Winter KoA Doubles - The Story!

This was written by my Doubles Partner Tom, an excellent piece of background, which totally fits in with Space Wolves!

"The Inquisition - asking for help from us? Those uptight bastards must have really bitten off more than they can chew ".

Ragnar looked down at the Rune Priest and shook his head slowly - "Remember Sven - diplomacy - you've dealt with Grey Knights before and you know how touchy they can be".

"But yes you're right, they gave us very few details just that they need help and we're the best choice - very politely it was too "Requested in the name of the Emperor of Man" was the phrase used - this Inquisitor has obviously had dealings with us before, the other option is that they want another look at us.

It's been a few years since the 6th Chapter has been subject to scrutiny by the Inquisition - unlikely they'd use Grey Knights for that though - so yes probably something nasty especially as there are other Chapters with forces closer".

They were both in his quarters on the Battle Barge and the Wolf Lord refilled the Priests ale as they both started thinking about what would need to be done. He realised that where possible they would have to use Wolves who had previously dealt with the Inquisition, whose methods tended to enrage the less experienced members of the Chapter - which meant Grey Hunters and Long Fangs. He heard Sven mutter under his breath "No Blood Claws" and that raised a wry smile from the Wolf Lord, yes Blood Claws and the Inquisition would not be a good mix at all.

"I'm going to use Ulfgir's Long Fangs", said Sven, "They were all on Armageddon in various roles if I remember rightly and they'll be able to fill in the rest of the boys on the way there as to what to expect", Ragnar knew that the Rune Priest never forgot a thing and he was also old enough to get away with calling Long Fangs who'd been fighting the Emperors enemies for half a century "boys".

Privately to himself the Rune Priest decided that he'd be careful as well to make sure none of the marines who would be dropping in were showing the least sign of succumbing to the taint of the Wulfen, if the Inquisitor was going to be looking for a reason to launch another investigation at the Fang they'd get nothing from this drop.

He looked across at the young Wolf Lord and wondered if he'd ruled himself out for the same reason, Ragnar wasn't going to fall but his ferocious rages could trigger the mark in others and that would be counter productive. "I'm going to assume you don't want me to use the Thunderwolves either my lord, no need to give those nosey bastards any more reason to poke around?"

Ragnar's nod was accompanied by yet another smile which grew into a chuckle,

"Yes, I'm fairly certain they know about them but lets not flaunt them in front of somebody who might not approve. Just act like the normal barbarians that they expect us to be and there shouldn't be a problem".

The Wolf King had already made it clear to both Ragnar and the Inquisitor that there would be none of the usual Inquisition mind wipe tricks after the battle and there had been surprisingly little protest from the Inquisitor on this point. The more he thought about it the more the Wolf Lord was concerned that this was going to be a nasty fight with enemies who were perhaps not as clear cut as was normal - hence why the Wolves were being given the dirty end of the stick. Ever since their inception the 6th Legion, as it was, had been tasked as the Emperors executioners and were given jobs that others might have baulked at - so be it - they'd never turned down a fight and they weren't about to start now.

He shared a look with the Priest and realised his thoughts had been going down a similar path, they both nodded and with nothing more needing to be said Sven Longstrider headed off to tell the various squads what he expected of them, the boys had been spoiling for a fight and he was certain they were going to get one.