The Weeks Games

I got three games this week. All of which were good games, two of which were very frustrating and one of which didnt have a thing go wrong. 

So the first one was a Doubles game, 750 points each, with Tom and his Space Wolves allied with my Imperial Guard. It was sort of a tester game as we decided to reverse the rolls we played at the doubles tournament. 

The Space Wolves were all in reserve, either Deep Striking or Drop Podding, and I had a true Imperial Guard Gunline with 750 points of men which had 70+ men in it. 

Our Opponents were Frakkin Space Vampires... under the command of Mel and Paul. This game did not go well for us. We lost it 3-0 on objectives and had very very little left at the end of the game.. something like 2 Space Wolves and 12 Guardsmen. 

There were a few amusing highlights, like the fact all of the Melta Weapons on a table hit one turn and then seemed to rolls 1's to wound. The Lone Guardsmen who passed three 5+ armours saves, then managed to hit and wound the Space Marine that did it to him, only to see the Marine save his armour save (although he did pass his leadership test).

Other amusing sights was the Special Weams team, hitting the Death Company with a Demo charge, two flamers and six lasgun shots reducing them down to their Chaplain (or whatever their name is), for the Chaplain to then charge a squad of Guardsmen and die. Admittedly he was already on 1 wound but hey its Guardsmen.

I also learnt that the Death Company sting. A 6 man unit charged into a full squad of Space Wolves and a Rune Priest and they wiped them out with only the Rune Priest able to hit back.

End Result : Loss (Resounding)

The Second game was a challenge on the Shop ladder and it was against Toms Space Wolves. 1500 points. We ended up with Capture and Control, three objectives with a Spearhead deployment.

The Game started well enough with me killing one of his Landraiders on the first turn, and I managed to keep stunning or shaking the Vindicator and other Landraider until I killed them. Unfortunately the turn I killed those models, in the Space Wolf following turn they wiped out both of my Vendettas and my Valkayrie, leaving me unable to contest their objective.

Although at this point he had only 1 scoring unit left and that hid behind the Wreck of a Landraider where it could claim an objective. I had my objective with no difficulty, however every unit I sent to march towards the third objective ran into the Rune Priests Murderous Hurricane and was wiped out. 

The Game Ended a Draw, with 1 Objective each, but out shop ladder doesnt like Draws so it went down to Victory points, which I just edged it on. For my records I am counting this as a Draw. 

The third game was another challenge on the shop ladder (the problem with being top methinks) and was against Jordans Orks. I last played him here. This time we got an Annhilation Spearhead mission.

I won the roll to choose my side and first turn, and deployed first so I got more turns of shooting. As usual against combat orientated armies I castled in a corner inviting him to come at me, this didnt work to well for him.

There isnt much to say about this game except that I think it went really well for me. By the beginning of Turn 5 I wiped out all of his Orks save one, and had lost a command squad totalling 50 points, bad luck on the deployment type didnt help Jordan at all, and his army uses all the models he currently owns so doesnt have that many transports to get a little closer to me. This is something I know he intends to change and I do not look forward to facing him when he does.

Below are some of the pictures I took throughout the day.

The Mass of Drop Pods in our Doubles Game

Notice the distinct lack of Imperial Guard or Space Wolves in this Picture.

Another shot of our complete and total destruction by the Blood Angels.

The Setup before the game began of my game against Tom, also included in this shot a Rare Photo of the man himself!

An Imperial Guard Castle... the only way to deploy in Spearhead games!

Across the battlefield the Orks are sighted... along with a random Coca-Cola can!