Cry Havoc Game 2

My Second game was against Chris who was over from Austrailia and he had a very cool looking Chaos Army. His Hellcannon was an amazing conversion from a Defiler kit. We were on Table 4.

From what I remember his list was:

BsB Champion with Mark of Slannesh and Steed of Slannesh
Lvl 2 Sorcerer, Steed, Mark of Tzeentch
Lvl 1 Sorcerer, Steed, Book of Secrets, Mark of Tzeentch
6 Chaos Knights
8 Marauder Horsemen
12 Chaos Warriors
16 Chaos Maruaders
5 Warhounds
3 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons
3 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons

This game was definately a game of two halves. I won the first turn and managed to miss with all my Cannons, except for the one aiming at the Hellcannon. I hit it and took a couple of wounds off it, other than that nothing much happened.

In his Turn Chris ran at me with everything, much like I expected and hid all his Characters in units to keep them safe. The Magic phase was thankfully not very damaging for me as I managed to dispel all of the spells.

The Hellcannon returned fire at the Cannon that had shot at it, and managed to kill two of the crew, however it left 1 of the crew alive thankfully.

My second turn again resulted in very little movement, and a bit more effective shooting. The cannon that had been shot at by the Hellcannon returned fire, this time killing the foul device. The Chaos Knights were also a Target for my weapons and I managed to reduce them to just one Knight.

Chris' second turn resulted in two charges at me, with his Lone Knight hitting my Organ Cannons, his BsB charged one of my Cannons. Other than that the rest of his units moved in as close as they could.

The Magic phase was once again less than effective for him. The combat phase was interesting. His Standard carrying Knight killed one of the Organ gun crew men, and even with the wound, a standard, and Warbanner the Stubborn part of my crew kept them in combat, leaving the Knight Exposed.

The BsB wiped out the cannon crew on the charge, however I activated the Rune of Immolation, getting 7 strength 4 hits on him. Only two managed to wound, however he failed both of his saves! With his BsB dead it meant I wouldnt be having a 20" charge creature hiding behind my battle lines.

My Third turn had me charge his Knight in the Flank with my Longbeards and Thane, while on the other Flank the Warriors moved in front of the Thunderers meaning the Dragon Ogres couldnt get the charge on them, but would certainly be hitting my Warriors in the following turn.

This time I began punishing his Dragon Ogres and Warriors with shooting, but didnt really manage to kill many of them. My Cannon took aim at one of the Sorcers in the Warrior unit, I hit and the Cannon Ball smashed through the unit, he failed his lookout sir save, and was crushed.

In combat my Longbeards easily dealt with the Knight, and overan into the Dragon Ogres who were just behind them, this did leave the Longbeards flank exposed to the Marauders.

The Chaos Turn 3 rolled round with the Dragon Ogres Charging my Warriors, and the Marauders hitting my Longbeards in the flank. The magic phase was less of a problem this turn with only one Sorcerer left against me.

With that done we moved to Combat. One the left Flank the Warriors lost their Champion and 3 other warriors, in return they didnt hurt the Dragon Ogres at all, and while they won combat, the Dragon Ogres passed their Break check.

On the other flank the Maruaders attacked trying to kill some of the Longbeards, however they were unable to wound any of them. By response the Thane and four warriors retaliated killing 5, and reducing them below 5, meaning no flank bonus, and no loss of ranks in the following phase. My front rank Longbeards attacked the Dragon Ogres and managed to cause two Wounds. The Dragon Ogre reponse was much more violent with 3 Longbeards dying (Strength 7 hits hurt) and my Thane being squashed. The end result was a win in combat for me, however the Dragon Ogres passed their break check, but the Marauders failed breaking off, although they still hadnt lost enough men to be below 25% yet.

My turn 4 began, with me charging my Thunderers in to assist my Warriors against the Dragon Ogres, they had a Rank and the flank so stood a faint chance of being useful.

My shooting phase went well, with a Cannon and Organ Cannon taking an aim on the Chaos Warriors, and with luck being in their flank. The Cannon hit and managed to kill the back rank. Then the Ogran Cannon managed to kill enough that they only had their Standard bearer and Champion. My other two Thunderers took aim at the Maruaders and killedenough of them that they wouldnt be rallying next turn.

My combat with the Thunderers and Warriors went well, with me managing to Break the Dragon Ogres, and I chose to restrain (foolishly). The combat with the Longbeards went a little better with me killing one of the Dragon Ogres and only losing 5 Longbeards in return. That resulted in a win for me, and this time the Dragon Ogres broke from combat, I elected to pursue them, however I didnt manage to catch them.

The Warriors Turn 4 came around, and now Chris had both units of Dragon Ogres fleeing, a unit of Marauder Horsemen with his General and Wizard in it. Two Warriors and that was that. At this point Chris went for broke... I wish so badly wish he hadnt lol. His Warriors charged into the side of my Battered Warriors. He rallied both units of Dragon Ogres. The ones in front of the Longbeards turned to face me and braced for another Charge, the ones in front of the Warriors turned around ready to charge me, as they were far more than 6" away from me.

In his magic phase he peppered my Thunderers. I managed to surpress his magic phase again. The combat phase didnt go well... the Chaos Warriors killed 5 of my Warriors, and winning combat... two of them... against a full unit. My Warriors broke but managed to out run his Warriors, however they did over run into my Thunderers.

With my Turn 5 upon me things didnt look as good as they had a turn beforehand. However all things considered the game was still going well. My Longbeards declared a charge on the Dragon Ogres in front of them... and failed their Fear check! With that done there wasnt much else left to do, my Thunderers repositioned themselves to hopefully get some better shooting in the following turn.

My shooting phase was largely ineffective, and the only combat to fight was for the Thunderers against the Chaos warriors. That went pretty much as I expected in that I lost combat (he elected to use Great Weapons) although with the Rank and Outnumber I managed to pass my Leadership test.

Chris began Turn 5 by declaring a charge on the Longbeards, I passed my Fear check, and braced myself for a painful combat. His other Dragon Ogre unit charged towards what remained of my Battle line, hoping to get a charge on my artillery. The Magic phase was once again uneventful.

The combat phase started with his Dragon Ogres, who only managed to kill three Longbeards, my remaining two inflicted no wounds, however I won combat. The Dragon Ogres broke and I decided to Pursue. They rolled an 11 on 3D6... I need a double 6 and got it! I have to admit at this point I might have let out a shout of joy which silenced all the other tables... kinda embarassing really. However my Longbeards ran down the Dragon Ogres wiping them out.

On the other side of the Board the Thunderers got to strike first and inflicted two wounds on the Chaos Warriors, however both passed their saves. Their retaliation wiped out my Thunderers.

My Turn 6 started, and I tried repostioning the remains of my Dwarf unit, no matter what happend I would be getting charged by the Chaos Warriors and the Marauder Horsemen... something I would not survive. My artillery lined up some shots on the remaining Dragon Ogres and Wiped them out.

As I expected the Chaos Turn 6 resulted in little esle than two charges on my Dwarf Units and them being wiped out.

At the end of it all I had enough points to get me a Solid Victory and 17 Victory Points.