Cry Havoc - In Retrospect

So looking back on the Cry Havoc event it was an awesome day, in which I and my Dwarves were blessed with some awesome luck.

I basically had very good dice rolls throughout the day, and never mean the Rock to my Scissors. I also never ran into Daemons, which while I think (I may mean hope here) that I can beat would certainly stretched my tactics and the army.

So what changes would I make? Well with another 7th Ed Tournament just around the corner I do actually need to consider this. My next Tournament is 2250 points and is in total 5 games.

I know that there be Daemon lists that I will face, and need to consider some way to stop them getting to me, the first of which is a March blocker. Not something I have every really considered before, so I never went looking in my Army book for one.

Well it turns out that when you read the Dwarf Army book looking for something to block an enemy march there is an option. The Gyrocopter. Now call me stupid, but I had never really considered this option before. I always preferred the good old Organ Cannon, however my luck is going to run out soon and Misfires on the Ogran Cannon tend to give me problems.

The Gyrocopter is a little bit more expensive, but can get behind enemies, flame them and prevents them from Marching, at least until the 10th July that is.

I have also seriously considered the Anvil of Doom, which while it is a Points sink may be worth throwing down on the table as I use a Static battle line and this can help me control an enemies advance, and should definately slow down flying beasties of all descriptions. My main problem with the Anvil is the monetary cost of getting one... so I am currently looking into conversion options, and if anyone has a good suggestion for this, then please let me know.

My list is sure to go under a few revisions in the run upto the Tournament, but I hope to put this up on the Website on the day the Tournament starts.