An Undead Resurrection

This is a story I wrote about a year ago that I found in my files, and have now decided to share with all of you. Possibly contradictory to the current lore (mainly cause I made it up as I went), it is based on the loose time line found in the Vamprie counts army book.

When Nagash’s fury scattered his Vampire Captains and Generals, many headed north to the lands of the Empire, content they would find their fill of power and victims.

Of the hordes of undead that Nagash commanded most were scattered, the magic behind them waned and they returned to their nature state of decayed corpses and piles of bones.

The Vampire General Klin’san remained loyal to Nagash through the long years until his return. When Nagash began his assault on the Sigmar lead Empire, Klin’san was there by his side commanding the Undead Hordes.

Towards the end of the War, Nagash took Klin’san aside and asked him to pick three of his most worthy Vampire kin, and with them he was to head back to the lands of the dead. Rumour of Coven of the Lahmia Vampires had reached Nagash’s ears, and he wanted to them to come to him and serve him in his War against the Empire. The journey would take several months for an ordinary man, but for Vampires it would be quick journey during darkness, resting during the day.

Klin’san, while he was loathe to leave his master, did as was asked. He picked two of his sires, Glandra’san and Regelon’san. Glandra’san was a powerful sorcerer, and would be useful should they need to raise and army on short notice, while Regelon’san was a ferocious warrior. The third Klin’san picked was Erandi. Erandi was a disturbed being, even for a Vampire, but he had shown great devotion to Nagash and Klin’san.

The four set out on their way to the Land of the Dead, leaving Nagash’s horde shortly before daybreak. They avoided the human warriors massing against Nagash, killing the few that strayed from their fellows. They took refuge in a Masoleum that was many miles from the two armies, but they were disturbed just after daybreak by the sound of battle. Even as far as they were from the fighting, the sheer numbers involved send cacophony of noise throughout the land. From the shade of the Masoleum they saw the two armies meet on the field of battle.

This was the last battle of the Nagash’s return. During the fight the God King Sigmar met Nagash in combat and defeated him. While Klin’san and his compainions were too far to see the blow, or even the combat, they knew when Nagash fell. The death of their General devastated the Undead army.

Klin’san could only watch as the Undead horde began to disintergrate. The magic holding the army together was shattered with Nagash’s death.

Klin’san and his companions hid, a cold fury running through their undead bodies. They vowed to continue with Nagash’s command, for in the Lands of the Dead, there would be something they could find to restore their Master to unlife.

They journeyed for a little over a month, occasionally pursued by the victorious forces of the Empire. When they reached the Land of the Dead, they found that the Khemri still held sway over the lands.

They found a burial ground and raised an army of undead. During the next 4 centuries the four Vampires and their army fought their way across the Land of the Dead, defeating army after army that was sent to stop them. The Liche Priests began to wake more and more Tomb Princes and Kings in their efforts to stop the Hated Vampires from driving deeper into their lands. Each army sent against the Vampires failed, and was then resurrected by the Vampires, increasing the size of their horde.

In the year 418, four hundred and three years after the death of Nagash they located the Lahmia Vampires. They had gone into a deeper hiding since Nagash’s defeat, for they knew that the Tomb Kings would return and destroy them if the were discovered. Klin’san spent several months demanding they joined him and returned to the Empire. With the four Vampires at his command and the entire Lahmia coven they could wreak a terrible vengeance on the citizens of the Empire. The Coven refused, never wavering in their resolve to not expose themselves.

Klin’san more than once had to restrain the rage within him as the Coven ignored his demands and, in his mind, the orders of Nagash. The Lahmia Coven turned Klin’san away, their combined powers stripping him of his Undead army, making the return journey through the Lands of the Dead, suicidal, even for the undead.

Instead of leaving the Land, Klin’san went in search of the Tomb Kings, after raising a smaller force than before, he began to harry the Tomb King armies. In fear of the Vampire defiling their cities, the Tomb Kings brought their full force against Klin’san and his companions, but when the Tomb Kings attacked, Klin’san fell back, retreating and staying just out of reach. The pursuit lasted until Klin’san lead the Khemri armies to the door step of the Lahmia Coven…

Disgusted and outraged to find yet more Lahmia in their lands the Tomb Kings attacked at once, ignoring Klin’san and their forces entirely. Klin’san left his army and fought his way into the Lahmia Covens stronghold, using the information he had gathered during his time their, he reached the Covens council before their walls were breached. Upon entering liar, he promised them unlife if they would but serve Nagash once more. He claimed to have an army greater than the Khemri waiting his call to come and save the Coven.

Even in the face of certain destruction the Coven stalled, unwilling to leave the chance of freedom for service under Nagash. The countered Klin’sans offer stating they would help Klin’san to bring his master back, as long as they could remain free. Hearing the battle now inside the stronghold Klin’san agreed and the Lahmia unveiled a way for Kiln’san to resurrect Nagash, however the timing needed was specific and still along way off. Klin’san listened and took in the instructions given to him. When they had given him the details of the plan, Klin’san laughed. He walked up to the leader of the Coven and in one swift movement ripped her head off. He then went on a rampage killing members of the Coven until the Tomb Kings themselves destroyed the last of the Covens defences and entered the Council chambers.

In the Chaos of the Tomb Kings vengeance and wrath Klin’san escaped the Stronghold, and met with his forces. They made their way out of the Land of the Dead, avoiding drawing the attention of the Tomb Kings and their servants. They began to prepare for the return of their lord, setting events in motion that would take centuries to reach fruition.

During the long time they spent wandering the Old World collecting the needed Relics and Spells needed to restore Nagash they fought many battles, often striking with little or no notice.

When the Black Death Struck Klin’san raised an army of Undead to him and using it to distract the defenders of citadels containing some of the most powerful items that he needed, during the three way wars that ensued Klin’san and his forces avoided involvement in the fighting, not daring to risk the ritual.

Upon seeing the use of the Corpse carts, Klin’san sought out Van Hal’s secret. He taught it to each of his Vampire Companions, allowing them to call the Corpse carts to towns and villages they needed to ransack.

With Centuries past, and centuries still to go to Nagash’s return Erandi’s nature took over. He gave up caring about what he ate, living or dead, often abandoning the army to feed on local villages and their dead. Over a ten year period Erandi ceased to be a traditional Vampire, slowly transforming into the monstrous form of a Varghulf. Erandi retained very little of his human traits, and although he stayed with Klin’san he only stayed because of the promise of death and destruction.

In the year of 1681, by the Imperial Calendar, on the Night of the Restless Dead Nagash returned. Klin’san and his cohorts relinquished control over their army to Nagash and for one full night the undead wreaked a terrible chaos on all the lands of the Old World.

However as dawn approached Nagash knew that his return was not a return at all, merely a brief night of madness and violence. As the Sun began to rise Nagash spoke to his Generals, commanding them to go forth and search out the Old World for a way to return him to power permanently. As Nagash faded again Klin’san knew that it would be his destiny to find a way to return Nagash to full power so that they could bring the Empire that brought them low. He took Nagash’s body back to the Black Pyramid, giving it time and space to regain its strength.

In the millennia since the Night of the Restless Dead Klin’san, Glandra’san, Regelon’san and the Varghulf form of Erandi have prowled the old world searching out ways to bring Nagash back to life. They have spent many centuries in Lustria and the Land of the Dead. Now as rumours are abroad of an undead horde massing in Slyvania, Klin’san knows he is near to reviving his master.

The reign of men will soon be challenged and this time it may not withstand the test…