The Road to War

So this is a quick post, just wanted to promote a website that 4 of my friends are doing.

They are basically getting back into 40K after an extended break (since like 3rd Ed).

Anyway here is the link to their website, and the blog is on the blog tab at the top.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.

Theorycraft: A Drop Pod too far?

Theorycrafting is something that I love to do. I love writing army lists out, even for armies I do not own, simply to see what things I can do with any given Codex. I spend a lot of my free time writing army lists and I figure it would be fun to post some. This is the first of my Theorycrafting posts, and I welcome anyone with comments regarding my choices.

So my brothers last game against me involved a Salamanders Successor Chapter, led by Vulcan He'stans brother, mostly mounted in Drop Pods.

The idea of it scared me to my very core. My Guard prefer their enemies at a good range and dont really like em up close. It was also typically the first time I had taken a list without an Officer of the Fleet so I didnt have any way to delay his later turn arrivals.

Now I got lucky in that game, managing to wipe out a lot of the Marines as they arrived, but a bit more luck for him or worse luck for me and it could have been very different. His Ironclad failing to penetrate my Leman Russ side armour at 6" with his Meltagun. Bad dice meaning he rolled a 4, anything higher would have meant one less squad of dead Marines the following turn.

So since Wednesday I have been thinking about a Space Marine drop pod list.


Librarian: Machine Curse, The Gate of Infinity, Terminator Armour with Combi Melta


10 Sternguard, Drop Pod with Locator Beacon, 10 Combi-Meltas.


10 Tactical Marines, Drop Pod with Locator Beacon, Rocket Launcher, Flamer
10 Tactical Marines, Drop Pod with Locator Beacon, Rocket Launcher, Flamer

Fast Attack

10 Assault Marines, No Jump Packs, 2 Flamers, Sergeant with Power Weapon & Meltabombs in a Drop Pod with Locator Beacon
5 Assault Marines, No Jump Packs, Flamer, Sergeant with Power Weapon & Meltabombs in a Drop Pod with Locator Beacon
5 Vanguard Veterans, Jump Packs, 2 with Power Weapons, Sergeant with Meltabombs

Total: 1500 Points
Kill Points: 12

So why do I think this list is good?

Well I given that you have three Drop Pods arriving on Turn 1, and do not have to decide if you wish to Combat Squad until you exit the Drop pod it gives you a lot of flexibility.

The Sternguard can come in and with a bit of luck will be laying waste to two Tanks and anything that has a 5+ save can kiss the backsides goodbye. Their ammunition choices and combat squading out of a Drop Pod makes them very useful.

The Librarian is useful, with his anti Psyker potential, and a very annoying Machine curse means enemy Mech has more of a hard time. Especially as against Squadrons its a 1 in 6 to kill something. The Gate of Infinity gives your army a bit more manouverability meaning you can Drop in somewhere, then Teleport accross the battlefield out of range of the enemy and to contest an objective.

Having all the Drop Pods with Locator Beacons means that the enemy has to kill them if they want to prevent the Vanguard from being able to land with pinpoint accuracy and then use their Heroic intervention for a charge. Alternatively they have to move their men out of range of the Drop pods. Either of which can greatly benenfit you and distrupts the enemy plans.

In an objective based game I would be dropping the Sternguard and both Assault Squads in on the first turn, giving them the most time to do damage, it also means that your scoring units are safer for a little longer.

For a Kill point game I would probably change it and have the Assault Squads in reserve, or at least the 10 man Assault squad in reserve. The two flamers will benefit more from a precision landing so unless there is a perfect spot you are 90% sure you wont scatter away from (due to enemy models, terrain and the board edge) then saving them for later is probably a better idea.

The Vanguard are a very expensive unit, and I think will only every work if you tool things up with Homers and Locator Beacons, giving yourself multiple arrival points makes it harder to defend against them, and increases the units versatility. When they are on the board they will take a lot of fire as people are scared of what they dont know (although 12 power weapon attacks on the charge does kinda worry me).

The Drop Pods themselves should not be discounted, they do put out 12 BS4 bolter shots a turn with a very good range. Also you can use the Drop Pod to help cut off avenues of movement to the enemy. By blocking their Troops or Vehicles in you force them to deal with the Drop Pod where they may prefer to ignore it.

If I was to up this list again to 2000 points then I would include Vulcan He'stan (mainly as thats the list my brother plays), an extra tactical squad in a Drop Pod (with a locator beacon of course). I would also change two of the tactical squads to include Multi-meltas as they are still free. Then I would boost the second assault squad to ten men and two flamers. Then all you need to do is drop the Meltabombs on the Vanguard and you have a perfect 2000 points.

So people let me know what you think, does this list intimidate you, or would it be something you could steamroller?

The Weeks Games

I got three games this week. All of which were good games, two of which were very frustrating and one of which didnt have a thing go wrong. 

So the first one was a Doubles game, 750 points each, with Tom and his Space Wolves allied with my Imperial Guard. It was sort of a tester game as we decided to reverse the rolls we played at the doubles tournament. 

The Space Wolves were all in reserve, either Deep Striking or Drop Podding, and I had a true Imperial Guard Gunline with 750 points of men which had 70+ men in it. 

Our Opponents were Frakkin Space Vampires... under the command of Mel and Paul. This game did not go well for us. We lost it 3-0 on objectives and had very very little left at the end of the game.. something like 2 Space Wolves and 12 Guardsmen. 

There were a few amusing highlights, like the fact all of the Melta Weapons on a table hit one turn and then seemed to rolls 1's to wound. The Lone Guardsmen who passed three 5+ armours saves, then managed to hit and wound the Space Marine that did it to him, only to see the Marine save his armour save (although he did pass his leadership test).

Other amusing sights was the Special Weams team, hitting the Death Company with a Demo charge, two flamers and six lasgun shots reducing them down to their Chaplain (or whatever their name is), for the Chaplain to then charge a squad of Guardsmen and die. Admittedly he was already on 1 wound but hey its Guardsmen.

I also learnt that the Death Company sting. A 6 man unit charged into a full squad of Space Wolves and a Rune Priest and they wiped them out with only the Rune Priest able to hit back.

End Result : Loss (Resounding)

The Second game was a challenge on the Shop ladder and it was against Toms Space Wolves. 1500 points. We ended up with Capture and Control, three objectives with a Spearhead deployment.

The Game started well enough with me killing one of his Landraiders on the first turn, and I managed to keep stunning or shaking the Vindicator and other Landraider until I killed them. Unfortunately the turn I killed those models, in the Space Wolf following turn they wiped out both of my Vendettas and my Valkayrie, leaving me unable to contest their objective.

Although at this point he had only 1 scoring unit left and that hid behind the Wreck of a Landraider where it could claim an objective. I had my objective with no difficulty, however every unit I sent to march towards the third objective ran into the Rune Priests Murderous Hurricane and was wiped out. 

The Game Ended a Draw, with 1 Objective each, but out shop ladder doesnt like Draws so it went down to Victory points, which I just edged it on. For my records I am counting this as a Draw. 

The third game was another challenge on the shop ladder (the problem with being top methinks) and was against Jordans Orks. I last played him here. This time we got an Annhilation Spearhead mission.

I won the roll to choose my side and first turn, and deployed first so I got more turns of shooting. As usual against combat orientated armies I castled in a corner inviting him to come at me, this didnt work to well for him.

There isnt much to say about this game except that I think it went really well for me. By the beginning of Turn 5 I wiped out all of his Orks save one, and had lost a command squad totalling 50 points, bad luck on the deployment type didnt help Jordan at all, and his army uses all the models he currently owns so doesnt have that many transports to get a little closer to me. This is something I know he intends to change and I do not look forward to facing him when he does.

Below are some of the pictures I took throughout the day.

The Mass of Drop Pods in our Doubles Game

Notice the distinct lack of Imperial Guard or Space Wolves in this Picture.

Another shot of our complete and total destruction by the Blood Angels.

The Setup before the game began of my game against Tom, also included in this shot a Rare Photo of the man himself!

An Imperial Guard Castle... the only way to deploy in Spearhead games!

Across the battlefield the Orks are sighted... along with a random Coca-Cola can!

Horde - Trollbloods

So with the upcoming release of the new Ruleset for Hordes I figured it would be a good time to get the models I own painted, finished and ready for War!

So far I have a Troll Axer, two Troll Spear throwers, Madrak Ironhide, Alten Ashley and Grissel Bloodsong.

The pictures below show my current progress on each of these mini's. I wont be buying any other models until I get my grubby little hands on the new Rulebook and I do look forward to using these guys in games in the future.

Madrak Ironhide

Tollblood Axer

Trollblood Spear Throwers

Obviously these are are still works in progress, although the Axer just needs basing and he will be done.

Alten Ashley, and Grissel Grimsong are still awaiting being glued before I start putting their pictures up.

Necron Tomb World


This is not a balanced scenario, this is designed to be difficult for the invader fighting against endless waves of Necrons.

This scenario was first drafted up back in April 2009 after reading one too many Planetstrike rumours.

As the invasion force moves in on the location, swarms of Tomb Necrons emerge to defend their world. Unbeknown to the invasion force this is only the beginning.


Battlefield is setup as a ruined City Scape. In the very Centre of the Battlefield there is a C’tan Monolith, make sure that this is in the very centre of the board as it forms the focal point for the game and the terrain layout.

The rules for the C'tan Monolith can be found here.

The invading force may setup anywhere on the table that is more that 18” from the C’tan Monolith.


The invading army deploys first following the these deployment rules. The Invader may deploy their army anywhere on the tabletop as long as they start the game at least 24” from the Inactive C’tan Monolith. They also must start at least 8” from each Necron Portal (this prevents Portals from being destroyed on Turn 1, unless the Demolition Charges are on faster choices).

The Necrons do not deploy anything on the table at the start of the game. Any Monoliths they have are brought in from Strategic Reserve by deep strike on Turn 2.

Each side may nominate to keep upto 50% of the Kill points in reserve, these units arrive from turn 2 as normal.

Necron units arriving on the table from any means may enter from Monolith portal doors or the Necron Portals.

First Turn

In this scenario the Necrons always go first.


Each of the Necron Portals is an Objective this is whether they are alive or dead

The C’tan Monolith is an objective as well, however should it die, then Mark that spot on the battlefield with a Crater and this will count as an objective.

This does mean that the while the C’tan Monolith is alive the Necrons will always have one Objective, as the enemy cannot contest it.

Scenario Rules for the Necrons

Tomb World: Due to the fact that the Necrons are defending a Tomb World they do not suffer from the phase out Rule.

Undying Legions: Such is the power of a Necron World that when the Necrons phase out due to damage they are repaired nearly instantly by the numerous tomb spyders and scarabs that exist beneath the ground.

All Necron units that have the Necron Special rule are recycled back into the battle. This means that any Necrons that do not succeed their We Will be back rule are placed to one side. At the beginning of each turn if there are enough dead Necrons of one type to form a legal unit then they may re-enter play through either a Portal or a Necron Monolith. If you have enough models to form a legal unit they MUST be brought onto the board, you may not withhold them for a turn. For Clarification the Minimum and maximum Unit sizes are displayed below:

                                          Minimum Size                 Maximum Size

Necron Lord*                   1                                       1
Warriors*                          10                                    20
Wraiths                             1                                      3
Heavy Destroyers           1                                       3
Destroyers                       3                                      5
Immortals                         5                                      10
Flayed Ones                   4                                       10

* When these units come back they return to the battle with no additional equipment. The Warriors will not have any the Disruption Fields, and the Necron Lord has no Wargear.

(e.g. in one turn the Necron player loses 32 Necron Warriors, 2 Wraiths and 4 Heavy Destroyers, in the following turn they will be able to bring back the following Units:
20 Necron Warriors
12 Necron Warriors
2 Wraiths
3 Heavy Destroyers
The rest of the dead Necrons are left until there are enough models to make a legal unit)

Portals: The Necron player may place 4 Necron Portals anywhere on the board as long as they are more than 24” from the C’tan Monolith. A Portal has the following Profile

Necron Portal
Toughness: 8
Wounds: 4
Necron Portal Special Rules:
Out of Phase: Any Unit wishing to shoot at the portal must test to see if it is in sight just as if they were fighting at Night. If they fail to be in range to see it they may not redirect their fire onto another unit.

It Came from Below: As the invaders move into the Necropolis they inadvertently awaken the ancient Guardians. The first defenders of the city were hidden around the city and now come out of their slumber to destroy the invaders.

To represent this on the Necrons first turn the any units that are deployed may Deep Strike with the following four changes.

1. If they scatter into an enemy unit they count as having charged and fight in the Assault Phase
2. They are able to Move, Shoot and Assault as normal; they have just risen from the ground, and are out to get you!
3. If they have to roll of the Deep Strike Mishap table, discount any results which destroy the unit. They simply count it as misplaced and the Invader gets to place them.
4. They do not have to roll for Dangerous terrain if appearing within a building.

Scenario Rules for the Invaders

Demolition Charges: The invaders have bought along some high grade explosives to destroy the power source they detected. Three of the invading units may be given the Demolition Charges, make sure to note this on your army list before the game begins to avoid confusion. They are assumed to have enough Charges to last the entire game, so may use the charge several times if they get the chance.

To use the Demolition Charge the Unit must be in base to base contact with either a Monolith, Pylon or the C’tan Monolith. In the turn they wish to use the Demolition charges they are unable to move in the Shooting or Assault phase, however the unit may shoot at another target after using the Demolition charge. When they use it D6, on a roll of a 1, the charge fails due to a malfunction or incorrect positioning and kills D3 squad members. No Armour Saves are allowed and it counts as a Strength 10 hit so will be instant death to most multi wound models. Invulnerable saves may be taken.

On a roll of a 2+ the Demolition Charge goes off as planned. It inflicts D3 + 1 Penetrating hits against whatever target it is used against.

Planetary Invasion: Due to the nature of the invasion, the invading army counts all of the Troop Choices to have the unending assault special rule. This means that when the unit is destroyed the following turn they are able to re-enter play using the rules for Flank March.

Flank March: When a unit enters the game from Reserve they may enter from any table edge.

This has now been edited from the somewhat unsightly and stupidly long post that was up earlier. Mistakes were made, and I have to admit that at least one Servitor suffered in my anger. Apologies to anyone that read the previous version as it had random gaps in the blog and unexplained content.

Khadorian Forces

So here are three pictures of the three Khador models I currently have painted.

Havent managed a game with them recently, however I will be getting back into the game once I pick up their core book, and get my two Manhunters painted.

My Warcaster

Destroyer Warjack

Juggernaut Warjack

These models also give me some points for my painting for points project. The first for 2010. With 2 points each for the Warjacks, and 1 point for the Warcaster.

This Weeks Games

So this week I managed three games while down at my FLGS.

The first of which was Combat Patrol against Toms dreaded Space Wolves. A 400 point list that I have yet to beat.

The game itself was quick, and decisive for him, with me having decimated not one of his units. I took my Pinning list and managed in total to Pin absolutely nothing. This wasnt helped by my Ratlings dying in turn 2, nor was it helped by my Platoon Command Squad with 4 Sniper Rifles failing to hit with around 10 shots.

The second game was 1500 points against my Brothers Salmanders successor chapter. The list was almost fully drop podding other than a Redeemer with Vulcan and a Command Squad. That was the only thing that started on the board for him. He then had 3 Tactical Squads, a normal Dreadnought with Multi Melta and an Ironclad in reserve in Drop Pods.

The game we got was Spearhead and Annhilation, which was worse than the Annhilation Pitched Battle we played last week.

As you can see (all the pictures are from this game) I setup very defensively castling in a corner. This tactic while it did give me some headaches, also meant his drop pods had no where to go behind my force, but it also meant he was able to focus his forces on me, and his three drop pods which arrived caused me some merry fun.

In the first turn he managed to amass three Kill Points with his Dreadnought taking out my Valkyrie, and two of his tactical squads burning two of my Infantry squads. My return fire killed a few men and a Drop Pod. His following turn only 1 of his other pods arrived, depositing a full Tactical unit, which in addtion with one of his other Tactical Squads massarced my two Infantry Platoon Command Squads.

However from then on it was up and up for me, as the huge numbers of men a vehicles paid off for me, allowing me to bring him down to a single drop pod which hadnt arrived by the end of turn 4. Other than that the rest of his forces had been wiped out, with even Vulcan himself dead. Admittedly it helped that Vulcan failed his pinning test when I blew the Landraider up.

The more I play Landraiders the more I hate em.

My final game was against Tom again with 1500 points this time. I used the same list against him as I did against my Brother. That is to say this one. We ended up with a Spearhead Capture and Control with a Grand total of 5 objectives.

His list consisted of 2 Landraiders (one of which was a dedicate transport for the Wolfguard), a Redeemder and a Standard Landraider, a Vindicator, 6 Long Fangs with 6 Rockets, a Razor back with Twin Linked Lascannons, 2 Grey Hunter packs, 1 in a Rhino the other without, and two Rune Priests, one in Terminator armour the other without. 

I didnt get any pictures of this game as we were a bit rushed, however as seems to be usual in my games against Tom, when I elect to go first he steals the initiative. This didnt (and never does lol) get the game off to a good start for me.  

However this time the dice were not with Tom as his whole first shooting phase resulted in a Vendetta unable to shoot. The game went on for 5 turns, at which point I had 1 objective and Tom had none, as he had no more troops.

The highlights were a Lone Long Fang withstanding 3 Sniper Shots, an Orbital Bombardment, 2 Heavy Bolters, 3 Lascannons and a Battle Cannon firing at it. He finally died to two Lascannon shots, of which only 1 wounded, but it was finally enough. All the rest of it did absolutely nothing as he stood there smiling at me rocket launcher primed and aimed, awaiting his turn.

His Rune Priest in power armour also fell to a Guardsquad of mine, after charging and only killing 1 man, we managed to take his two wounds accross two rounds of combat.

Other than that there were many examples of bad dice, with multiple Melta misses, Rapid Firing when someone meant to charge, and Strength 10 Ordnance weapons failing to penetrate armour 13. In all honesty the game was a good laugh for myself, but the dice rolls really let Tom down.

So for this week its:

Played: 3
Won: 2
Lost: 1

This last picture is the view from the Multi-melta as to what it could see at the begining of my game against my Brother. It was the only thing he setup, and basically had a lot to be worried about.

Combat Patrol List - Pinning Rocks

So Combat Patrol... been a while since I mentioned this on the blog.

However the easiest way to get games at my FLGS is to play Combat patrol. Now I know that the rules for this are from a previous edtion (off the top of my head) however the shop has come up with a nice set of rules that you can below:
  • The Winner is determine by Victory Points
  • Lists must be no more than 400 Points
  • Lists must include at least 1 Troop choice
  • You may include a HQ
  • No Special Characters allowed.
  • No 2+ saves allowed
  • No Single Model may have more than 2 wounds
  • Vehicle Armour Values must be equal to or less than 33 overall
  • WYSIWGY! Lists must have model representation
So these limits do take out a lot of the cool things that the Imperial Guard can get. No Leman Russ, Valks or Vendetta, Hellhounds, Company Command Squads or Lord Commissars.

Now even with all that gone there are still some nice toys to play with. Now I do not intend to build an all comers list for Combat patrol. The points are too restricted and there is simply no way to build redundancy into the list (not in my mind at least). If I stumble onto an all rounder list then wonderful, but I am not holding my hopes out for one.

The last time I was competing in against Combat Patrol lists I was seeing a lot of very successful Space Wolf lists. One example is below:
Grey Hunters x 10 (Free Special weapons)
Long Fangs x 5 all with Rocket Launchers
1 Landspeeder Typhoon with Multimelta.

This list butchered my Guard, and most of the games were well decided by the first turn. The ability for them to ignore my armour saves with all those template weapons and 6 (or 7) Rockets a turn kinda stung.

So here is a Combat Patrol list that I have thought up.

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad; 4 Sniper Rifles
Infantry Squad; Autocannons
Infantry Squad; Autocannons
Heavy Weapons Team, 3 x Mortars.

Ratling Snipers x 5

Armoured Sentinel; Autocannon
Armoured Sentinel; Autocannon

Points: 400

This list makes it a little more diffcult for the enemy as there are multiple units for them to shoot at. I also have 4 different units that can pop the light vehicles that I am going to be facing. With the other 3 units capable of pinning an enemy unit for a turn.

This will hopefully mean I can stop people from getting into me where they can cause an unholy massacre. Admittedly it will require some luck.

I can always drop the Armoured Sentinels for standard sentinels which gives me an extra 40 points to play with, which would get me another Sentinel which again means more targets to shoot and makes my points harder to take.

This list has had a game against the aforementioned Space Wolves, who got first turn and wiped me out, I didnt manage to destroy a single sqaud of enemies... so it has 1 game unders its belt as a loss... will have to see how it does in the future.

Any suggestions leave me a comment, I am interested in any Combat Patrol Guard list that works.

Dinav - The missing files.

So this is a quick post rather than a long rambling one.

I was looking at the website for my FLGS and found the complete collection of all the Pictures for the HUGE Apocalypse game we held there last October.

Below is a link to an autoplay Gallery from the shops website of all the pictures that were taken that day.

It is a slideshow and does have a lot of pictures, although you should be able to skip through the pictures yourself.

Dinav - The Full Story

For other pictures from the store's many other events click here for their Gallery.

Also something that I dont think I got the oppourtunity to do when we held the actual game is to say Thank you to Dave the store owner, and Caz his trusty Minion for allowing us to take them over for a full day for the game itself.

The Beginning of a Grudge

My name is Karzak Gurnissan. These last few weeks have been so trying that I felt the need to record what has happened. At least this way should I and my mine fall to the forces of Chaos there will be something to be found, so that the Grudge may be settled.

It all began a few weeks ago when reports came into our stronghold of a Chaos Warhost sited in the lands surrounding us. We had several mining encampments and two breweries located in these lands.

Immediately my Lord Gortenk mustered our warriors and we marched out to remove this Chaos stain from our lands. It took us two weeks to locate them, and then another week of careful preparation to lure the Chaos to our artillery. That first fateful day did not go well.

As the massed ranks of Chaos approached us our Artillery and Handguns opened up as soon as they good, scores of Chaos scum fell to our shots, but always there were more to replace them. The dreaded Chaos knights charged Lord Gortenk and his personal body guard. Despite the ferocity of the charge Lord Gortenk and his Runic Hammer soundly beat them, sending them fleeing away from us. Alas my brethren were unable to keep pace with the Chaos knights and destroy them utterly.

It was at this point that their Giant revealed itself, outflanking my Lord and his kin, forcing them to regroup and meet its charge. One of our cannons took aim and managed to hit it full in the body, although the giant looked grievously hurt it kept moving inexorably towards my Lord. It bore the cursed mark of Slannesh and struck with astounding speed. When my Lord was able to attack it, his blows had no effect. Then it made the most god awful sound I have ever heard. Whenever I think of it I have to drink several Mugs of Ale to steady my hand even now. I have seen many things in my time, but never before I have seen my Lord or his men run from anything, this time they did. The Giant with a look of glee on its face chased them down, scattering the bodyguard, my Lord and his shield bearers.

During this fight I was with the Longbeards, we had manoeuvred and lured the Chaos General into combat. He challenged me and I willingly accepted. The fight didn’t last long as he and his steed could not find their way round my armour, the blows I landed however were far more effective. I slew the scum with two resounding blows, the first removed his shield and the mutated arm that held it, then second took off his head. After that success we moved forward and engaged a unit of Chaos Warriors in combat, destroying them as well. Those were the two high points of the battle for us, after this the Chaos forces had destroyed most of our forces, they then moved on, obviously seeing us as no threat.

Thanks to the hardiness of our kind we did not lose too many lives. One of the hardest deaths to take was that of my Lord. The Giant caused him too many wounds even for a Dwarf to survive. Upon his death the remaining ten members of his body guard took off their armour, storing with our food supplies. They then sought out the Dragon Slayer Glakor. Under his instruction they have taken the path of the slayer. They did want to leave us to seek their doom away from the clan. I convinced them to stay pointing out that I aim to hunt down the Chaos scum, and that would present innumerable opportunities for them to seek their death. While losing the Skills of the Hammerers is a severe blow. Replacing them with our Slayer kin may make up that loss.

At the next Outpost we found we left the Hammerer armour with them, they will arrange its delivery back to the Clanhold so it can be re used, and hopefully absolved of the shame it was discarded in. At this outpost I managed to bolster our numbers back to where we had been before the battle. We did not lose any full fighting unit, but nearly all of them required reinforcing.

I managed to requisition an additional unit of Warriors along with Thane Grungi Hammerblow. All in all our force should now be capable of crushing the Chaos scum when we next meet. As a gift I presented Grungi with my lords Runic Hammer, something I was not yet ready to wield.

Runesmith Varek survived the battle although he had to drag himself from under a pile of bodies. During the battle his Rune of Spell Breaking was destroyed, and he does not have the time to replace it. It does mean we may be vulnerable to magic in our next encounter but the Chaos followers did not have a wizard with them.

We are trailing the Chaos army after we found a destroyed mining camp. They are not trying to hide their presence so they must be looking for a fight. Something I am going to be very happy to oblige them with…

C'tan Monolith

The C’tan Monolith has only been sighted on a few occasions. They have never been sighted except on the dead Necron Tomb worlds. Normally seen in static filled distress calls, or partial images recovered from a wrecked Vehicles sensor logs. It is believed that a Necron worlds defence is controlled completely by one of these machines. They have only ever been seen in battle when a C’tan has been fighting as well. Some scientists have speculated that they are the Necrons ultimate creation, modelled after their Gods effectiveness on the field of battle. The records retrieved thus far have only shown the destruction of one C’tan Monolith. This was accomplished by the combined firepower of an entire Space Marine task force. The resultant explosion destroyed so much of the task force that the Space Marine Commander was forced to withdraw his forces.

Points: 600
Armour Values: 14 on all sides
Ballistic Skill: 4
Structure Points: 3
Weapon Systems: Heavy Gauss Flux Arc Projectors & 1 Particle Accelerator
Special Systems: At Thy Command, Activation, Living Metal, Portal Doors

At Thy Command: A Monolith may only be fielded in a Necron army that Contains a C’tan. The C’tan may enter play from Strategic Reserve from one of the Portal Doors on the C’tan Monolith itself.

As when a C’tan dies, if the Monolith is destroyed it will automatically count as an Apocalyptic Explosion on the relevant table. The distance of the explosion is 3D6 + 6 “.

Activation: The C’tan Monolith begins the game in a dormant state. The enemy are unable to target the C’tan Monolith with any weapons of any kind. The C'tan Monolith roles on the reserves table for when it becomes active.

Once the C’tan Monolith becomes active it may use all of its abilities as described above and below.

Living Metal: The C’tan Monoliths Living Metal is so advanced it can repair even the most devastating damage. Whenever the Monolith loses a Structure point, roll a D6. On a 5+ the damage result is ignored. Also Lance and Melta weapons have no additional effect against Living Melta, so do not get to reduce its armour, nor do they get the additional dice for penetration roles.

Portal; The C'tan Monolith has two Portals. A top and bottom one. The portals on the C’tan Monolith may be used to bring units into play from reserve. Up to one Infantry Unit and one Skimming Unit may enter play from the Portals on the Monolith each turn.

If no unit is waiting in reserve then you may use the power of the C’tan Monolith to teleport one Nercon Infantry Unit and one Necron Skimmer unit per turn from anywhere on the board so that they appear from the portal doors on the Monolith. As soon as a unit needs to be brought into play from reserve you may not use the portals for this. So if one Necron Infantry Unit needs to be brought into play you cannot use the Portal to teleport Skimmers.

Gauss Flux Arc Projectors: The same as the weapons on a normal Monolith, these versions have a slightly increased range and more shots.

Range: 18”
Strength: 5
AP: 4
Notes: Gauss
Special: Fires 2D6 shots at each unit in range, Each Weapon Destroyed Result Suffered reduces the number of shots by 1.

Particle Accelerator:
Range: 72"
Strength: D
AP: 2
Notes: Gauss, Large Blast

The picture at the top of the post is my current WIP of a C'Tan Monolith.

A Learning Curve

So after my game against my brother, the following day I was down at my FLGS and managed to get one game in against the Orks.

I have only played the Orks once before, and that game did not go well for me, with it being a Kill Point game that I lost quite effectively.

This game was against Jordan, who has a nice hordy army, however not all in Vehciles (Thankfully).

The game was Capture and Control with 5 objectives and Dawn of War deployment. Unfortunately I didnt take lots of time out of the game to make notes about what happened.

The list I used was the second list that I preivously posted, and it performed admirably, wiping out all the Orks by the end of my 5th Turn. Admittedly they did get some serious hurt in when they got close, and I could have done a better job with a bit more Horde killing weapons.

The Deployment played to my advantage as I got to setup first, and deployed a sacrificial squad in the centre of the table to limit his deployment options.

The pictures in the post are from the game, and give a couple of quick snap shots of the action.

My favourite was when the Ork boyz circled his Nob unit to give them a cover save... something that would have worked well had I not managed to snipe them and they then failed their pinning check.

The game was fun and enjoyable, a played at a good pace, and fortunately for me a resounding victory.

That means two games this week, one with each of my latest Imperial Guard Armylists, and both lists were highlighted to have some serious weaknesses.

The first had the Commissars, and was designed to be able to get into combat... something which I thought might be a good idea given that they would be armed for it. This idea was quickly debunked.

The points spent on the Commissars were wasted, as were the power weapons as one squad got the charge on against an under strength Space Marine Tactical squad, with Creeds special order giving them Furious Charge and Fearless and they managed a grand total of 1 wound.

The other unit did not see combat, and given that their option was to charge Vulcan would probably not have faired any better. Both of these things made my mind up that Guard and combat should go their seperate ways... at least for me.

Most of my opponents are Orks, Chaos or some varation of Marine... none of these are going to be beaten in combat by a lowly Guard unit, not without some serious points spent on it, and a bit of luck.

Now I was aware this was an possibility, and it lead me onto my second list, with three tanks, three Vendettas and losts of shooty killyness. Good against a Mech list, but it did struggle against Jordans Ork army. If the setup hadnt turned out to be Dawn of War I might have really stuggled to down all those Orks before they go to me.

So I am thinking about a few small changes. Possibly adding a Valkyrie in instead of a Landraider, and another Leman Russ Battle Tank over a Demolisher. The Battle Tank increases the range of my Tanks, and the Valkyrie adds in more Pie Platey goodness for dealing with Massed troops, it alsow will not go amiss when dealing with Space Marines as the more wounds I can inflict the more saves I can hope my opponent will fail.

I have also begun to doubt the usefulness of the Officer of the Fleet... so I am thinking about trying a couple of Games without him, and instead having a Master of the Ordnance. While his shots might miss widely, and he is tied to shooting at the same target as the Snipers, he is something I will see actually having an effect on the game. If all of my opponents all start to Reserve / Outflank against me then I will look at swapping my Officer of the Fleet back in.

I would also like a couple more options in the Anti-Horde, so I figure that adding in a some Mortars to 1st Platoon will definately give me more chances to pin my enemies, and means they can do something even when the team cannon see the enemy.

I did debate dropping the Lascannons Heavy Weapons team for Rocket Launchers, that would save me a total of 15 points and makes them useful against armour and infantry. The problem with that is it means that if the my opponent can take out the Vendettas, then I will have some serious problems when dealing with Landraiders... and they already cause me nightmares. Another option is to drop the Heavy Wepaons team and incorportate the weapons into Guard units, this will increase their survivability, and will also reduce the Kill points on offer (praise be to the Emporer for Combined Squads!).

Wanting to get rid of enemy armour, I figure that 2nd Platoons Command squad can have two Meltaguns and two flamers, means they will be useful against tanks, and still stand a chance against larger squads. They will almost certainly be in the Valkyire and off on their own harassing the enemy so they wont need a Vox Caster, for that matter no squad in the 2nd Platoon will need a Vox Caster as they will all be mounted in the Vendettas so will be more than likely out of range for Vox Orders. I also think that giving them something to deal with armour isnt a bad idea.

So with all that in mind (and believe me, my mind can only just contain these thoughts) my army list will change to look like:

Company Command Squad, Vox Caster, Master of the Ordnance, Sniper Rifles x 3

1st Platoon
Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 Flamers
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Mortar, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Mortar, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Lascannon
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Lascannon

2nd Platoon
Command Squad: 2 Meltaguns, 2 Flamers, Commander with Melta-Bombs
Infantry Squad: Meltagun
Infantry Squad: Meltagun

Fast Attack
Valkyrie: Multiple Rocket Pods

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank: Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Battle Tank: Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Demolisher: Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta Sponsors

Total: 1500 Points
Total Men: 76.
Total Vehicles: 6
Max Kill Points: 15
Minimum Kill Points: 11

So as usual any thoughts or ideas, comments or critisim let me know.

Imperial Guard Battlereport

Today, well today I managed to get a game in against my Brothers Salamanders Space Marines, complete with Vulcan Hes'tan.

You can find my list here. My Brother used the following:

Vulcan Hes'tan
Space Marine Captain; Artificer Armour, Digital Weapons, Thunder Hammer

6 Sternguard; Power Fist, Combi Melta, Multimelta
Ironclad Dreadnought

10 Tactical Marines; Lascannon, Flamer, Rhino with Extra Armour
10 Tactical Marines; Rocket Launcher, Flamer, Drop Pod

Landraider Redeemer
Predator; Heavy Bolter Sponsors, Twin Linked Lascannon

Our mission ended up being Annhilation, with a Pitched battle deployment, my Brother won the roll off, and made me go first.

Imperial Guard Deployment

For my deployment I castled in two ruined buildings on my left hand flank, combining both of the Infantry Platoons to minimise the Kill Points I had.

Both Vendettas started the game loaded, each with a Platoon Command Squad in.

The First Platoon took the building you can see at the bottom of the picture, with a 30 man unit, with 3 Rocket Launchers. The Heavy Weapons team with Lascannons settled down at ground level.

The Second Heavy Weapons Team for that platoon went in the crater at the bottom of the second building up. They were supported by the combined Infantry Squad from 2nd Platoon. This infantry squad had no special weapons, and no heavy weapons, but it did have a Commissar with Power Weapon, and Sergeant with Power Weapon in it.

The Demolisher (hidden in this picture) was between the two buildings I set my Infantry up in. The Leman Russ Battle Tank hid out of sight behind the building with the 2nd Platoon in. The Vendettas then spread out on my centre and right flank ready to zip away, basically refusing that flank.

Salamander Deployment

My Borther only had 4 things to deploy on the table. He crammed Vulcan, the Space Marine Captain and the Sternguard into the Redeemer... ready for ramming down my throat.

The Ironclad sat between the Landraider and Predator, with the Rhino on my far right. This meant for all my firepower I was going to struggle for range somewhat.

Turn 1
Before the Turn officially began, I scout moved my two Vendettas towards my left flank, with the one on my far right basically going where the one in the middle was, and the one in the middle scooted away from the Salamanders even further. Creed also gave his Tactical Genuis rule to the Demolisher that used its Scout move to get 10" closer to the Landraider.

On Turn one my Brother decided to try to steal the Initiative, but thankfully he failed. Not a very eventful turn for me, my movement was minimal, mainly to allow my Vendettas to be able to fire all three Lascannons.

My Orders phase was short, as not matter what I did I either didnt have Line of Sight, or was out of Range. So then it came to the Vendettas and the Battle Tank. They all shot at the Redeemer, and managed in total to scratch the paint, and remove the multi-melta.

An overwhelmingly strong start for the Guard!

In the Salamanders Turn 1, the had their Drop Pod deep strike between the two Buildings I held, disgorging a full squad of Tactical marines. The Landraider, Predator, Ironclad and Rhino all advance at top speed.

The shooting from the Tactical marines and the drop pod was as successful for him as it was for me, killing one Rocket Heavy Weapon team member and no Guardsmen.

End of Turn 1 and its Nil Kill Points each.

Turn 2

Not too much movement from the Guard in this turn. The Demolisher moved to get a shot on the Landraider, the Vendetta in the middle moved out and to my right to take on the Rhino and Predator. My other Vendetta let its troops out before it moved, so the Platoon Command Squad with Commissar with Power Fist, Flamer and Two Meltaguns was facing off against the Tactical Squad that arrived via Drop Pod. I had a cunning plan that couldnt possibly fail! The Tanks both moved to ensure they were not hit automatically.

The Shooting this phase was better, with Creed Ordering the Combined Squad from 2nd Platoon to open fire on the Drop Pod Tactical unit. They passed the order and had a whooping 48 shots, of which I got 9 wounds, and three dead tactical marines.

He then ordered the 1st Platoons combined squad to fire its rockets at the Ironclad that was advancing. The passed the order, and managed to Kill it with two penetating results. His final order of the phase was his own special order of 'For the Glory of Cadia' on 2nd Platoons command squad, granting them Fearless and Furious charge. That unit passed the order, then proceed with their shooting, killing 1 more tactical marine, leaving me only 6 left to deal with. The final order was to the Rocket Launcer heavy Weapons team, its shooting proved ineffective as they missed even with re-rolls while firing at a stationary drop pod which was within licking distance.

My right hand Vendetta took out the Rhino with its Lascannons, while the other Vendetta, Demolisher and standard Leman Russ fire on the Landraider hoping to immobilise it. However all they managed was to stop it from shooting next turn.

In combat the 2nd Platoon's Command squad charged in and inflicted a grand total of... 1 casualty, and that came from the Commissar power fist. By reply the Marines ripped two of my poor guardsmen to shreds, and I failed 1 of my armour saves for the fearless casualties.

In the Salamnaders second turn, their Redeemer charged forwards, opened its assault ramp so that Vulcan and his crew could charge my Battle Tank. The Predator manouvered to get a shot on my left flank Vendetta. The Tactical marines from the Rhino stayed put so that their Lascannon could toast the Vendetta in front of them.

In the shooting phase his Redeemer (using the Machine Spirit to fire its sponsor flamer thingy) killed four Guardsmen from my 2nd Platoon Combined squad, however they passed their morale check (possibly to do with the Commissar hovering around the Sergeant methinks).

The twin linked Lascannons from the Predator failed to hit my Vendetta, and the other Lascannon in his Tactical squad, hit me but didnt do any damage. That was pretty much the shooting phase with him running out of models to shoot with.
The Combat phase did not go well for me. Vulcan, the Space Marine Captain and the Sternguard got 1 Glancing hit and 6 Penetrating hits from their Charge of my Battle Tank and promptly made it implode (I say implode cause it didnt hurt them in any way). The Drop Pod tactical squad also finished off 2nd Platoons Command squad in impressive style, hitting and wounding with all their attacks and me making none of my saves.

The End of Turn 2 and it was beginning to heat up. Imperial Guard had 2 Kill points (Ironclad and Rhino), while the Salamanders had 2 Kill Points as well (my Platoon Command Squad and Battle Tank)

Turn 3

Turn 3 was not a good turn for me. After the damage of Vulcan getting in close, I moved my Demolisher and left flank Vendetta to try and get some shots in on the Sterngaurd, or the Landraider. I really wanted that Landraider to die.

My Right flank Vendetta, moved to get a shot on the Predator, while the 1st Platoon Command Squad disembarked to shoot at the Tactical squad around the wrecked Rhino.

The two Combined Squads stayed put, as did the Rocket Launcher Heavy Weapons team.

In my shooting phase things did not go well. My Right flank Vendetta, hit and pentrated the Predator but only managed to stun it. The same happened for my Lascannon Heavy Weapons team, and my left Flank Vendetta when shooting at the Landraider, 4 penetrating hits, 4 stunned results. The 1st Combined Squad and the Rocket Launcher Heavy weapons team shot their rocket launchers at the drop pod, however they managed only to stun it as well.

The only success for me was that my 1st Platoon Command Squad took out the Sergeant, Flamer and Rocket Launcher, leaving only 6 marines facing off against them.

The Salamanders Turn 3 was a good one for them. The Captain with Thunderhammer detached from the Sternguard and made a bee line for my Demolisher. Vulcan & the Sternguard moved into the Building under my 2nd Platoon Combined Squad. The tactical marines that my 1st Platoon Command Squad toasted moved forward, ready to rapid fire them. The 5 remaining marines from the Drop Pod Tactical squad, moved into postion to get some shots on the 1st Platoons Combined Squad.

Their Shooting phase was getting more effective as time moved on. This turn his Tactical squad shot at and wiped out 1st Platoons Command Squad, his Sternguard chose to use their Dragon Fire rounds (or the ones that remove coversaves) and took out my Rocket Launcher heavy weapon squad. His Redeemer also fried another 4 Guardsmen. The Tactical squad tried rapid firing the Guardsmen, but even with three wounds, I managed to pass all my cover saves.

Then the Captain charged my Demolisher, even needing 4's to hit managed to land all 4 blows, and wrecked it. Things were not looking good for me.

Then End of Turn 3, and it was Imperial Guard 2, Salmanders 5.

Turn 4

My Turn 4 needed to be good... very good. There was very little movement, other than both Vendettas moving so that they were not automatically hit. The Guardsmen of 2nd Platoons combined squad, shifted nervously on top of their building, aware that they now had Vulcan, Sternguard and a Captain within mere metres of them.

My Shooting phase consisted of my left flank Vendetta shooting at, and Killing the Landraider Redeemer! Finally that thing was dead. Keen to continue my good run of shooting, Creed's squad with Snipers shot at the Tactical Marines, managed to kill 4 and they then promptly failed their Break test. The only remaning man was a Rocket Launcher. My Vendetta on the far right managed to get shots off on the Predator, one of which was lucky enough to kill it. Two more Kill points, but things were still looking grim.

The Salamanders Turn 4, their Captain tried to move into the Building with 2nd Platoons Combined squad, but managed to only get 1". The Sternguard and Vulcan moved into the Crater at the base of the building and turned around to get some shots off on the squad above them. The Rocket Launcher rallied, and set its sights on my left flank Vendetta, while the Tactical squad on the far right moved around behind the Vendetta to get some shots off at it (I figured they would only charge it and that I couldnt get out of range without reducing my shots to kill the predator so I never considered making it hard for them to shoot me in the rear armour).

Their shooting phase was once again devastating... with the Tactical marines on the far right shooting at and immobilising my Vendetta, followed by the Sternguard and Vulcan wiping out all by my Power Sword Sergeant of 2nd Platoons Combined Squad. The Drop Pod which I had failed to stun in the previous turn also shoot at him, however the Sergeant went to ground, and passed both of his cover saves. Fortunately the lone survivor of the Drop Pod Tactical unit, tried to shoot at the Vendetta, however he thankfully missed.
The Captain tried to see if he is in range to charge the lone survivor of 2nd Platoons Combined squad, however he only manages a 5, where he needed a 6 to climb both levels.

At the end of Turn 4 it was Imperial Guard 4, Salamanders 5.

Turn 5

This turn was likely to decide the game, and with most of my firepower out of position I did my best to try and get some guarnteed kills. My only movement was that of my Vendetta, again simply to make sure that it would not be hit in combat automatically. Nothing was in range, but I like to keep up a good habit.

The 1st Platoons Combined squad chose not to move, as they currently had two Rocket Launchers with Line of Sight to the drop pod, and that would be another easy kill. The Company Command squad also decided to stay put, although they were in range of the Dragon Fire rounds they might be able to pin that Sternguard unit down which would help. The Lascannon heavy weapons team moved to try and get a shot off at the Drop Pod... assuming we got past this turn.

So movement done, and the Vendetta shot first. Targetting the Lone Rocket Launcher marine, hitting and instantly vapourising him. 1st Platoons Combined squad shot at the Drop Pod, however it survived to fight another day. The Company Command Squad targetted the Sternguard, and despite dropping one of them with their Sniper Rifles did not pin them.

Moving into the Salamanders 5th turn and their Captain moved into the wrecked building that the lone survivor of 2nd Platoons combined squad was. Ready to charge them. Likewise the Tactical marines moved themselves ready to charge in at my Immobilised Vendetta. The Sternguard stayed put, the Multi-melta training its sights on the Vendetta.

Their shooting phase was quickly passed over as the Multi-melta missed (even with its re-roll), so they didnt get the easier of the Kill Point, however their combat phase quickly followed. The Tactical marines charged by Vendetta and elected to use Krak Grenades, which hit automatically as I was immobilised. Thankfully of the 6 of them only 3 managed to get through my armour, and none of them blew me up. So no kill point for them.

The Captain however was in range of my lone survivor... who he charged. The Sergeant struck first (given that the Captain had his tank killing Thunderhammer) and even managed to hit and wound him once... however the pesky Iron Halo saved the Captain any embarassment, as he passed his invulderbale save, and then smacked the Sergeant to the ground.

Kill Points at the end of Turn 5: Imperial Guard 5, Salamanders 6.

I needed the game to continue... and fortunatley the dice gods were with me. So we proceeded to turn 6.

Turn 6

Apologies about the lack of Photos now, but as the game progressed I got progressively worse at taking pictures, and the turns were now pretty fast and furious with us both having so little left to use.
My Turn 6, result in me once again manouvering the Vendetta, this time aiming for a clear shot on the Drop Pod. My Lascannon Heavy Weapons team stayed put this turn, training their weapons on the Drop Pod. 1st Combined and the Company Command Squad once again did not move, prefering to stay where they were for another round of shooting at the same targets. 
In my shooting phase the Lascannon heavy Weapons team took 3 shots at the Captain on top of the building, and scored three hits and wounds. Even after going to ground the poor Captain failed one of his saves and exploded in a messy death. 
The 1st Platoon Combined squad, received and understood their orders from Creed and shot at the Drop Pod, counting their weapons as twin linked. Both shots hit and pentrated, the Drop Pod even managed to fail its cover save... and I managed to Stun it on both attempts. Then the Vendetta stepped upto the plate. Three shots, three more hits, three more Penetrations. Surely I would kill it now? Well that didnt happen, somehow I managed to Stun and Shake it, leaving it unable to shoot but still alive. The damn thing was becoming as hard to kill as the Landraider had been.

The Vendetta on the far right was still being hit by the Tactical marines, however they once again failed to destroy it... things were beginning to get desperate now.

The Salamanders Turn 6 started with... well they only had one thing left to move, just the Sterguard, who moved themselves firmly into Rapid Fire range of 1st Platoons Combined squad, and the Company Command squad. They were also all he had left to shoot with, and they unleashed a volley of fire at the Command Squad, combining an AP of 5 with Dragonfire rounds is a bad thing in my opinion with only the Vox Caster and Creed surviving. They did however pass their Break check.

The Tactical squads combat with the Vendetta finally ended when their Krak grenades found their mark, and much to my disappointment succeeded in Wrecking it.

The End of Turn 6 rolled on and Kill Points stood at Imperial Guard 5, Salamanders 7.

We rolled for the end of the game, and found ouselves playing an unexpected Turn 7.

Turn 7

This turn passed very quickly, with both sides having very little left to do. 1st Combined Squad shot at the drop pod and again failed to destroy it, however the Vendetta found its mark, with two penetrating hits and managed to Wreck it.

For the Salamanders turn, Vulcan detached from the Sternguard and made a beeline for 1st Platoons Combined squad. The Sternguard Multi-melta took aim at the Vendetta, and managed to hit and penetrate it but rolled a 1.

Vulcan spent his shooting phase preparing for his charge into the 1st Platoons Combined squad, a Charge he made through difficult terrain requiring a 6. A 6 that he managed to roll... and boy was I dismayed to see that 6 come up.

The combat was quick and bloody with the Guardsmen inflicting no wounds on Vulcan, and Vulcan kiling three guardsmen. That was enough for them to break and be chased down costing me another Killpoint.

The Game Finished;

Imperial Guard; 6 Kill Points
Salamanders; 8 Kill Points

It was an awesome game, with a few interesting things that I learned (and will cover in my next post). We both had our share of ups and downs with the Dice, failing to roll well on the Damage chart did me the most harm. Had I taken out their tanks a little earlier it would have been an easier game. Even so was very entertaining game for me and my Brother (mainly cause he beat me), and I look forward to my rematch, as I intend to use another list this time, as I am sure he will do to.

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