Why Play Planetfall?

I have been getting a chunk of games in with Planetfall recently. 

Generally these games have edged up towards the 5000 point totals, allowing a good amount of models and army choices to be fielded.

However I still get people asking me about why I play Planetfall. So, after some thought, here are a few of my reasons.

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You control massive armies, hordes of men, tanks & aircraft are at your disposal, along with a couple of big Leviathans (Pacific Rim is a decent point of reference for how these can work I think), the game is fast paced and gets you into the action very quickly

Yup, thats just my core force, not sure I have enough tanks

Low Cost of Entry, with a free rulebook online (along with Templates & Counters presented in the back of it for your use), and a Core Helix costing £40 new, or as little as £32 from discount retailers you can get yourself into this for very little money.

Low Cost for Expansion - the most expensive box so far is £55 for a Race's Leviathan, again you can find this for £44 discounted, and most Helix's are costing £30 or under. You get everything you need in a box to field a full Helix, but it also allows you to field just some of that box if you want to. Its very easy and cheap to expand your army. 

Yup all this was mine for just over £20! 

High Quality models - Spartan Games has been producing high quality models for the 4 years starting way back when Uncharted Seas came out. The Planetfall models are no exception with lovely detail on all the models!

Yes, the models do look as good as the renders in the flesh (resin)

Alternate Activation's - While it isn't the only Wargame on the market that does this it works very well, preventing the enemy from Alpha striking you off the table. This means the games are funner for longer, and repeat games against an opponent allows you to change how your army works significantly if you need to deal with a different threat. 

Ok, so I couldn't find a good picture for the you go- I go (I did debate the chuckle brothers!)
Hopefully this picture for some scale is useful!

Army Building - It's fun and enjoyable to work within the Helix system that they have provided for us to use. The number of combinations of unit choices is vast, and with the ability to add a second battlegroup you can build the force you want. Giant robots all over the place? Sure, that can be done, Flyers everywhere, yup that works too. Nothing so far comes out clear on top as the best thing in the game.

The Helix structure is one of my favourite parts

Its a New game - There isnt a meta for this game yet. Helixes are still being released for all 6 core races, and they all get released at the same time, this means people are still learning what it all does, everything that seems overpowered at first can be dealt with after a few games and bit of practice.

There is a thriving community out there, on the Spartan forums, and with more people joining the blog-o-sphere to talk about Planetfall!

Video Blogs
GrueneHorde Videos

Expansion rules are released free online.. .along with their free rulebook, and free Orders of Battle (army books), and they help you to play linked games with Firestorm Armada, the way your troops make Planetfall! 

Yup, thats most of the free resources they provide for Planetfall

Interested in a bit more about Planetfall? Read my review to find out more! Don't forget to check out my Blog roll for Spartan Games bloggers on the right hand side of the blog! Drop me a comment if you would like to be included! 

A happy opponent! 


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