Cry Havoc - The Result

So this weekend I took part in my first tournament on which wasnt a Doubles Tournament. It was hosted by D.W.A.R.F.

I have battle reports that will follow this week, when I get the pictures uploaded.

I played three games throughout the day, using a variety of scenarios and point sizes.

At the end of the Day I had won 2 Games, and Drawn my third. This resulted in me finishing 6th out of around 30 players... a very good result for me considering I have only played three previous games of Warhammer in the last 12 months. I scored 87 points out of a maximum of 100.

I had an awesome day and look forward to the next tournament I am able to attend.

I also learnt a lot about my army and how it handles against players I havent played before, I look forward to 8th Edition hitting the shelves as the rumours certainly seem to help the Dwarves in a huge way.