Painted! - Directorate Heavy Helix

The Directorate Heavy Helix, here are some snaps of my (finally) painted Heavy Helix.

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First up we have the Castigator with an attached Stalker tank, the Punisher drone has not yet been launched here. 

Followed by three Avenger tanks 

I do like the Castigators turret, and am pretty happy with how the base turned out here. It always amazes me what a little paint and basing can do for a model (or an army!) 

Now for a close up of the Stalker with the Punisher drone mounted. 

I do like the way that Spartan have done these models, as while the Chassis is that of the Retaliator tank, a different turret completely changes the look, 

As you can see below I did not glue the Punisher drone to the tank, so that when I launch the drone I can remove it. 

The three pieces of the Stalker tank & drone.

A couple more snaps of the Avengers

Finally the whole Helix, assembled for battle.