Tournament Pictures

I promise this will be the last post about Cry Havoc for the next year or so.

Here are the few pictures I took during the tournament, mostly from Game 1, but with a couple of others as well.

So this picture is of my first table, no opponent at this time tho...

Here is the deployment before the first turn, The High Elves won the roll to go first.

This picture is from around Turn 2 or 3 in the game, with both sides advancing on the Objective in the middle.

This is the AWESOME Hellcannon Conversion that my Opponent in Game 2 had... unfortunately it is the only picture I have from that game.

This is the Setup of the two forces in the Third game, and the thrice damned river running accross the board. The river simeply counted as Difficult Terrain, which basically meant we have 6 turns of no combat.

A veiw from the other side, this shows you how it looked from the Dark Elves point of view.

And this one shows you how it looked from my side of the table.

This picture I had to take, as it shows two Skaven forces colliding in Game 1 on Table 13... spooky.