Directorate Heavy Helix Thoughts

My Directorate Heavy Helix thoughts, in direct competition with a second Leviathan in most lists, the Heavy Helix has to be able to stand on its own two feet (or tracks) to make the cut. 

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New turret, the same hull as the desolator. This boy packs a decent whack of firepower at 48”, with a small increase at EF.

So far I have found his best uses have been sitting still, and focus firing on the enemy to try and bring them down, this has proved very successful with him contributing to downfall of a Terran Tyr.

Potentially best used on an enemy tank with Corrosive already present, he is also more than capable of getting a corrosive marker on an enemy squadron to help soften them up for another unit.

Avenger Tank Destroyer

Another medium tank, and potentially under rated, Combined fire from these guys whacks out 15 AD at range, and 21 AD in effective.

If they follow up on a target the Castigator has shot at you should be pretty confident about taking out a couple of models worth of hit points.

They do seem to die when people shoot at them, I am happy that they are worth their points on the table top.

Punisher Carrier & Punisher Drone

This model is an attachment that must join either the Avengers or the Castigator.

It really serves two purposes, first up (and perhaps the most obvious) is that when the Drone is launched you get to use your Nexus designator to try and give your unit placed shots (3+ to hit) while they are moving.

Secondly its two extra hull points that can sit out front and can help prevent your Avenger / Castigator from taking damage.

The drone will improve your Avengers more (because they have 15AD to benefit from 3+ at LR vs only 12AD), however it represents an increase in survivability on the Avengers by only 33% vs a 66% increase when used on the Castigator (going from 6 to 8 hitpoints vs 3 to 5 hitpoints).

A final thought for the Punisher is that if the drone is detached, then the enemy can only shoot at either the flyer, or the ground units.

If they succeed in wiping out the Ground units, the Drone can go flat out, either off the board, or to hide and deny your opponent some crucial TV.
All in all a very useful unit.