My New Warhammer Army - Skaven!

So after a long break from Warhammer I have decided to give it another go, while the game frustrated me, with one charge roll come up horrifically bad for me, and this pretty much costing me the game, it was enjoyable too.

Better tactics from me in the early game would have made that Charge roll basically redundant, so need to plan out the strategy a little better.

However with all that out of the way its time for my Dwarves to have an enemy, one that I own and can write my background and stories for... one thats worthy of a place in the book of Grudges!

And so.... my choice was simple... Skaven (well Orcs n Gobs my brother has lol). Relatively low start up costs due to the Island of blood if you can find someone to trade models with (which I have) so I will very shortly have two Skaven Island of Blood starter sets to use, and this will move me in the right direction for building an army with some solid core choices.

The Skaven also have some awesome models and I look forward to painting them up!

Any advice hints or tips are welcome as this early into a new army I reckon I can adjust what I am buying quite easily so please feel free to drop me a line!