1750 Army List Wednesdays! (Imperial Guard)

Time for another installment of my Army List Wednesdays.

This time back on the Imperial Guard, and this time its for an entirely Outflanking force. My opinion is that against an opponent this is a 1 shot wonder, however its well worth it for the look on their face when 'setup'.

Unit Name Unit Size Equipment / Options

Company Command Squad 6 Creed, Astropath, 4 x Meltaguns

Vendetta 2
Valkyrie 2 Multiple Rocket Pods
Vendetta 1

Sly Marbo 1

Veteran Squad 10 3 x Grenade Launchers
Veteran Squad 10 3 x Flamers
Veteran Squad 10
Veteran Squad 10 3 x Grenade Launchers

Leman Russ Squadron 3
Battle Tank
H.Bolter & H.Bolter Sponsors

This list gives you lots of options, but my favourite is to outflank it all (except for Marbo). Creed allows you to grant one unit Scout, so I think we will give that to the Tank Squadron. 

Then you are only making 5 Reserve rolls, with +1 and a re-roll for the side you outflank. This means you have a 88.88% chance of bring the unit on the side of the table you want too. 

The Tanks to be honest would be better in individual units, but I reckon that whatever they shoot at will die with three of them doing it. 

The Veterans can actually put out a decent rate of fire across all of them, while Creed's squad is there simply to kill Tanks, along with the Vendettas.

The Valks & Flamers are there for the Hordes of the World. 

In a scoring mission the Vets do not need to jump out of their Flying Tins of Doom except when trying to capture an objective. 

It is a very min-maxed as such to try and fit in all the metal boxes I can, but if my oppoenent isnt expecting it then I should be able to spring a nice surprise for them. 

As ever thoughts are more than welcome.


Atreides said…
this is very light on troops, especially considering those birds will drop like a stone in anything more than a stiff breeze. also, the vets need meltas or plasmas in my opinion, to make the most of their high BS, otherwise you may as well pay 20 points less for a normal platoon squad.
Rusty Nail said…
I still remember the first time this appeared on a table opposite me - or rather didn't! definitely got all of my attenion, and if the rserve rolls come out right is very difficult to deal with.
@Atreides - in subsequent lists John has added both Plasma and Melta and also used Platoon squads as well - but even the original list will cause most armies problems as it'll be killing the most dangerous things on the turn it arrives.
As always for armies that rely on reserve rolls though if it arrives piecemeal your opponent will/should blow you away.
Kraggi said…
Yes, it is very light on troops and relies on someone not knowing what to expect from the army (much like a lot of the lists I design on here for Shock & Awe tactics).

This list has the potential to be turning up and spanking a lot of peoples army when it arrives, it depends a lot on their setup and which side I come on, along with Careful movement & target selection.

It is certainly a bit of a glass cannon but from past experience it doesnt do too badly, that said I appreciate the feedback as I know that when it comes down to it troops are a big thing and Guard should have an advantage in this area over most armies, so realistically I should be building my army lists to benefit from this.