Painted! Directorate Core Helix

The Full Directorate Core Helix, assembled in all its glory! 

A lot more shots, after the jump

Its worth remembering that this is two boxes of Core Helix, as each Core Helix box, gives you half the models for the full Core Helix.

This is the only box that does this (all other give you all the components), you dont need a full Helix for the game to play well, I just went a bit over board with my forces!

First up we have a quick shot of one of the Intruders and the 5 patriot Infantry stands that can ride around in it. 

Followed by a snap with the Retaliators (top right), Trojans (middle Right), Desolators (top left) & Intruders (left).

The two desolators from my formation, I did the grass on the bases so they matched up, although as you can clearly see they are slightly different shades of red. 

No plans to change this, the light one was my test for the scheme, and I then darkened it down, but I do like the colours.

You will also notice it is missing the Plasma Surge off the front... I really need to go an locate that piece!

The Informers, my Take & Hold specialists, ten of them... I do like these buggys.

My second Intruder (missing his weapons), and his five Patriot Infantry bases, one of these units is my take and hold unit, while the other is my hold one, till I get the Infantry upgrade box, not sure which, but I will post new pictures when I know!

More Retaliators & Trojans. 

The full Helix in all its glory!

A close up of the Desolators I do love the 34AD these guys can throw out!