This Weeks Games

So this week I managed three games while down at my FLGS.

The first of which was Combat Patrol against Toms dreaded Space Wolves. A 400 point list that I have yet to beat.

The game itself was quick, and decisive for him, with me having decimated not one of his units. I took my Pinning list and managed in total to Pin absolutely nothing. This wasnt helped by my Ratlings dying in turn 2, nor was it helped by my Platoon Command Squad with 4 Sniper Rifles failing to hit with around 10 shots.

The second game was 1500 points against my Brothers Salmanders successor chapter. The list was almost fully drop podding other than a Redeemer with Vulcan and a Command Squad. That was the only thing that started on the board for him. He then had 3 Tactical Squads, a normal Dreadnought with Multi Melta and an Ironclad in reserve in Drop Pods.

The game we got was Spearhead and Annhilation, which was worse than the Annhilation Pitched Battle we played last week.

As you can see (all the pictures are from this game) I setup very defensively castling in a corner. This tactic while it did give me some headaches, also meant his drop pods had no where to go behind my force, but it also meant he was able to focus his forces on me, and his three drop pods which arrived caused me some merry fun.

In the first turn he managed to amass three Kill Points with his Dreadnought taking out my Valkyrie, and two of his tactical squads burning two of my Infantry squads. My return fire killed a few men and a Drop Pod. His following turn only 1 of his other pods arrived, depositing a full Tactical unit, which in addtion with one of his other Tactical Squads massarced my two Infantry Platoon Command Squads.

However from then on it was up and up for me, as the huge numbers of men a vehicles paid off for me, allowing me to bring him down to a single drop pod which hadnt arrived by the end of turn 4. Other than that the rest of his forces had been wiped out, with even Vulcan himself dead. Admittedly it helped that Vulcan failed his pinning test when I blew the Landraider up.

The more I play Landraiders the more I hate em.

My final game was against Tom again with 1500 points this time. I used the same list against him as I did against my Brother. That is to say this one. We ended up with a Spearhead Capture and Control with a Grand total of 5 objectives.

His list consisted of 2 Landraiders (one of which was a dedicate transport for the Wolfguard), a Redeemder and a Standard Landraider, a Vindicator, 6 Long Fangs with 6 Rockets, a Razor back with Twin Linked Lascannons, 2 Grey Hunter packs, 1 in a Rhino the other without, and two Rune Priests, one in Terminator armour the other without. 

I didnt get any pictures of this game as we were a bit rushed, however as seems to be usual in my games against Tom, when I elect to go first he steals the initiative. This didnt (and never does lol) get the game off to a good start for me.  

However this time the dice were not with Tom as his whole first shooting phase resulted in a Vendetta unable to shoot. The game went on for 5 turns, at which point I had 1 objective and Tom had none, as he had no more troops.

The highlights were a Lone Long Fang withstanding 3 Sniper Shots, an Orbital Bombardment, 2 Heavy Bolters, 3 Lascannons and a Battle Cannon firing at it. He finally died to two Lascannon shots, of which only 1 wounded, but it was finally enough. All the rest of it did absolutely nothing as he stood there smiling at me rocket launcher primed and aimed, awaiting his turn.

His Rune Priest in power armour also fell to a Guardsquad of mine, after charging and only killing 1 man, we managed to take his two wounds accross two rounds of combat.

Other than that there were many examples of bad dice, with multiple Melta misses, Rapid Firing when someone meant to charge, and Strength 10 Ordnance weapons failing to penetrate armour 13. In all honesty the game was a good laugh for myself, but the dice rolls really let Tom down.

So for this week its:

Played: 3
Won: 2
Lost: 1

This last picture is the view from the Multi-melta as to what it could see at the begining of my game against my Brother. It was the only thing he setup, and basically had a lot to be worried about.