Decisions, decisions?

I have an upcoming tournament called Rapid Fire in Stirling, Scotland.

The Rules pack can be found here:

Now my indecision comes down to their Annhilation mission.

Its a modified Kill Points game. 

Basically your HQ is worth 3 points. 

Your Troops are worth 1 point each, while your Elite, Fast Attack & Heavy Support plus (presumably) any transports taken for units in these slots are worth 2 Kill Points each.

Now there are 5 games, and 2 of them are based on this scenario.

So with 40% of my games being dependant on these rules I know I need to re-evaluate my options.

The list I am debating is:

Grandmaster, Psychotoke Grenades, Incinerator
Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Strike Squad x 10, 2 Psycannons
Interceptor Squad x 10, Psycannon, 5 Force Halberds
Dreadknight, PT, H. Incinerator
Dreadknight, PT H. Incinerator
Dreadnought, Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition
total: 1750

Now before anyone goes into a rage about how ineffective this army is, let me say that in my first 3 real games with it I racked up two wins and a draw, and the draw was because I was caught out by an enemy special rule (the best way to learn) and I can be pretty sure I can prevent it in the future, or at least limit it.

It also managed to win me best General for most Victory Points Accumalated, and a Planes of Blood for the Highest number of VP won in a game.

The Tactics are simple, rush the Dreadknights, Interceptors and the Stormraven Laden with Terminators, Grandmaster & Dreadnought forward on the first turn, then see how your opponent manages to deal with it all, if they do they win, if they don't then the blood bath begins.

Now I think this would normally stand a decent chance at the tournament if not for the Kill Point changes. The Kill point changes pushes me from 8 potential kill points to a whopping 15! Which for a Grey Knight army is huge!

So given the brief over view of the tactics I use, what would you change, how would you improve the list, or would you re-write it entirely.

I am open to any and all ideas, and look forward to some creative feedback!

Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to post!


Rusty Nail said…
Draigo Wing? As in nothing but Terminators and Paladins, I reckon you'll only need to Deep Strike in one or perhaps two of the missions - go on you know you want to

Kraggi said…
I actually think you are a bad man... although I have looked at a variation of Draigowing... just wasnt happy with it as its a lot of points to tweak around.