Dwarves 1500 points

So yesterday I posted a 1500 point list I intended to use, today its the turn of the Dwarves.

Back in Jan / Feb I brought my Dwarves back out to play, and they had a pretty good run in the games they got. Some good experience of the Skaven and Orcs & Goblins at 2k, along with insight into Daemons and Warriors of Chaos at 1k points or less.

In all of these lists the army is built arround castling on something, be this a flat piece of land, or ideally a hill of some description.

Anyways back to my list of Beer Guzzling, Brewery defending Dwarves!

Thane Kraggi; Master Rune of Swiftness, Shield, Rune of Preservation, Rune of Stone x 2
Runesmith Nhojeth; Master Rune of Spellbinding
Slayer Golnya

Dwarf Warriors (20); Shields, Full Command
Longbeards (20); Shields, Full Command
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)

2 Bolt Throwers with Engineers
Cannon; Rune of Forging

Organ Cannon

This force gives me a good amount of Firepower, and some big blocks of infantry which the enemy will need to do something about before hitting all of my firepower. Well thats the plan at least.

Admittedly I have had some critisim for my boring tactics with my Dwarves... just sitting on the hill waiting for the enemy walking upto to me. Which I can understand, but thats pretty much the tactics of the models I own and use.

I know that one of my opponents will be Daemons (probably Khornate) and that they will happily come to me. I also know that a Runesmith is kinda pointless against them, but I prefer to have one list for all opponents.

As always comments are welcomed!