Tournament Pictures

I promise this will be the last post about Cry Havoc for the next year or so.

Here are the few pictures I took during the tournament, mostly from Game 1, but with a couple of others as well.

So this picture is of my first table, no opponent at this time tho...

Here is the deployment before the first turn, The High Elves won the roll to go first.

This picture is from around Turn 2 or 3 in the game, with both sides advancing on the Objective in the middle.

This is the AWESOME Hellcannon Conversion that my Opponent in Game 2 had... unfortunately it is the only picture I have from that game.

This is the Setup of the two forces in the Third game, and the thrice damned river running accross the board. The river simeply counted as Difficult Terrain, which basically meant we have 6 turns of no combat.

A veiw from the other side, this shows you how it looked from the Dark Elves point of view.

And this one shows you how it looked from my side of the table.

This picture I had to take, as it shows two Skaven forces colliding in Game 1 on Table 13... spooky.

Cry Havoc - In Retrospect

So looking back on the Cry Havoc event it was an awesome day, in which I and my Dwarves were blessed with some awesome luck.

I basically had very good dice rolls throughout the day, and never mean the Rock to my Scissors. I also never ran into Daemons, which while I think (I may mean hope here) that I can beat would certainly stretched my tactics and the army.

So what changes would I make? Well with another 7th Ed Tournament just around the corner I do actually need to consider this. My next Tournament is 2250 points and is in total 5 games.

I know that there be Daemon lists that I will face, and need to consider some way to stop them getting to me, the first of which is a March blocker. Not something I have every really considered before, so I never went looking in my Army book for one.

Well it turns out that when you read the Dwarf Army book looking for something to block an enemy march there is an option. The Gyrocopter. Now call me stupid, but I had never really considered this option before. I always preferred the good old Organ Cannon, however my luck is going to run out soon and Misfires on the Ogran Cannon tend to give me problems.

The Gyrocopter is a little bit more expensive, but can get behind enemies, flame them and prevents them from Marching, at least until the 10th July that is.

I have also seriously considered the Anvil of Doom, which while it is a Points sink may be worth throwing down on the table as I use a Static battle line and this can help me control an enemies advance, and should definately slow down flying beasties of all descriptions. My main problem with the Anvil is the monetary cost of getting one... so I am currently looking into conversion options, and if anyone has a good suggestion for this, then please let me know.

My list is sure to go under a few revisions in the run upto the Tournament, but I hope to put this up on the Website on the day the Tournament starts.

Cry Havoc Game 3

The Third Game was against Dark Elves and was a Meeting Engagement. The board was idea for me (I thought) with a river counting as difficult terrain running along the middle of the board. I figured that this would be awesome, giving me more turns of shooting.

My opponents army had:

Level 4 Sorceress on Steed
Master on Steed
Level 2 Sorceress
20 Dark Elf Warriors (with Spears)
10 Dark Elf Warriors (with Repeating Crossbow)
10 Dark Elf Warriors (with Repeating Crossbow)
5 Dark Riders
12 Blackguard
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

It was an intimidating list, and the shades meant that during deployment I placed my Hammerers out on a flank... with my Lord and no support from the rest of the Dwarf army. This was my biggest mistake.

No blow by blow account here as the game was very dull unfortunately. As we were on table 3 my opponent opted for the shoot me from range and run away tactic, as he felt a Victory could hand him 1st place (a technical possibility) so he pretty much just sniped at me with Magic and shooting for 6 turns.

I even ended up moving my Dwarf Battle Lines forwards, artillery and all for him to run his models away.

His Shades wiped out the Hammerers that I left isolated, and he got points for one of my Cannons blowing up (a Misfire when rerolled to a Misfire is still a Misfire lol).

My kills and points came from one shotting the Hydra with my Engineers cannon, and his failed regeneration save, and me sniping his Level 2 Sorceress in turn 5. In turn 6 my Organ cannon wiped out his Harpies.

All in all the game was a bit disappointing, but in retrospect I could have done so much more. I spent too many turns sniping at his Bolt Throwers, where as I should have been battering his Blackguard and Warriors, half points for both of them would have helped immensely.

I should also have placed a cheap unit such as my Thunderers out on the flank, as they would have been capable (in theory) of killing the Shades at range and it would have kept my Hammerers safe. Also if I had just advanced my Artillery forward on the first three turns, then he wouldnt have had anywhere to back up to, and this would have helped an awful lot too.

While at the time the game was frustrating and annoying I know why my Opponent opted for the tactics he did, it also very nearly worked, the Hammerers are a lot of points and did very very little.

Cry Havoc Game 2

My Second game was against Chris who was over from Austrailia and he had a very cool looking Chaos Army. His Hellcannon was an amazing conversion from a Defiler kit. We were on Table 4.

From what I remember his list was:

BsB Champion with Mark of Slannesh and Steed of Slannesh
Lvl 2 Sorcerer, Steed, Mark of Tzeentch
Lvl 1 Sorcerer, Steed, Book of Secrets, Mark of Tzeentch
6 Chaos Knights
8 Marauder Horsemen
12 Chaos Warriors
16 Chaos Maruaders
5 Warhounds
3 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons
3 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons

This game was definately a game of two halves. I won the first turn and managed to miss with all my Cannons, except for the one aiming at the Hellcannon. I hit it and took a couple of wounds off it, other than that nothing much happened.

In his Turn Chris ran at me with everything, much like I expected and hid all his Characters in units to keep them safe. The Magic phase was thankfully not very damaging for me as I managed to dispel all of the spells.

The Hellcannon returned fire at the Cannon that had shot at it, and managed to kill two of the crew, however it left 1 of the crew alive thankfully.

My second turn again resulted in very little movement, and a bit more effective shooting. The cannon that had been shot at by the Hellcannon returned fire, this time killing the foul device. The Chaos Knights were also a Target for my weapons and I managed to reduce them to just one Knight.

Chris' second turn resulted in two charges at me, with his Lone Knight hitting my Organ Cannons, his BsB charged one of my Cannons. Other than that the rest of his units moved in as close as they could.

The Magic phase was once again less than effective for him. The combat phase was interesting. His Standard carrying Knight killed one of the Organ gun crew men, and even with the wound, a standard, and Warbanner the Stubborn part of my crew kept them in combat, leaving the Knight Exposed.

The BsB wiped out the cannon crew on the charge, however I activated the Rune of Immolation, getting 7 strength 4 hits on him. Only two managed to wound, however he failed both of his saves! With his BsB dead it meant I wouldnt be having a 20" charge creature hiding behind my battle lines.

My Third turn had me charge his Knight in the Flank with my Longbeards and Thane, while on the other Flank the Warriors moved in front of the Thunderers meaning the Dragon Ogres couldnt get the charge on them, but would certainly be hitting my Warriors in the following turn.

This time I began punishing his Dragon Ogres and Warriors with shooting, but didnt really manage to kill many of them. My Cannon took aim at one of the Sorcers in the Warrior unit, I hit and the Cannon Ball smashed through the unit, he failed his lookout sir save, and was crushed.

In combat my Longbeards easily dealt with the Knight, and overan into the Dragon Ogres who were just behind them, this did leave the Longbeards flank exposed to the Marauders.

The Chaos Turn 3 rolled round with the Dragon Ogres Charging my Warriors, and the Marauders hitting my Longbeards in the flank. The magic phase was less of a problem this turn with only one Sorcerer left against me.

With that done we moved to Combat. One the left Flank the Warriors lost their Champion and 3 other warriors, in return they didnt hurt the Dragon Ogres at all, and while they won combat, the Dragon Ogres passed their Break check.

On the other flank the Maruaders attacked trying to kill some of the Longbeards, however they were unable to wound any of them. By response the Thane and four warriors retaliated killing 5, and reducing them below 5, meaning no flank bonus, and no loss of ranks in the following phase. My front rank Longbeards attacked the Dragon Ogres and managed to cause two Wounds. The Dragon Ogre reponse was much more violent with 3 Longbeards dying (Strength 7 hits hurt) and my Thane being squashed. The end result was a win in combat for me, however the Dragon Ogres passed their break check, but the Marauders failed breaking off, although they still hadnt lost enough men to be below 25% yet.

My turn 4 began, with me charging my Thunderers in to assist my Warriors against the Dragon Ogres, they had a Rank and the flank so stood a faint chance of being useful.

My shooting phase went well, with a Cannon and Organ Cannon taking an aim on the Chaos Warriors, and with luck being in their flank. The Cannon hit and managed to kill the back rank. Then the Ogran Cannon managed to kill enough that they only had their Standard bearer and Champion. My other two Thunderers took aim at the Maruaders and killedenough of them that they wouldnt be rallying next turn.

My combat with the Thunderers and Warriors went well, with me managing to Break the Dragon Ogres, and I chose to restrain (foolishly). The combat with the Longbeards went a little better with me killing one of the Dragon Ogres and only losing 5 Longbeards in return. That resulted in a win for me, and this time the Dragon Ogres broke from combat, I elected to pursue them, however I didnt manage to catch them.

The Warriors Turn 4 came around, and now Chris had both units of Dragon Ogres fleeing, a unit of Marauder Horsemen with his General and Wizard in it. Two Warriors and that was that. At this point Chris went for broke... I wish so badly wish he hadnt lol. His Warriors charged into the side of my Battered Warriors. He rallied both units of Dragon Ogres. The ones in front of the Longbeards turned to face me and braced for another Charge, the ones in front of the Warriors turned around ready to charge me, as they were far more than 6" away from me.

In his magic phase he peppered my Thunderers. I managed to surpress his magic phase again. The combat phase didnt go well... the Chaos Warriors killed 5 of my Warriors, and winning combat... two of them... against a full unit. My Warriors broke but managed to out run his Warriors, however they did over run into my Thunderers.

With my Turn 5 upon me things didnt look as good as they had a turn beforehand. However all things considered the game was still going well. My Longbeards declared a charge on the Dragon Ogres in front of them... and failed their Fear check! With that done there wasnt much else left to do, my Thunderers repositioned themselves to hopefully get some better shooting in the following turn.

My shooting phase was largely ineffective, and the only combat to fight was for the Thunderers against the Chaos warriors. That went pretty much as I expected in that I lost combat (he elected to use Great Weapons) although with the Rank and Outnumber I managed to pass my Leadership test.

Chris began Turn 5 by declaring a charge on the Longbeards, I passed my Fear check, and braced myself for a painful combat. His other Dragon Ogre unit charged towards what remained of my Battle line, hoping to get a charge on my artillery. The Magic phase was once again uneventful.

The combat phase started with his Dragon Ogres, who only managed to kill three Longbeards, my remaining two inflicted no wounds, however I won combat. The Dragon Ogres broke and I decided to Pursue. They rolled an 11 on 3D6... I need a double 6 and got it! I have to admit at this point I might have let out a shout of joy which silenced all the other tables... kinda embarassing really. However my Longbeards ran down the Dragon Ogres wiping them out.

On the other side of the Board the Thunderers got to strike first and inflicted two wounds on the Chaos Warriors, however both passed their saves. Their retaliation wiped out my Thunderers.

My Turn 6 started, and I tried repostioning the remains of my Dwarf unit, no matter what happend I would be getting charged by the Chaos Warriors and the Marauder Horsemen... something I would not survive. My artillery lined up some shots on the remaining Dragon Ogres and Wiped them out.

As I expected the Chaos Turn 6 resulted in little esle than two charges on my Dwarf Units and them being wiped out.

At the end of it all I had enough points to get me a Solid Victory and 17 Victory Points.

Cry Havoc Game 1.

Well here is a link to the results of Cry Havoc 2010.

So my first game was 1500 points, and against Darren who was using High Elves. The game was played at a good pace with plenty of banter. The game objective was to capture an objective in the centre of the board.

Darrens list ran to the tune of:

Mage Lvl 2
Hero on Mount
Archers (10)
Dragon Princes x 5
White Lions x 15
White Lions x 15
Bolt Thrower x 2.

After deployment I had my standard gunline with my two blocks of infantry in front of the Objective and ready to advance. I then had a unit of Thunderers on my left and right, with my Cannons, Organ Cannon and Bolt Thrower arranged inbetween my units.

Darren won the role to go first, and choose to try and thin me out. His White Lions advanced on my right flank into a swamp, while his Chariots, Dragon Princes, Archers and other unit of White Lions advanced as well. One Chariot and Dragon Princes were on my left flank, while another Chariot and the White lions as well as the Archers made a be line for the objective.

In his Magic Phase I shut him down, and did so for the duration of the game. I had 5 Dispel dice a turn, plus I stole one of his power dice, giving him only three dice to try and cast spells with against my 6 Dispel Dice.

His Shooting phase fared litte better, with his Archers and both Bolt throwers failing to cause much damage. Although he did kill one of my Cannon Crew.

My turn arrived and in an unsual move for my army both my Dwarf combat units advanced (it was a Capture mission). The Magic phase unsurprisingly passed me by, and we entered the shooting phase.

In this phase my first Cannon lined up a shot on the Mage, and managed to hit him and two other men. Darren rolled his look out sir and got a 1! An excellent start... well it would have been had I manage to wound the Mage (how I hate the number 1 on a D6 sometimes lol). However the two White Lions Died.  The second cannon lined up on the same White Lion unit and managed to kill another two.

The Organ Cannon opened fire on the Dragon Princes, and managed to get 10 hits. Of those 10 hits, I got 9 wounds, and he failed 6 of his saves. This resulted in the Dragon Princes being wiped out, and his Hero taking a wound. To make matters worse for him he failed his Panic Check.

My Bolt Thrower line a shot up against his left Flank Chariot but failed to hit. Then the Thunderers on the same Flank took aim at the Chariot bearing down on them and managed to kill it in one round of shooting! All in all a very lucky round for me.

The Second turn was upon us, and Darren moved his White Lions and Archers towards the Objective, while his Hero Rallied. The Chariot stayed hidden.and out of sight. His White Lions on my Right continued to fight through the swamp intent on joining the fight.

His Magic phase was again filled with me dispelling the spells he cast, and his shooting phase also ended up with only a little damage being inflicted on my Longbeards.

My Second turn came around, and with very little to deal with my left I moved the Thunderers forward, while in the middle the Longbeards advanced and the Warriors held their ground to give the Warmachines better avenues of fire.

With the shooting phase again I had managed to cut off the line of sight of one of my cannons! Drat, but no bother, I still had another that could shoot. This cannon took aim and hit the White Wolves near the objective killing another two and an Archer. My Bolt Thrower took aim at the Hero who had just rallied and managed to let loose, hitting and killing him before he could cause me any trouble. The Organ Cannon took its shots at the Archers managing to kill 5 of them, leaving only 3 remaining.

The game continued in this manner all the way upto turn 6 where Darren only had 1 Bolt Thrower and a Mage left.

His dice had been so bad that it meant I did not take enough casualties to lose any Victory Points, and with the damage to his forces and me Controlling the Objective I won by a Massacre, gained 20 points along with 1660 Victory Points.

It was a very quick game in which I was aided by his terrible dice, looking back on it I dont think there is much I would change. The tactic I had of advancing my big blocks onto the objective worked for me well, and my shooting was unusually devastating.

The Deep Breath before the Plunge

Well it seems that summer time has taken me back to my old ways or intermittent posts, and sporadic checks of my Blog.

I would love to say that it will change straight away, but dont want to make any promises. At the moment with the World Cup and three matches a day I find my time is taken up watching them, and barely a glance for my models.

So this post is a quick update for what is happening with me.

At the moment I am in the process of getting a 1500 point Flames of War army together. I decided to go down the line of the British Paratroopers from the source book D-Day-1. I have my Infantry platoon glued, based and undercoated, and a small Armoured division for Support. I need to pick up an Artillery battery and I should have a force to keep the Germans running!

I am also in the process of going through my Warhammer Dwarf army, getting it ready for the new Edition of Warhammer. I managed to get down to my local GW on Tuesday, and actually got to see the Rulebook first hand.

I even had a Demo game against my Brothers under the supervision of a Staff member. Here are a couple of the rule changes that I picked up.

Terror tests are not called Terror test. Now if you are charged by or near a Terror causer at the beginning of your turn you take a Panic Test. A very nice change as the Longbeards are currently Immune to Panic and allow other units within 6" to Reroll failed tests, this will help a lot.

The other nice thing is the 6+ Ward save you get if you have a Hand Weapon and Shield, this replaced the +1 to your Armour save, but always having even a basic save is going to help... look at the Daemons!

Combat has changed and for the better I think, esepcailly as Ranks are now taken at the end of combat it means that if you can get into an enemy unit and cause enough Casualties you will be taking off their Rank bonus as well, I think this will probably see people changing their units to increase their Frontage more and people worrying about being 4 deep less.

Musicians allow reforms, charging 2d6" plus your movement... it all adds up to some very interesting games, and adds a bit of a random element. Gun lines will probably fair a bit worse as people can get into them faster, but the ability to shoot in two Ranks will help as well.

All in all the changes I saw are welcomed, and will make the next few months very interesting. Especially as my standard army already fits within the % allocation for the new book. Whether I will need to change the army drastically will depend on the FAQ's they are releasing.

Also in the not too distant future is the 2nd Edition of Hordes from Privateer Press. My Trollbloods now have a Heavy Warbeast in the Earthborn Dire Troll that I hope to get painted soon.

All of this basically means a potentially expensive couple of months, but with some nice games to look forward to. I also aim to take part in a local Swansong tournament for Warhammer 7th Ed, as I now have the days off, and just await confirmation from the tournament organiser.

A Warhammer Ramble

So the Cry Havoc tournament got me playing my Dwarves again.

Many armies have been released to the world since I last played Warhammer on a regular basis.

My first Warhammer army was my Dark Elves, way back when in 2001/2002. I played with these guys in their old Army book for around 30-40 games where I have  a relatively good record, something along the lines of a 50% win rate.

I then switched through a host of armies, including Hordes of Chaos and Lizardmen. When 7th Edition came out I started my Dwarf army and this is now the only army I have played this edition. I do still own some of my Hordes of Chaos models, but havent yet got a list built for the Warriors of Chaos.

My likely opponents in the local area are Orcs & Goblins, High Elves, Daemons of Chaos, Warrios of Chaos and Skaven. So which of these worries me?

Well in all honesty the Daemons worry me, but for the most part because I dont yet really understand the army. I keep playing them and forgetting what one unit did in the last game, or the stat lines of my opponents. This ends up with me making silly mistakes (and yes throwing tantrums) when I get caught out. It can also be frustrating when your opponents always seems to pass their Ward save.

What makes this more unacceptable is that I actually own the Daemons book... I just dont have any of the models. I need to sit down and get some quality time with the Daemons of Chaos so I actually understand what they can do, and with this understanding I should be surprised less, and while it might not mean I win more games against them it should certainly make them more enjoyable for me and my opponent.

The 8th Edition to Warhammer is very very close now, and with the rules due to be unveiled in the next 3 or 4 days I have to say that I am gripped by a fever to play games involving blocks of infantry, and for all my complaints about the unbalanced nature of some armies Warhammer does not appear to suffer from the same problem the 40k does.

My Dwarves are still perfectly viable now as when they came out, and all I need to do is learn to play them better... for example I only recently realised the uses for the Gyrocopter... after owning the rulebook for nearly 5 years!

I think that 8th Edition will revitalise a lot of armies that are out there, and will certainly do a lot to redress the balance issues that I read about on community forums.

So what does this mean for the blog? Well it means more posts dedicated to Warhammer, Dwarves and other things like this, although I still expect to get my Warmachine, Hordes and Warhammer 40k posts up on a regular basis.

Cry Havoc - The Result

So this weekend I took part in my first tournament on which wasnt a Doubles Tournament. It was hosted by D.W.A.R.F.

I have battle reports that will follow this week, when I get the pictures uploaded.

I played three games throughout the day, using a variety of scenarios and point sizes.

At the end of the Day I had won 2 Games, and Drawn my third. This resulted in me finishing 6th out of around 30 players... a very good result for me considering I have only played three previous games of Warhammer in the last 12 months. I scored 87 points out of a maximum of 100.

I had an awesome day and look forward to the next tournament I am able to attend.

I also learnt a lot about my army and how it handles against players I havent played before, I look forward to 8th Edition hitting the shelves as the rumours certainly seem to help the Dwarves in a huge way.

Cry Havoc

So this weekend I am taking part in a local tournament called Cry Havoc.

It consists of three games. The first is 1500 points, followed by 1999 points and finally by 2250 points. The scenarios are random and I have managed a couple of practise games so in the last week or so.

There are in total 40 players going. So my aim is to finish in the top 20. If I can do that then I will have an excellent shift after the tournament lol.

Anyways, here are the Three Lists I am going to use. While the lists do not need to replicate each other I figured it would be easier (given my lack of time and practise) to use the same list and just add to it.

For the 1500 Points I have:

Thane: Weapon: Rune of Fury, Rune of Speed, Talisman: Rune of Sanctuary x 2, Shield
Runesmith: Talisman: Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Shield, Great Weapon

Dwarf Warriors (20); Shields, Full Command
Longbeards (20); Shields, Full Command
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Rune of Forging & Rune of Reloading
Cannon: Rune of Forging & Rune of Burning
Bolt Thrower: Engineer, Rune of Penetration

Organ Cannon

For the 1999 Points I will be using:


Thane: Weapon: Rune of Fury, Rune of Speed, Talisman: Rune of Sanctuary x 3, Shield
Runesmith: Talisman: Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Shield, Great Weapon
Master Engineer: Pistol, Talisman: Sanctuary. Master Rune of Dismay

Dwarf Warriors (20); Shields, Full Command
Longbeards (20); Shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi on the Standard
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Rune of Forging & Rune of Reloading & Rune of Immolation
Cannon: Rune of Forging & Rune of Burning & Rune of Immolation
Cannon: Rune of Forging & Rune of Immolation

Organ Cannon

For the 2250 list I am using the list below. This has been tweaked from this list here:

Dwarf Lord: Shield, Shield Bearers, Runic Armour: Rune of Preservation & Rune of Resistance, Runic Weapon: Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Might, Rune of Fury.


Thane: Weapon: Rune of Fury, Rune of Speed, Talisman: Rune of Sanctuary x 3, Shield
Runesmith: Talisman: Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Shield, Great Weapon
Master Engineer: Pistol, Talisman: Sanctuary. Master Rune of Dismay

Longbeards (20); Shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi on the Standard
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Rune of Forging & Rune of Reloading & Rune of Burning
Cannon: Rune of Forging & Rune of Burning
Cannon: Rune of Forging
Hammerers (20): Full Command, Runic Standard with Rune of Determinaion & Rune of Sanctuary x 2 

Organ Cannon 
Organ Cannon

I have been warned about Dual Dragons, Multi Stegas and the like and think it could be entertaining. Daemons worry me, but that is cause I havent really had a good game against them (especially not one where I didnt end up very frustrated, but this is more due to me not knowing all of their quirks yet).

This Week on Wednesday

So... still searching for my elusive Camera so no pictures yet.

I managed a grand total of 5 games this week.

2 Warhammer, which resulted in a Loss and a Draw. I used my 2250 point list as I am in a local tournament this weekend, and wanted to get some practice in.

However with that said the practice was against Daemons and Skaven and was a learning curve of what not to do.. i.e kill them before they get to your gunline. The Dwarves are resilient and can put out an awesome amount of shooting, however it was not enough as the three main combat units across the two armies were immune to psych and this was a problem lol.

My other 3 Games were Warmachine. I used my Khador list, and played 15 points each time. I had the same opponent, but given that the games were pretty quick we just reset and played again. We used the Killbox scenario, which is basically were there is a section of terrain you have to keep your Warcaster in.

In the first game I lost because I didnt pay attention to the scenario rules and made the rookie mistake of moving my Warcaster out of the box... auto losing me the game. We played on to see who could have won it had I been more sensible and I fought to a victory... but alas it was all in vain and a Victory for my opponent.

The second game I didnt make that mistake, but underestimated his caster... he had an Epic version of the Cygnar 'caster Hayley and with 8 focus a turn and no 'Jacks for her to spend it on she destroyed me... in part thanks to the Domination spell she can cast on my Warjack making it moved and hit me once...

So third time lucky? Well actually this time i figured out a better strategy leaving my 'Jacks spread out, meaning my caster (the Butcher in this case) pretty open. This actually resulted in me winning. As my opponent moved their caster in to try and Kill mine, however they failed, and I charged and when I am rolling 5D6 for Damage, plus the POW + STR of 16 for the Butchers Weapon it did not go well for the enemy caster.

Khador, Won 1, Lost 2
Dwarves, Lost 1, Drawn 1.

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