Rapid Fire 2011 - The Results

So after my post on Saturday, here is the list I actually went for.

Lord Kaldor Draigo
10 Knight Strike Squad, 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition
10 Knight Terminator Squad, 2 Psycannons, 2 Daemonhammers, 7 Force Halberds
10 Knight Interceptor Squad, Psycannon, Daemonhammer, 6 Halberds
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Psycannon 

Below are a couple of quick highlights from each of the 5 games, no promises on Battle reports but with luck you may get more details!

In my First game I played Jamie who had Space Wolves (Yay Again!). This resulted in a Victory for me as I managed to get in close and cause him numerous problems on the way in.

The Second game I drew a Grey Knight Force, Draigo, 15 Paladins, 5 Terminators & a Librarian. He reserved his entire force, and the found out what Warp Quake was as it Delayed the Libby, Killed Draigo and his unit and basically messed his army around. I had a resounding game with Maximum Victory Points!

The Third game was one I was very Worried about as I played an Ork player and with me dropping Incinerators I was worried about How I would deal with that many Orks. My Dice let me down, with my opponent refusing to complain when he rolled badly because mine were terrible throughout. However somehow one of my Dreadknights entice three Killa khans into charging him and this changed the whole game allowing me to snatch a Victory!

The Fourth Game was me against Tom... it seems we meet in every tournament we both attend (well the three so far). The scenario was crazy and not going first gave me an uphill battle, one which I eventually won, but only just as Arjac Rockfist gave it a damn good try in killing Draigo in one on one combat. It could have gone anyway until I killed the crippled Landraider that survived 4 rounds of combat and around about 12 Psycannon shots before I killed it.

The Fifth Game was against a Mech Eldar force that reserved it all, and me being stupid setup so he could come in on a flank and cause me problems with half my army out of position. The dice gods are ever fickle and somehow I passed 10 3+ armour saves on my Interceptors, and survived another 14 Fire Dragon shots on my Dreadknight to leave him on 1 wound. This was perhaps my most enjoyable game as it was played (in my opponents words) 'just like a game in any shop'. We had an excellent laugh and had the game ended on Turn 5 I lost, Turn 6 I won, and Turn 7 was actually a really tight call. Turns out you shouldnt be goaded by your opponent into charging Yriel, especially when he is already fleeing and will not be rallying in your next turn. I should have left him alone, I should have let him flee. However I decided that I wanted my Terminators in combat and Draigo in combat so I charged... it nearly cost me the game but as my opponent was fun to play against I did it, definately an in the spirit of the game moment and was perhaps one of the best combats of the Tournament!

All in all it did end on Turn 7, it was modified Kill points and I won by a landslide in the end. With 5 Victories I won the tournament with Maximum points and collected myself an nice Certificate and a wonderful Prize!

Thanks to all my opponents (any of you who may be reading the blog) and a big shout out to the Stirling Wargames club. If you are reading this and in the Stirling area