Imperial Guard Battlereport

Today, well today I managed to get a game in against my Brothers Salamanders Space Marines, complete with Vulcan Hes'tan.

You can find my list here. My Brother used the following:

Vulcan Hes'tan
Space Marine Captain; Artificer Armour, Digital Weapons, Thunder Hammer

6 Sternguard; Power Fist, Combi Melta, Multimelta
Ironclad Dreadnought

10 Tactical Marines; Lascannon, Flamer, Rhino with Extra Armour
10 Tactical Marines; Rocket Launcher, Flamer, Drop Pod

Landraider Redeemer
Predator; Heavy Bolter Sponsors, Twin Linked Lascannon

Our mission ended up being Annhilation, with a Pitched battle deployment, my Brother won the roll off, and made me go first.

Imperial Guard Deployment

For my deployment I castled in two ruined buildings on my left hand flank, combining both of the Infantry Platoons to minimise the Kill Points I had.

Both Vendettas started the game loaded, each with a Platoon Command Squad in.

The First Platoon took the building you can see at the bottom of the picture, with a 30 man unit, with 3 Rocket Launchers. The Heavy Weapons team with Lascannons settled down at ground level.

The Second Heavy Weapons Team for that platoon went in the crater at the bottom of the second building up. They were supported by the combined Infantry Squad from 2nd Platoon. This infantry squad had no special weapons, and no heavy weapons, but it did have a Commissar with Power Weapon, and Sergeant with Power Weapon in it.

The Demolisher (hidden in this picture) was between the two buildings I set my Infantry up in. The Leman Russ Battle Tank hid out of sight behind the building with the 2nd Platoon in. The Vendettas then spread out on my centre and right flank ready to zip away, basically refusing that flank.

Salamander Deployment

My Borther only had 4 things to deploy on the table. He crammed Vulcan, the Space Marine Captain and the Sternguard into the Redeemer... ready for ramming down my throat.

The Ironclad sat between the Landraider and Predator, with the Rhino on my far right. This meant for all my firepower I was going to struggle for range somewhat.

Turn 1
Before the Turn officially began, I scout moved my two Vendettas towards my left flank, with the one on my far right basically going where the one in the middle was, and the one in the middle scooted away from the Salamanders even further. Creed also gave his Tactical Genuis rule to the Demolisher that used its Scout move to get 10" closer to the Landraider.

On Turn one my Brother decided to try to steal the Initiative, but thankfully he failed. Not a very eventful turn for me, my movement was minimal, mainly to allow my Vendettas to be able to fire all three Lascannons.

My Orders phase was short, as not matter what I did I either didnt have Line of Sight, or was out of Range. So then it came to the Vendettas and the Battle Tank. They all shot at the Redeemer, and managed in total to scratch the paint, and remove the multi-melta.

An overwhelmingly strong start for the Guard!

In the Salamanders Turn 1, the had their Drop Pod deep strike between the two Buildings I held, disgorging a full squad of Tactical marines. The Landraider, Predator, Ironclad and Rhino all advance at top speed.

The shooting from the Tactical marines and the drop pod was as successful for him as it was for me, killing one Rocket Heavy Weapon team member and no Guardsmen.

End of Turn 1 and its Nil Kill Points each.

Turn 2

Not too much movement from the Guard in this turn. The Demolisher moved to get a shot on the Landraider, the Vendetta in the middle moved out and to my right to take on the Rhino and Predator. My other Vendetta let its troops out before it moved, so the Platoon Command Squad with Commissar with Power Fist, Flamer and Two Meltaguns was facing off against the Tactical Squad that arrived via Drop Pod. I had a cunning plan that couldnt possibly fail! The Tanks both moved to ensure they were not hit automatically.

The Shooting this phase was better, with Creed Ordering the Combined Squad from 2nd Platoon to open fire on the Drop Pod Tactical unit. They passed the order and had a whooping 48 shots, of which I got 9 wounds, and three dead tactical marines.

He then ordered the 1st Platoons combined squad to fire its rockets at the Ironclad that was advancing. The passed the order, and managed to Kill it with two penetating results. His final order of the phase was his own special order of 'For the Glory of Cadia' on 2nd Platoons command squad, granting them Fearless and Furious charge. That unit passed the order, then proceed with their shooting, killing 1 more tactical marine, leaving me only 6 left to deal with. The final order was to the Rocket Launcer heavy Weapons team, its shooting proved ineffective as they missed even with re-rolls while firing at a stationary drop pod which was within licking distance.

My right hand Vendetta took out the Rhino with its Lascannons, while the other Vendetta, Demolisher and standard Leman Russ fire on the Landraider hoping to immobilise it. However all they managed was to stop it from shooting next turn.

In combat the 2nd Platoon's Command squad charged in and inflicted a grand total of... 1 casualty, and that came from the Commissar power fist. By reply the Marines ripped two of my poor guardsmen to shreds, and I failed 1 of my armour saves for the fearless casualties.

In the Salamnaders second turn, their Redeemer charged forwards, opened its assault ramp so that Vulcan and his crew could charge my Battle Tank. The Predator manouvered to get a shot on my left flank Vendetta. The Tactical marines from the Rhino stayed put so that their Lascannon could toast the Vendetta in front of them.

In the shooting phase his Redeemer (using the Machine Spirit to fire its sponsor flamer thingy) killed four Guardsmen from my 2nd Platoon Combined squad, however they passed their morale check (possibly to do with the Commissar hovering around the Sergeant methinks).

The twin linked Lascannons from the Predator failed to hit my Vendetta, and the other Lascannon in his Tactical squad, hit me but didnt do any damage. That was pretty much the shooting phase with him running out of models to shoot with.
The Combat phase did not go well for me. Vulcan, the Space Marine Captain and the Sternguard got 1 Glancing hit and 6 Penetrating hits from their Charge of my Battle Tank and promptly made it implode (I say implode cause it didnt hurt them in any way). The Drop Pod tactical squad also finished off 2nd Platoons Command squad in impressive style, hitting and wounding with all their attacks and me making none of my saves.

The End of Turn 2 and it was beginning to heat up. Imperial Guard had 2 Kill points (Ironclad and Rhino), while the Salamanders had 2 Kill Points as well (my Platoon Command Squad and Battle Tank)

Turn 3

Turn 3 was not a good turn for me. After the damage of Vulcan getting in close, I moved my Demolisher and left flank Vendetta to try and get some shots in on the Sterngaurd, or the Landraider. I really wanted that Landraider to die.

My Right flank Vendetta, moved to get a shot on the Predator, while the 1st Platoon Command Squad disembarked to shoot at the Tactical squad around the wrecked Rhino.

The two Combined Squads stayed put, as did the Rocket Launcher Heavy Weapons team.

In my shooting phase things did not go well. My Right flank Vendetta, hit and pentrated the Predator but only managed to stun it. The same happened for my Lascannon Heavy Weapons team, and my left Flank Vendetta when shooting at the Landraider, 4 penetrating hits, 4 stunned results. The 1st Combined Squad and the Rocket Launcher Heavy weapons team shot their rocket launchers at the drop pod, however they managed only to stun it as well.

The only success for me was that my 1st Platoon Command Squad took out the Sergeant, Flamer and Rocket Launcher, leaving only 6 marines facing off against them.

The Salamanders Turn 3 was a good one for them. The Captain with Thunderhammer detached from the Sternguard and made a bee line for my Demolisher. Vulcan & the Sternguard moved into the Building under my 2nd Platoon Combined Squad. The tactical marines that my 1st Platoon Command Squad toasted moved forward, ready to rapid fire them. The 5 remaining marines from the Drop Pod Tactical squad, moved into postion to get some shots on the 1st Platoons Combined Squad.

Their Shooting phase was getting more effective as time moved on. This turn his Tactical squad shot at and wiped out 1st Platoons Command Squad, his Sternguard chose to use their Dragon Fire rounds (or the ones that remove coversaves) and took out my Rocket Launcher heavy weapon squad. His Redeemer also fried another 4 Guardsmen. The Tactical squad tried rapid firing the Guardsmen, but even with three wounds, I managed to pass all my cover saves.

Then the Captain charged my Demolisher, even needing 4's to hit managed to land all 4 blows, and wrecked it. Things were not looking good for me.

Then End of Turn 3, and it was Imperial Guard 2, Salmanders 5.

Turn 4

My Turn 4 needed to be good... very good. There was very little movement, other than both Vendettas moving so that they were not automatically hit. The Guardsmen of 2nd Platoons combined squad, shifted nervously on top of their building, aware that they now had Vulcan, Sternguard and a Captain within mere metres of them.

My Shooting phase consisted of my left flank Vendetta shooting at, and Killing the Landraider Redeemer! Finally that thing was dead. Keen to continue my good run of shooting, Creed's squad with Snipers shot at the Tactical Marines, managed to kill 4 and they then promptly failed their Break test. The only remaning man was a Rocket Launcher. My Vendetta on the far right managed to get shots off on the Predator, one of which was lucky enough to kill it. Two more Kill points, but things were still looking grim.

The Salamanders Turn 4, their Captain tried to move into the Building with 2nd Platoons Combined squad, but managed to only get 1". The Sternguard and Vulcan moved into the Crater at the base of the building and turned around to get some shots off on the squad above them. The Rocket Launcher rallied, and set its sights on my left flank Vendetta, while the Tactical squad on the far right moved around behind the Vendetta to get some shots off at it (I figured they would only charge it and that I couldnt get out of range without reducing my shots to kill the predator so I never considered making it hard for them to shoot me in the rear armour).

Their shooting phase was once again devastating... with the Tactical marines on the far right shooting at and immobilising my Vendetta, followed by the Sternguard and Vulcan wiping out all by my Power Sword Sergeant of 2nd Platoons Combined Squad. The Drop Pod which I had failed to stun in the previous turn also shoot at him, however the Sergeant went to ground, and passed both of his cover saves. Fortunately the lone survivor of the Drop Pod Tactical unit, tried to shoot at the Vendetta, however he thankfully missed.
The Captain tried to see if he is in range to charge the lone survivor of 2nd Platoons Combined squad, however he only manages a 5, where he needed a 6 to climb both levels.

At the end of Turn 4 it was Imperial Guard 4, Salamanders 5.

Turn 5

This turn was likely to decide the game, and with most of my firepower out of position I did my best to try and get some guarnteed kills. My only movement was that of my Vendetta, again simply to make sure that it would not be hit in combat automatically. Nothing was in range, but I like to keep up a good habit.

The 1st Platoons Combined squad chose not to move, as they currently had two Rocket Launchers with Line of Sight to the drop pod, and that would be another easy kill. The Company Command squad also decided to stay put, although they were in range of the Dragon Fire rounds they might be able to pin that Sternguard unit down which would help. The Lascannon heavy weapons team moved to try and get a shot off at the Drop Pod... assuming we got past this turn.

So movement done, and the Vendetta shot first. Targetting the Lone Rocket Launcher marine, hitting and instantly vapourising him. 1st Platoons Combined squad shot at the Drop Pod, however it survived to fight another day. The Company Command Squad targetted the Sternguard, and despite dropping one of them with their Sniper Rifles did not pin them.

Moving into the Salamanders 5th turn and their Captain moved into the wrecked building that the lone survivor of 2nd Platoons combined squad was. Ready to charge them. Likewise the Tactical marines moved themselves ready to charge in at my Immobilised Vendetta. The Sternguard stayed put, the Multi-melta training its sights on the Vendetta.

Their shooting phase was quickly passed over as the Multi-melta missed (even with its re-roll), so they didnt get the easier of the Kill Point, however their combat phase quickly followed. The Tactical marines charged by Vendetta and elected to use Krak Grenades, which hit automatically as I was immobilised. Thankfully of the 6 of them only 3 managed to get through my armour, and none of them blew me up. So no kill point for them.

The Captain however was in range of my lone survivor... who he charged. The Sergeant struck first (given that the Captain had his tank killing Thunderhammer) and even managed to hit and wound him once... however the pesky Iron Halo saved the Captain any embarassment, as he passed his invulderbale save, and then smacked the Sergeant to the ground.

Kill Points at the end of Turn 5: Imperial Guard 5, Salamanders 6.

I needed the game to continue... and fortunatley the dice gods were with me. So we proceeded to turn 6.

Turn 6

Apologies about the lack of Photos now, but as the game progressed I got progressively worse at taking pictures, and the turns were now pretty fast and furious with us both having so little left to use.
My Turn 6, result in me once again manouvering the Vendetta, this time aiming for a clear shot on the Drop Pod. My Lascannon Heavy Weapons team stayed put this turn, training their weapons on the Drop Pod. 1st Combined and the Company Command Squad once again did not move, prefering to stay where they were for another round of shooting at the same targets. 
In my shooting phase the Lascannon heavy Weapons team took 3 shots at the Captain on top of the building, and scored three hits and wounds. Even after going to ground the poor Captain failed one of his saves and exploded in a messy death. 
The 1st Platoon Combined squad, received and understood their orders from Creed and shot at the Drop Pod, counting their weapons as twin linked. Both shots hit and pentrated, the Drop Pod even managed to fail its cover save... and I managed to Stun it on both attempts. Then the Vendetta stepped upto the plate. Three shots, three more hits, three more Penetrations. Surely I would kill it now? Well that didnt happen, somehow I managed to Stun and Shake it, leaving it unable to shoot but still alive. The damn thing was becoming as hard to kill as the Landraider had been.

The Vendetta on the far right was still being hit by the Tactical marines, however they once again failed to destroy it... things were beginning to get desperate now.

The Salamanders Turn 6 started with... well they only had one thing left to move, just the Sterguard, who moved themselves firmly into Rapid Fire range of 1st Platoons Combined squad, and the Company Command squad. They were also all he had left to shoot with, and they unleashed a volley of fire at the Command Squad, combining an AP of 5 with Dragonfire rounds is a bad thing in my opinion with only the Vox Caster and Creed surviving. They did however pass their Break check.

The Tactical squads combat with the Vendetta finally ended when their Krak grenades found their mark, and much to my disappointment succeeded in Wrecking it.

The End of Turn 6 rolled on and Kill Points stood at Imperial Guard 5, Salamanders 7.

We rolled for the end of the game, and found ouselves playing an unexpected Turn 7.

Turn 7

This turn passed very quickly, with both sides having very little left to do. 1st Combined Squad shot at the drop pod and again failed to destroy it, however the Vendetta found its mark, with two penetrating hits and managed to Wreck it.

For the Salamanders turn, Vulcan detached from the Sternguard and made a beeline for 1st Platoons Combined squad. The Sternguard Multi-melta took aim at the Vendetta, and managed to hit and penetrate it but rolled a 1.

Vulcan spent his shooting phase preparing for his charge into the 1st Platoons Combined squad, a Charge he made through difficult terrain requiring a 6. A 6 that he managed to roll... and boy was I dismayed to see that 6 come up.

The combat was quick and bloody with the Guardsmen inflicting no wounds on Vulcan, and Vulcan kiling three guardsmen. That was enough for them to break and be chased down costing me another Killpoint.

The Game Finished;

Imperial Guard; 6 Kill Points
Salamanders; 8 Kill Points

It was an awesome game, with a few interesting things that I learned (and will cover in my next post). We both had our share of ups and downs with the Dice, failing to roll well on the Damage chart did me the most harm. Had I taken out their tanks a little earlier it would have been an easier game. Even so was very entertaining game for me and my Brother (mainly cause he beat me), and I look forward to my rematch, as I intend to use another list this time, as I am sure he will do to.