This Week on Wednesday

So... still searching for my elusive Camera so no pictures yet.

I managed a grand total of 5 games this week.

2 Warhammer, which resulted in a Loss and a Draw. I used my 2250 point list as I am in a local tournament this weekend, and wanted to get some practice in.

However with that said the practice was against Daemons and Skaven and was a learning curve of what not to do.. i.e kill them before they get to your gunline. The Dwarves are resilient and can put out an awesome amount of shooting, however it was not enough as the three main combat units across the two armies were immune to psych and this was a problem lol.

My other 3 Games were Warmachine. I used my Khador list, and played 15 points each time. I had the same opponent, but given that the games were pretty quick we just reset and played again. We used the Killbox scenario, which is basically were there is a section of terrain you have to keep your Warcaster in.

In the first game I lost because I didnt pay attention to the scenario rules and made the rookie mistake of moving my Warcaster out of the box... auto losing me the game. We played on to see who could have won it had I been more sensible and I fought to a victory... but alas it was all in vain and a Victory for my opponent.

The second game I didnt make that mistake, but underestimated his caster... he had an Epic version of the Cygnar 'caster Hayley and with 8 focus a turn and no 'Jacks for her to spend it on she destroyed me... in part thanks to the Domination spell she can cast on my Warjack making it moved and hit me once...

So third time lucky? Well actually this time i figured out a better strategy leaving my 'Jacks spread out, meaning my caster (the Butcher in this case) pretty open. This actually resulted in me winning. As my opponent moved their caster in to try and Kill mine, however they failed, and I charged and when I am rolling 5D6 for Damage, plus the POW + STR of 16 for the Butchers Weapon it did not go well for the enemy caster.

Khador, Won 1, Lost 2
Dwarves, Lost 1, Drawn 1.