Methelas Airborne 2500 Points

So while I was busy on a break I found someones list for an Imperial Guard Airborne force. This is the first time I had read the blog, and i have to say, just reading through it and the comments really got me back into my mindset for building an Airborne Guard force.

So off I set, Codex in hand, spreadsheet on screen. What I came up with is a Mech Guard force totalling 2500 points. Not my normal size game, nor do I quite have all the models for it (I am missing three Valkyries).

It also isnt entirely Airborne, mainly due to the fact that Heavy Support dont have any skimmers... however it is all capable of Scout moves... which means it is all Capable of Outflank too.

So here it is:

Company Command Squad: Vox Caster, Creed, 3 x Sniper Rifles, Officer of the Fleet, Astropath, Master of the Ordnance.

Infantry Platoon;
Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 Flamers
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer
Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Meltagun
Infantry Suqad: Vox Caster, Meltagun

Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns

Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns

Fast Attack
Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron: 3 Valkyries, 3 Multiple Rocket Pods

Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron: 3 Valkyries, 3 Multiple Rocket Pods

Vendetta Squadron: 3 Vendettas, Heavy Bolter Sponsors
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Squadron: 2 x Leman Russ Demolisher, Leman Russ Battletank, All with Heavy bolters
So what does this list do?
Well my thinking so far is pretty simply. The Vendettas and Valkyries will be loaded up with Guardsmen.
More than likely the Vendetta Squadron with have the Company Command Squad and 2 Infantry Squads with Flamers. Their objective will be to get on the board and deploy in a Central Location to give make Creeds Command Raduis the most effective. This will mean the Vendettas will be moving on at least  12" sacrificing a lot of fire power, unless I get real lucky with where stuff arrives.
One Valkyrie Squadron will have the two Veteran Squads with an Infantry  squad with Flamer, their job will be to pop enemy armour, with the infantry squad there to absorb any chargers... hopefully.
The other Valk Squadron will have the Infantry Platoons Command Squad, and the remaining 2 Infantry Squads with Meltaguns. The Command Squad, will function as a counter charge unit while the two Infantry Squads will aim to claim objectives, and be a nuisance.
The Leman Russ Squadron will be the ones to benefit from Creeds Tactical Genuis rule, and will be Outflanking with the rest of them, this unit will be able to bring some serious hurt against whatever it shoots at, and 3 tanks with AV14 will distract from the other things flying around the battle field.
As usual this battle plan has been thought up not at a game, and will almost certainly change depending on the scenario, opponent and several other factors. If I get first turn I might set everything up on the table, and ram it down my enemies throat by charging forward, there is almost no way they can take out all 12 vehciles in one turn... surely.
I am also almost able to field all of this, needing another 3 Valkyries and maybe another 20 Guardsmen... so I hope to field this list soon.
As usual, comments, compliments and critisim are more than welcome. I am going to write up a 2000 point list, and a 1500 point list based on these just to see how they would work.
Normally I go for an all Veteran force for my Airborne, will be interesting to see how this works.