The Deep Breath before the Plunge

Well it seems that summer time has taken me back to my old ways or intermittent posts, and sporadic checks of my Blog.

I would love to say that it will change straight away, but dont want to make any promises. At the moment with the World Cup and three matches a day I find my time is taken up watching them, and barely a glance for my models.

So this post is a quick update for what is happening with me.

At the moment I am in the process of getting a 1500 point Flames of War army together. I decided to go down the line of the British Paratroopers from the source book D-Day-1. I have my Infantry platoon glued, based and undercoated, and a small Armoured division for Support. I need to pick up an Artillery battery and I should have a force to keep the Germans running!

I am also in the process of going through my Warhammer Dwarf army, getting it ready for the new Edition of Warhammer. I managed to get down to my local GW on Tuesday, and actually got to see the Rulebook first hand.

I even had a Demo game against my Brothers under the supervision of a Staff member. Here are a couple of the rule changes that I picked up.

Terror tests are not called Terror test. Now if you are charged by or near a Terror causer at the beginning of your turn you take a Panic Test. A very nice change as the Longbeards are currently Immune to Panic and allow other units within 6" to Reroll failed tests, this will help a lot.

The other nice thing is the 6+ Ward save you get if you have a Hand Weapon and Shield, this replaced the +1 to your Armour save, but always having even a basic save is going to help... look at the Daemons!

Combat has changed and for the better I think, esepcailly as Ranks are now taken at the end of combat it means that if you can get into an enemy unit and cause enough Casualties you will be taking off their Rank bonus as well, I think this will probably see people changing their units to increase their Frontage more and people worrying about being 4 deep less.

Musicians allow reforms, charging 2d6" plus your movement... it all adds up to some very interesting games, and adds a bit of a random element. Gun lines will probably fair a bit worse as people can get into them faster, but the ability to shoot in two Ranks will help as well.

All in all the changes I saw are welcomed, and will make the next few months very interesting. Especially as my standard army already fits within the % allocation for the new book. Whether I will need to change the army drastically will depend on the FAQ's they are releasing.

Also in the not too distant future is the 2nd Edition of Hordes from Privateer Press. My Trollbloods now have a Heavy Warbeast in the Earthborn Dire Troll that I hope to get painted soon.

All of this basically means a potentially expensive couple of months, but with some nice games to look forward to. I also aim to take part in a local Swansong tournament for Warhammer 7th Ed, as I now have the days off, and just await confirmation from the tournament organiser.