1750 Army List Wednesday!

Back again for another Army List Wednesday, this time I am listing a couple of modified versions of the Grey Knight list I first posted on Army List Thursday!

So first things first why change it? Well the answer is simple, I don't actually have the models needed for that list.

So here is a modified version of the list, one that is a little more able to work in an Objective based game. 

Unit NameUnit SizePtsEquipment / Options

Grandmaster1200Incinerator, Psychotoke Grenades, Blind Grenades


Grey Knight Terminators5225Force Halberds x 5, Psycannon

Grey Knight Strike Squad102202 Psycannons

Interceptors5145Psycannon, Force Halberd

Stormraven1205Multi-Melta & Assault Cannon

Dreadknight1245H. Psycannon

Dreadknight1235H. Incinerator

Dreadnought1130Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition

Anyone notice the first big change? Ok so a simple one and that is the Grandmaster. Ever since I first put one of these guys in my 1750 Army List I have been unwilling to drop him out entirely. 

On a side note the Grandmaster I tried out a couple of times, but really couldnt decide between him and a Libby, and on of my gaming opponents, Tom, advised me to go with the Grandmaster for a tournament. Never looked back since.

His ability to increase my scoring units by a minimum of 1 in a worst case scenario is never a bad thing. 

This army works on the setup that the Grandmaster & Terminators are in the Stormraven, along with the Dread from setup. 

In turn 1 everything either Shunts or Flat Outs at the enemy lines. You can even get away with (although I don't do this very often) moving your remaining troops out into the open to make a dash for an objective or better cover. 

It takes a lot of firepower to wipe out everything charging at your opponent, and if you target the right units with your shooting you should be able to reduce their chances even more. 

Now this tactic will not work against all armies, but as of yet I havent played all armies, it does however work well against the MEQ's of the world. The rest... well I have to get some more games in to figure the other armies out!

This was the army I took to Counter Attack hosted by ELG on the 1st October and in the three games it managed the following: 1 Draw, 2 Wins.