My Hobby in September

Well, September proved to be a better month for my gaming. I ended up getting involved in lots of World of Warcraft TCG events, finishing, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the three I entered this month.

I ran an event called the Assault on Horlux which pitted several Kill Teams against a Tau & Imperial Guard force.

I managed to get the following:

World of Warcraft:
Played: 52
Won: 27
Lost: 25

I managed win a booster Draft in wow, with 4 Victories as well. This was a trial run for the Qualifiers for the National event. The actual Qualifiers at 4th October, so fingers crossed I can attend! The following weeks booster draft I finished second, so at the moment I seem to be doing well in the Draft events.

Magic the Gathering
Played: 6
Won: 1
Lost: 5

Not such a hot month as my Magic decks got slapped around and beaten soundly... back to the drawing board methinks.

Warhammer 40,000

Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Win

Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Win
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - 1750 Points - Loss

A much better month for my 40K army, and five games, two of which went right down to the wire.

Including me being ahead on Kill Points in turn 7, with only Draigo left alive, and several batteries of Space Wolf Long fangs & a Landraider that could potentially stop him. Fortunately for him, Draigo lived!

This month I also signed up to a tournament on the 1st October (so basically today), and I had to purchase a couple of models for my ideal list.

This means I have managed to paint the following for my Grey Knights army this month:

Stormraven (T/L Lascannon & T/L Multi-Melta)
5 Interceptors (Force Swords, Psycannon)
Dreadnought (Assault Cannon & Doom Fist)

On the subject on the Grey Knights I am nearing a fully painted army, with only the following left to be completed:

Brotherhood Champion
10 Terminators
Inquisitor Hereticus
Landraider Crusader

Once they are completed I will think about adding some extra models to it, as only 1 Strike squad makes my troops a very expensive proposition. 

I am looking at doing something along the lines of a Escalation league (but only using New mini's that I buy) as a good way to motivate me to get these guys bought, built and painted.