the blogosphere is doing... jumping on the Necron band wagon.

However I will add that I have a Necron force from way back when they were first released in plastics. They have admittedly been sitting on shelf gathering dust while I have been playing other armies.

With 60 Necron Warriors I feel I may have a decent core to build around so it is my hope that this release i am not buying a new army as much as I am buying models to add to my current one (that will be a nice change for me, my Wife and my bank!).

However I have to say that of all the models and pictures I have seen, for a full list of them click here.

This one is the one that made me go ooooohhhhh!!!!

No idea what these weapons will do, but am thinking I am gonna have some of these guys just because they look pretty damn badass!!!!

Anyway no more from me about the Necrons till the Codex comes out... I am looking forward to see how the list I posted a few weeks ago would change (if I used no different models) so expect some interesting posts soon!

Oh, and thanks to Beasts of War for posting these beauties!

My New Warhammer Army - Skaven!

So after a long break from Warhammer I have decided to give it another go, while the game frustrated me, with one charge roll come up horrifically bad for me, and this pretty much costing me the game, it was enjoyable too.

Better tactics from me in the early game would have made that Charge roll basically redundant, so need to plan out the strategy a little better.

However with all that out of the way its time for my Dwarves to have an enemy, one that I own and can write my background and stories for... one thats worthy of a place in the book of Grudges!

And so.... my choice was simple... Skaven (well Orcs n Gobs my brother has lol). Relatively low start up costs due to the Island of blood if you can find someone to trade models with (which I have) so I will very shortly have two Skaven Island of Blood starter sets to use, and this will move me in the right direction for building an army with some solid core choices.

The Skaven also have some awesome models and I look forward to painting them up!

Any advice hints or tips are welcome as this early into a new army I reckon I can adjust what I am buying quite easily so please feel free to drop me a line!

Golden Demons!

Only a quick post today, and this is mainly aimed at people who dont go to the GW website, or at people for any country thats not the UK.

Here is a link to pictures of all the Golden Demon winners from this years Games Day UK.

Dont forget when you go to the link, if it asks you to select your country, select the UK to view the link.

Golden Demon Winners

1750 Army List Wednesdays! (Space Wolves)

so, in an effort to spread his secrets, here is a list of the Space Wolf list that scares the bejesus out of my Grey Knights. 

Rune Priest, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane, Chooser of the Slain (Not Hawk Thingy as I first called it!)

Wolf Guard Pack x 3, Power Fist x 3, Landraider Redeemer w/Multi-Melta Transport

Grey Hunters x 10, Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen, 2 x Meltaguns
Grey Hunters x 9, Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagu, Rhino
Grey Hunters x 9, Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Rhino

Long Fang Pack, 4 Rockets, Lascannon, Razorback w/Twin Linked Lascannon
Long Fang Pack, 3 Rockets, 2 Lascannons, Razorback w/Twin Linked Lascannon
Long Fang Pack, 3 Rockets, 2 Lascannons, Razorback w/ Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

This list actually makes my head hurt. So much of it needs dealing with and ignoring any component can be fatal. 

The Long Fangs give a good range of fire to start popping AV12 and below, along with the Lascannons to deal with the Landraiders of the World.The Razorbacks further increase their effectiveness given the extra shots they are getting.

The Wolf Gaurd split off, one for each Grey Hunter Pack, and then the Rune Priest joins the 10 man unit and they all travel around in the Redeemer. Note they do not start the game in the Redeemer, as its the Wolfguard Transport not the Grey Hunters Transport. This is useful if you can steal first turn from them, but most of the time they are able to get in the Landraider if they so choose. 

The Grey Hunters are there to run forward and jump on small units of the enemy, or to chew them up with Bolter fire on the way into them. 

All in all I feel this list is very well Balance and should give anyone a headache when dealing with it.

The only effective strategy I have come up with is to rush them, and provide such a high leve of Target staturation that you men get through and into combat. Trying to duke it out with this list at range is a suicidal idea. 

Even the so 'dreaded Draiogwing' will struggle because of the amount of AP2 or Str 8 shots. FNP doesnt help them, and while it only takes one or two Paladins to get into the Long Fangs to kill them all the Grey Hunter packs with their Power Fist attacks (and rending) can again cause them serious issues. 

It has numbers and good firepower... overall I have to say I hate fighting this list as I feel that half the battle has been won for the Space Wolf player in building such a well rounded list.

Blogroll - We want you!

Well, this is totally spurred on by Santa Cruz's post from last week.

But I still have plenty of space on my Blogroll, and on my Dystopian Wars blogroll, so feel free to leave me a comment with your blog and I will get you added.

the more the merrier, and the easier it is for people to find your blog, and to find the information they are looking for.

I remeber reading a post several months ago about picking up the slack as Ron, From the Warp Ron was doing such a fabulous job (and still is in my opinion) running a blog network hub that more of us should try and fill our Blogrolls, it helps pick up the slack as it were and makes it easier for other peoples blogs to be found and to help good content be found!

So come one sign up, then post something like this on your Blog, lets see how many peopel we can get and how many Blog rolls we can fill!

Decisions, decisions?

I have an upcoming tournament called Rapid Fire in Stirling, Scotland.

The Rules pack can be found here:

Now my indecision comes down to their Annhilation mission.

Its a modified Kill Points game. 

Basically your HQ is worth 3 points. 

Your Troops are worth 1 point each, while your Elite, Fast Attack & Heavy Support plus (presumably) any transports taken for units in these slots are worth 2 Kill Points each.

Now there are 5 games, and 2 of them are based on this scenario.

So with 40% of my games being dependant on these rules I know I need to re-evaluate my options.

The list I am debating is:

Grandmaster, Psychotoke Grenades, Incinerator
Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Strike Squad x 10, 2 Psycannons
Interceptor Squad x 10, Psycannon, 5 Force Halberds
Dreadknight, PT, H. Incinerator
Dreadknight, PT H. Incinerator
Dreadnought, Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition
total: 1750

Now before anyone goes into a rage about how ineffective this army is, let me say that in my first 3 real games with it I racked up two wins and a draw, and the draw was because I was caught out by an enemy special rule (the best way to learn) and I can be pretty sure I can prevent it in the future, or at least limit it.

It also managed to win me best General for most Victory Points Accumalated, and a Planes of Blood for the Highest number of VP won in a game.

The Tactics are simple, rush the Dreadknights, Interceptors and the Stormraven Laden with Terminators, Grandmaster & Dreadnought forward on the first turn, then see how your opponent manages to deal with it all, if they do they win, if they don't then the blood bath begins.

Now I think this would normally stand a decent chance at the tournament if not for the Kill Point changes. The Kill point changes pushes me from 8 potential kill points to a whopping 15! Which for a Grey Knight army is huge!

So given the brief over view of the tactics I use, what would you change, how would you improve the list, or would you re-write it entirely.

I am open to any and all ideas, and look forward to some creative feedback!

Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to post!

1750 Army List Wednesday!

Back again for another Army List Wednesday, this time I am listing a couple of modified versions of the Grey Knight list I first posted on Army List Thursday!

So first things first why change it? Well the answer is simple, I don't actually have the models needed for that list.

So here is a modified version of the list, one that is a little more able to work in an Objective based game. 

Unit NameUnit SizePtsEquipment / Options

Grandmaster1200Incinerator, Psychotoke Grenades, Blind Grenades


Grey Knight Terminators5225Force Halberds x 5, Psycannon

Grey Knight Strike Squad102202 Psycannons

Interceptors5145Psycannon, Force Halberd

Stormraven1205Multi-Melta & Assault Cannon

Dreadknight1245H. Psycannon

Dreadknight1235H. Incinerator

Dreadnought1130Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition

Anyone notice the first big change? Ok so a simple one and that is the Grandmaster. Ever since I first put one of these guys in my 1750 Army List I have been unwilling to drop him out entirely. 

On a side note the Grandmaster I tried out a couple of times, but really couldnt decide between him and a Libby, and on of my gaming opponents, Tom, advised me to go with the Grandmaster for a tournament. Never looked back since.

His ability to increase my scoring units by a minimum of 1 in a worst case scenario is never a bad thing. 

This army works on the setup that the Grandmaster & Terminators are in the Stormraven, along with the Dread from setup. 

In turn 1 everything either Shunts or Flat Outs at the enemy lines. You can even get away with (although I don't do this very often) moving your remaining troops out into the open to make a dash for an objective or better cover. 

It takes a lot of firepower to wipe out everything charging at your opponent, and if you target the right units with your shooting you should be able to reduce their chances even more. 

Now this tactic will not work against all armies, but as of yet I havent played all armies, it does however work well against the MEQ's of the world. The rest... well I have to get some more games in to figure the other armies out!

This was the army I took to Counter Attack hosted by ELG on the 1st October and in the three games it managed the following: 1 Draw, 2 Wins.

My Hobby in September

Well, September proved to be a better month for my gaming. I ended up getting involved in lots of World of Warcraft TCG events, finishing, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the three I entered this month.

I ran an event called the Assault on Horlux which pitted several Kill Teams against a Tau & Imperial Guard force.

I managed to get the following:

World of Warcraft:
Played: 52
Won: 27
Lost: 25

I managed win a booster Draft in wow, with 4 Victories as well. This was a trial run for the Qualifiers for the National event. The actual Qualifiers at 4th October, so fingers crossed I can attend! The following weeks booster draft I finished second, so at the moment I seem to be doing well in the Draft events.

Magic the Gathering
Played: 6
Won: 1
Lost: 5

Not such a hot month as my Magic decks got slapped around and beaten soundly... back to the drawing board methinks.

Warhammer 40,000

Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Win

Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Win
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Loss

A much better month for my 40K army, and five games, two of which went right down to the wire.

Including me being ahead on Kill Points in turn 7, with only Draigo left alive, and several batteries of Space Wolf Long fangs & a Landraider that could potentially stop him. Fortunately for him, Draigo lived!

This month I also signed up to a tournament on the 1st October (so basically today), and I had to purchase a couple of models for my ideal list.

This means I have managed to paint the following for my Grey Knights army this month:

Stormraven (T/L Lascannon & T/L Multi-Melta)
5 Interceptors (Force Swords, Psycannon)
Dreadnought (Assault Cannon & Doom Fist)

On the subject on the Grey Knights I am nearing a fully painted army, with only the following left to be completed:

Brotherhood Champion
10 Terminators
Inquisitor Hereticus
Landraider Crusader

Once they are completed I will think about adding some extra models to it, as only 1 Strike squad makes my troops a very expensive proposition. 

I am looking at doing something along the lines of a Escalation league (but only using New mini's that I buy) as a good way to motivate me to get these guys bought, built and painted.  

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