Directorate Leviathan Unboxing

For my birthday I was lucky enough that my wife picked me up the Directorate Leviathan... after the jump you can see the pictures of the unboxing! 

This model is a beauty, and while it doesn't look like a lot for the £55 it costs at full price, it more than makes up for it on the battle field! 

Below you can see the Leviathan with its thrusters & guns attached.

The spray paint also went on pretty quickly (sunshine in Scotland pretty hard to come by so figured it would be better to spray it as quick as possible! 

Assembled in all its glory, as you might notice from the picture above the centre of the model can be removed as this is the transport carrying all the infantry.

The pictures below should help give you an idea of where the transport goes, and maybe a little to help the you with the size & scale of it, although I will be doing some further scale shots to help anyone out that is wondering about it.

Finally the transport, top and bottom, detailed all over, and quite nice despite its relatively straight forward design.