Dorriksson Clan History

The Dorriksson clan, lives under the Grey Mountains, their hold lies to the East of the Bretonnian City of Parravon, with Altdorf to the north and Nuln to the south.

The Clan itself has extensive trade with the humans of these three cities, mainly in their engineers assisting in the building of defences and weapons. They are well paid for their services, and use this to Gold to buy from the other, more well off Clans.

Rundorik Dorriksson ascended to the roll of the Lord of the Hold after his Father was killed while fighting Orcs. A Giants final act had been to crush his mighty frame, with wounds so severe that he did not recover.

The Clan itself has a large body of warriors that it is able to call upon, either to answer the War Call of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, honour their Alliances or protect the Hold. While they do not have access to as many Warmachines as many other Clans, they still can put out a formidable artillery line.

Rundorik’s recent battles came against Daemons, High Elves, Lizardmen and the a rogue band of humans with stolen machines. He performed heroically in each fight, inspiring his warriors to even greater feats of bravery.

Although he was greviously wounded by one of the Daemon forces they encounter and the thrice damned Elves he recovered to lead his forces into Battle once more.

More Recently answering an old favour, he has taken a sizable force of his warriors to a once proud Dwarven hold.

The city has fallen to the cursed Skaven, after what almost seemed like a joint campaign from the Orcs & Goblins and the Skaven. An old debt was called in from Karak Eight peaks. Even though it was a long trek the Dwarves of Clan Dorriksson will not be found wanting when a debt is called in.

Since their arrival they have been involved in several vicious encounters with Skaven & Orcs alike in the halls and passageways of the once great Dwarven Hold. Now as the Dwarves have established a stronghold to begin reclaiming their city from, Clan Dorriksson has been venturing out in to the surrounding lands to trade for supplies and to deal with any unwanted forces to close to the city.