Cry Havoc Game 3

The Third Game was against Dark Elves and was a Meeting Engagement. The board was idea for me (I thought) with a river counting as difficult terrain running along the middle of the board. I figured that this would be awesome, giving me more turns of shooting.

My opponents army had:

Level 4 Sorceress on Steed
Master on Steed
Level 2 Sorceress
20 Dark Elf Warriors (with Spears)
10 Dark Elf Warriors (with Repeating Crossbow)
10 Dark Elf Warriors (with Repeating Crossbow)
5 Dark Riders
12 Blackguard
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

It was an intimidating list, and the shades meant that during deployment I placed my Hammerers out on a flank... with my Lord and no support from the rest of the Dwarf army. This was my biggest mistake.

No blow by blow account here as the game was very dull unfortunately. As we were on table 3 my opponent opted for the shoot me from range and run away tactic, as he felt a Victory could hand him 1st place (a technical possibility) so he pretty much just sniped at me with Magic and shooting for 6 turns.

I even ended up moving my Dwarf Battle Lines forwards, artillery and all for him to run his models away.

His Shades wiped out the Hammerers that I left isolated, and he got points for one of my Cannons blowing up (a Misfire when rerolled to a Misfire is still a Misfire lol).

My kills and points came from one shotting the Hydra with my Engineers cannon, and his failed regeneration save, and me sniping his Level 2 Sorceress in turn 5. In turn 6 my Organ cannon wiped out his Harpies.

All in all the game was a bit disappointing, but in retrospect I could have done so much more. I spent too many turns sniping at his Bolt Throwers, where as I should have been battering his Blackguard and Warriors, half points for both of them would have helped immensely.

I should also have placed a cheap unit such as my Thunderers out on the flank, as they would have been capable (in theory) of killing the Shades at range and it would have kept my Hammerers safe. Also if I had just advanced my Artillery forward on the first three turns, then he wouldnt have had anywhere to back up to, and this would have helped an awful lot too.

While at the time the game was frustrating and annoying I know why my Opponent opted for the tactics he did, it also very nearly worked, the Hammerers are a lot of points and did very very little.