Cry Havoc Game 1.

Well here is a link to the results of Cry Havoc 2010.

So my first game was 1500 points, and against Darren who was using High Elves. The game was played at a good pace with plenty of banter. The game objective was to capture an objective in the centre of the board.

Darrens list ran to the tune of:

Mage Lvl 2
Hero on Mount
Archers (10)
Dragon Princes x 5
White Lions x 15
White Lions x 15
Bolt Thrower x 2.

After deployment I had my standard gunline with my two blocks of infantry in front of the Objective and ready to advance. I then had a unit of Thunderers on my left and right, with my Cannons, Organ Cannon and Bolt Thrower arranged inbetween my units.

Darren won the role to go first, and choose to try and thin me out. His White Lions advanced on my right flank into a swamp, while his Chariots, Dragon Princes, Archers and other unit of White Lions advanced as well. One Chariot and Dragon Princes were on my left flank, while another Chariot and the White lions as well as the Archers made a be line for the objective.

In his Magic Phase I shut him down, and did so for the duration of the game. I had 5 Dispel dice a turn, plus I stole one of his power dice, giving him only three dice to try and cast spells with against my 6 Dispel Dice.

His Shooting phase fared litte better, with his Archers and both Bolt throwers failing to cause much damage. Although he did kill one of my Cannon Crew.

My turn arrived and in an unsual move for my army both my Dwarf combat units advanced (it was a Capture mission). The Magic phase unsurprisingly passed me by, and we entered the shooting phase.

In this phase my first Cannon lined up a shot on the Mage, and managed to hit him and two other men. Darren rolled his look out sir and got a 1! An excellent start... well it would have been had I manage to wound the Mage (how I hate the number 1 on a D6 sometimes lol). However the two White Lions Died.  The second cannon lined up on the same White Lion unit and managed to kill another two.

The Organ Cannon opened fire on the Dragon Princes, and managed to get 10 hits. Of those 10 hits, I got 9 wounds, and he failed 6 of his saves. This resulted in the Dragon Princes being wiped out, and his Hero taking a wound. To make matters worse for him he failed his Panic Check.

My Bolt Thrower line a shot up against his left Flank Chariot but failed to hit. Then the Thunderers on the same Flank took aim at the Chariot bearing down on them and managed to kill it in one round of shooting! All in all a very lucky round for me.

The Second turn was upon us, and Darren moved his White Lions and Archers towards the Objective, while his Hero Rallied. The Chariot stayed hidden.and out of sight. His White Lions on my Right continued to fight through the swamp intent on joining the fight.

His Magic phase was again filled with me dispelling the spells he cast, and his shooting phase also ended up with only a little damage being inflicted on my Longbeards.

My Second turn came around, and with very little to deal with my left I moved the Thunderers forward, while in the middle the Longbeards advanced and the Warriors held their ground to give the Warmachines better avenues of fire.

With the shooting phase again I had managed to cut off the line of sight of one of my cannons! Drat, but no bother, I still had another that could shoot. This cannon took aim and hit the White Wolves near the objective killing another two and an Archer. My Bolt Thrower took aim at the Hero who had just rallied and managed to let loose, hitting and killing him before he could cause me any trouble. The Organ Cannon took its shots at the Archers managing to kill 5 of them, leaving only 3 remaining.

The game continued in this manner all the way upto turn 6 where Darren only had 1 Bolt Thrower and a Mage left.

His dice had been so bad that it meant I did not take enough casualties to lose any Victory Points, and with the damage to his forces and me Controlling the Objective I won by a Massacre, gained 20 points along with 1660 Victory Points.

It was a very quick game in which I was aided by his terrible dice, looking back on it I dont think there is much I would change. The tactic I had of advancing my big blocks onto the objective worked for me well, and my shooting was unusually devastating.