This Model!!!

Now I am doing what the rest of the blogosphere is doing... jumping on the Necron band wagon.

However I will add that I have a Necron force from way back when they were first released in plastics. They have admittedly been sitting on shelf gathering dust while I have been playing other armies.

With 60 Necron Warriors I feel I may have a decent core to build around so it is my hope that this release i am not buying a new army as much as I am buying models to add to my current one (that will be a nice change for me, my Wife and my bank!).

However I have to say that of all the models and pictures I have seen, for a full list of them click here.

This one is the one that made me go ooooohhhhh!!!!

No idea what these weapons will do, but am thinking I am gonna have some of these guys just because they look pretty damn badass!!!!

Anyway no more from me about the Necrons till the Codex comes out... I am looking forward to see how the list I posted a few weeks ago would change (if I used no different models) so expect some interesting posts soon!

Oh, and thanks to Beasts of War for posting these beauties!