The Khitari tide...

Just a quick post today... 24 bases of Khitari... 24... and thats without an infantry upgrade pack. 2 Core Helix's & 1 Recon Helix. 

So after a spray coat of Dark blue, followed by a dry brush of a lighter one, I then painted the bases Grey.

Followed by

Now just for a Earthshade Was on the blue, and a Nuln Oil was on the grey (maybe a bit of highlighting), before finishing the model off with some flock and sand. 

Why Play Planetfall?

I have been getting a chunk of games in with Planetfall recently. 

Generally these games have edged up towards the 5000 point totals, allowing a good amount of models and army choices to be fielded.

However I still get people asking me about why I play Planetfall. So, after some thought, here are a few of my reasons.

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Aquans vs Directorate - Battle Report (Pictures!)

This was a 5000 point game against the Game Designer, Derek. Unsurprisingly as the game designer he is pretty good at this...

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Directorate Heavy Helix Thoughts

My Directorate Heavy Helix thoughts, in direct competition with a second Leviathan in most lists, the Heavy Helix has to be able to stand on its own two feet (or tracks) to make the cut. 

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Directorate Leviathan Helix Thoughts

Some thoughts on the Leviathan Helix for the Directorate... overall very impressed and am seriously thinking about a second...

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Directorate Core Helix Thoughts

My thoughts on the Directorate Core Helix, have a read, and tell me what you think!

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Painted! - Directorate Heavy Helix

The Directorate Heavy Helix, here are some snaps of my (finally) painted Heavy Helix.

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Planetfall Video Battle Report!

Not compiled by myself, but rather by some other Spartan Enthusiasts over at Grüne Horde.

Well worth a watch guys, and I would subscribe to their channel to catch any other items they post.

They already have plenty of Battle Reports & Unboxings for both Firestorm Planetfall & Armada!

Painted! Directorate Core Helix

The Full Directorate Core Helix, assembled in all its glory! 

A lot more shots, after the jump

Aquan Recon Helix Unboxing

So I recently purchased the Aquan Recon Helix.

I have to admit to begin with I picked it up more because I thought the tanks looked ok, and its part of my 'own one of each release for my races' strategy.

However after reading the rules for them I think they will prove very very useful.

Now I just need that Leviathan....

Directorate vs Terrans Battle Report (5000 points)

Last Friday, I managed my first game of Planetfall past 5000 points. People have told me this game gets better the more points you play, and they are not wrong!

Directorate Leviathan Unboxing

For my birthday I was lucky enough that my wife picked me up the Directorate Leviathan... after the jump you can see the pictures of the unboxing! 

Deadzone Compendium

I thought it might be worth while having a quick and easy page to help people find some of the information about the main Mantic game that takes a lot of my time and attention. 

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