Directorate Leviathan Helix Thoughts

Some thoughts on the Leviathan Helix for the Directorate... overall very impressed and am seriously thinking about a second...

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This is an awesome model, lets just get that out of the way from the start, I love the size and detail of it, before I even got to use it on the battlefield.

As a flyer he is perhaps one of the most mobile Leviathans out there, able to threaten a huge area of the board.

With split fire and three different weapons he really can cause your opponent a lot of headaches.

You need to watch out for the enemy AA, and anything with masteries of the Sky’s played on it needs to be dealt with swiftly and effectively, beyond that, put him down on the table and aim for a Secondary or your Primary objective, with the intent of getting your Patriots in range to take the building off any enemies there might be!


This guys main function is just to get the Grand Company to where you want it, front and rear facing weapons are nice, but as you are (in most cases) only able to use one of them at a time, they aren’t a game changer here.

Having Assault Vehicle on this is awesome as it really gives your opponent no chance to prevent you getting your Grand Company to attack whatever you want, some sensible tactical card play here can boost your 8 bases to some truly terrifying numbers of attack dice!

Grand Company Patriot Infantry

With 8 bases, all of which have Kill Team throwing out a minimum 24 AD when initiating a CQB, this guys are beasts.

Add in three sweeper teams and you boost that 24 to 30 AD and you can begin to see the threat that these guys pose.

Yes they might get trashed in response depending on what you pit them against, but they have a pretty decent damage output, add a tactical card to boost em to 38 AD all up and you are looking at something truly terrifying
Then add in the Terror MAR and you should really be having your opponents run screaming for the hills. 

The threat range on these guys is amazing as well, with a 12” Wraith Move, 7” Carrier move, and their own 4”, plus 4” CQB you can threaten anything within 27”, for full effectiveness you are probably looking at a realistic threat range of about 21-22"”, but that’s not to be sniffed at!