Help Requested! Methelas Marines 2000 points (ish)

So another day another post.

Last time I posted by combat patrol force for the Imperial Guard, this time I post my 2000 point list.

Or rather I post 1790 points of Imperial Guardsmen that I feel are Must haves, leaving me a 210 points to play with each time I decide to play a 2000 point game.

Any advice of what you would spend the remaining 210 points on please post a comment as I look for all the advice I can get.

Company Command Squad: of Ordnance, Astropath, Master of the Fleet, 2 x Bodyguards, Vox Caster, Regimental Standard, 2 Bodyguards, Medi-pack; 220 Points

1st Platoon:
Command Squad; Medi-Pack, Vox Caster, 2 x Plasma Guns: 95 Points
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster: 55 Points
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster: 55 Points
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Rocket Launcher: 90 Points
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons: 105 Points
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Mortars: 60 Points
Special Weapons Squad; 3 x Sniper Rifle: 50 Points
Special Weapons Squad; 3 x Grenade Launchers: 50 Points

Veteran Squad; 2 x Meltagun, Vox Caster, Grenadiers: 125 Points

Valkyrie Assault Carrier; Multiple Rocket Pods, 2 Valkyries: 260 Points

Vendetta: 130 Points

Vendetta: 130 Points

Leman Russ Executioner: 195 Points

Leman Russ; Heavy Bolter Sponsors: 170 Points

This comes to a grand total of 1790 points.

I normally add in a squad of 5 Ratlings, Plasma Sponsors on the Executioner, Carapace Armour for the Company Command Squad and a Lord Commissar, however I would like to see what options other people come up with and what suggestions people have.

There is a chance some of the points are a little out... given that I don't have my codex to hand, but i will correct it when I have it in my hands.

So please comment away I look forward to some suggestions and seeing what other goodies I can add to the army.

Combat patrol, Methelas style.

Another quiet week for me on the blog front. Managed to get down to my local gaming club at Kingdom of Adventure. I also managed to play 2 games while there. One of which was the 400 point combat patrol for their ladder league. Having played 2 previous games of this I opted to stick to the same army list which has served me pretty well. I basically took my Infantry Platoon from my 1500 point list and didnt even have to change it. Command Squad; Medi-pack, Vox Caster, 2 x Plasma Guns Infantry Squad; Vox caster Infantry Squad; Vox caster Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Rocket Launchers The units above come to one nice 400 point army, which can cope with a variety of situations (I hope). 3 games into the Ladders system and I have drawn 2 and won 1. The first game I played was against a Rocket Launcher heavy Marine Army, and with them getting first turn it was an unholy massacre of my Guard units... frag rockets hurt... and hurt bad. However somehow I managed to pull a win... to be fair that could be something to do with my opponents scouts charging and him (and me) before forgetting to add the +1 attack for charging. The second game I have to say I dont really remember, other than that it ended in a draw. The Third game I merged all of the Infantry squads with the Command squad and bodly charged forward... the mass of men with FNP survived the best of the rocket squads shooting, and my Lascannons and Rockets knocked Marines down left right and centre. All in all, it has left me feeling like joining my first tournament in over 5 years, only a combat patrol one but something I think could do well in, and enjoy. The list itself can have some things trimmed, I can lose all three Vox casters and squeeze in another Plasma gun in my command squad, my intent is to try and combine the infantry squad and command squad in every game... if I end up in an objective one then the best I can do is aim to wipe out the enemies units. on objectives... massed firepower is something this combat patrol can do quite well. Any other suggestions for changes or tweaks to the list will be greatly appreciated, and taken onboard. Thats it for now... maybe another post this weekend... hopefully if I find the time.

The Duroga System

The Duroga System: The Duroga system consists of 4 habitable planets, all of which are under the protection of the Imperial forces in this region. Recently the Imperial Presence has been weakened, and several enemy forces have seen the opportunity to move in and claim this resource rich system. The Tyranids have recently moved into the system, intent on claiming it for the Great Devourer, Warboss BigClaw has declared a Waaagh!, and has arrived from a nearby system, intent on taking over and raising an even bigger Mob. The Imperial forces, are rallying together with the Sons of the Lion, Methelas Regiments, Raven Guard and the Blood Dragons. The Tau have also recently moved into the area, their intent seems to liberate the system for the Greater Good Duroga Prime, is a large world, not quite a forgeworld, but the next best thing, its production capacity is one of the highest in the Cluster, and a vital resource that the Imperium cannot let fall. Duroga III is a small Outpost world, on a barren waste land. Its resources are low, but it provides a perfect dumping ground for the toxic waste produced by Duroga Prime, it has an extensive cavern system, which the Imperium is slowly filling with dangerous and useless materials. Duroga IV is a small agriworld, in the main it produces most of the food consumed in the system, and is vital to providing foodstuffs for the long term survival of the systems population. Duroga VII is an industrial world, which utilises all of its space either for food stuffs, or for manufacturing. Of all the Worlds in the system it is the only one that could be self sufficient. Territory Distribution: The Imperium has a good control over the planets in question, they begin the campaign in control of all the Spaceports and Hive City tiles on all of the four planets. This gives the Imperium both an advantage and disadvantage. They will have several strongpoint’s (as the forces that begin in control of a planet should do), however they stand a good chance of being outnumbered in many early encounters. Once all of these tiles have been claimed the players each roll off to find the order in which they get to place markers on the maps. Each Faction has a different aim and a different entry point into the system, this is represented by the following, The Tau many only claim tiles on Duroga VII & Duroga Prime The Orks may only claim tiles on Duroga IV & Duroga Prime The Tyranids may only claim tiles on Duroga III & Duroga Prime The Imperium may claim tiles on any of the Four planets. Planetary Bonuses If one faction is in full control of a planet, then they are able to consolidate their forces, and this in turn makes it much more difficult to take their territory. If an enemy attempts to take over one of their territories which is on a planet they control fully then they suffer -2 to the roll, in addition to any other modifiers. Faction Bonuses Tyranids: Due to the nature of a Tyranid swarm their opponents never benefit from the additional 50 points per tile which the Tyranids control, you simply cannot stretch the Tyranid swarm, it is endless. Also if the Tyranids gain control of a Planet for 3 complete turns (mean no tiles are lost from their control) then all of the Buildings on that Planet stop providing Bonuses and are removed. Every tile on the Planet counts as a Space port for the Tyranids. This represents the Tyranids devouring the Planets resources. Orks: The More territory the Orks control, the more powerful the Waaagh is. For every 20 tiles the Orks control they get to roll an additional D6 when running or fleeting, and pick the highest. Imperium: As with all great armies, the longer the worlds are in peril the more likely the Imperium is to divert significant forces to support the campaign, even individual battles are treated in much the same way. In any game that gets to Turn 7 the Imperium forces gain extra reinforcements. This takes the form of any unit that has been wiped out may be brought back into play. This does not apply to any HQ units. Tau: The Tau race is very good are recruiting the local populace into fighting with them. For every 15 tiles the Tau control they may pick an Imperial Guard unit to fight with their army. This does not include HQ or Elites. For Example if the Tau player controls 30 tiles, they would be able to add up to two Guard unit choices to any army list they play. Map Pieces: These follow all of the rules laid out for them in the Planetary Empires Rulebook, with the exception of the Spaceport tile. The Spaceport tile normally allows you to count all locations as adjacent for the purposes of rolling on the Conquest table. If you control a Spaceport you may Initiate a Planetstrike mission against any enemy territory on the board, or on one of the other worlds in the system, if you win this mission then that territory (and that one alone) counts as being adjacent to you for the purposes of rolling on the Conquest table. This means that you must nominate the territory you are targeting before you play the game. You may initiate a number of Planetstrike missions equal to the number of spaceports you control at the beginning of the campaign turn, capturing additional spaceports will not allow you to initiate an additional Planetstrike, this represents your forces readying the Spaceport for use after the battle to capture it. Choose your target and roll a D6. Each result corresponds to the mission listed in the Planetstrike Book: 1= Planetfall 2= Desperate Assault 3= Seize and Destroy 4= Stranglehold 5= Forlorn Hope 6= Planetquake If the Tile has a building on it, then the defender gains a special bonus in the Planetstrike battle. These bonuses are listed below: Shield Generators: When the Attacker chooses to initiate a Planetstrike on a tile with a Shield generator the defender must roll a D6. On a 4+ they may redirect the Planetstrike to one of the adjacent tiles. If none of the adjacent tiles are valid targets (i.e all of them are controlled by the attacker) then the Planetstrike goes ahead against the nominated tile. This does mean that someone can end up playing a Planetstrike mission against a different opponent than they declared the mission against (if that opponent is not available then the game will need to either be rescheduled, or will need to be abandoned. If it is abandoned then the Attacker has used up one of his allowed Planetstrikes this game turn and may not get it back). Manufactorums: This building means that the Defences produced on here are of a much higher level, with the Manufactorum controller keeping the best component for himself. This means that all of the Automated Weapons in the Bastions and the Interceptor guns are BS 3. Defence Line: This tile grants the Bonus stratagem of Trench Network to the defended, with no Stratagem points needing to be spent on it. Command Bastion: This grants the defender the ability to change the score of the roll to choose a mission by +/- 1. So if the Attacker rolled a 4, then the defender can choose to fight mission 3, 4 or 5. Power Station: This allows the defender to re-roll all Reserve rolls. It also allows them to choose to fail any reserve roll that they wish. The Hive City: This Grants all of the benefits listed above as the Hive City tile contains all of these buildings, in one form or another. It also means you have to play a special Planetstrike Mission (the one posted a few weeks ago). Conquest Table: Any player who took part in a game may attempt to claim a tile from one of the factions they played against. If the player lost a game, then he may only attempt to take control of a Tile that is Adjacent to one of their Factions Tiles. Winners of Games may attempt to take over two tiles a turn but no more. The table below shows the score required on 2d6, dependant on the location. Location Tile is Adjacent to one of the Factions Tiles= 3+ Tile is not Adjacent to one of the Factions Tiles= 7+ The table below shows the modifers when rolling to capture tiles. Modifiers The Game ended in a Draw= -4 Tile has Defence lines or ruins or river= -1 Tile is a Mountain or Spaceport= -2 Tile has a Shield Generator (or is next to one)= -Modifier (consult the Planetary Empires book) Tile is located on an Enemy Held World= -2 The Player lost= -8 Note that is extremely unlikely for the loser of a game to win a tile, but it does allow for the odd chance that they managed to distract the enemy forces enough to seize territory. Capture a Hive City Tile: Attacking a Hive City requires a massive amount of planning, resources and effort. This leaves the Attacker vulnerable to a counter attack if they are beaten by the defenders. This can be done by rolling for the tile as normal on the Hive City, or by playing the special Hive mission that I posted a few weeks ago. The Winner of the game gets to roll a D6, and consult the table below. The score required indicates what they need to roll to capture the Hive, or if the defender wins one of the tiles that the Attacker controls that is adjacent to one of their tiles. This can make it considerable easier for a player to capture a tile, no modifiers are applied to this roll. So shield generators and defence lines will not help. Victory Margin Score Required 1-5= 5+ 6-10= 4+ 11-15= 3+ 15+= 2+ Winning: The Winner of the Campaign is the first Faction to control all of Duroga III, IV & VII, or to Control Duroga Prime and any other Planet.

In Space no one can hear you Blog.. especially if I dont post.

Well been a quiet week from me. Lots of ideas bubbling around in my mind at the moment. Waiting to get my hands on the Planetary Empires, so I can get a campaign started. The Hive City Mission from the other week was actually aimed for a Campaign setting, although I still think it will be a fun one off mission. The whole idea of campaigns is more what I want from the game I think. I enjoy the competitive side of things with the game, and like beating my opponents on fair and balanced (for the most part) battlefield... but the idea of facing off against worse odds also appeals to me. The truly heroic things you read about in history, sci-fi or fantasy books are always when the odds are stacked against you, and map based campaigns certainly can give you this. I also managed one game this week with my Imperial Guard. 1000 points, and I played my brother who was using Orks for the first time. With both of us being N00bs to our armies, the game was interesting, and pretty fast. I managed to win without losing one model, my sentinel lost its weapon and got immobilised but not destroyed and that was the only damage I sustained. The main problem for the Orks was it was a take and hold mission, and he had 2 objectives on his side, and only 1 on my side... so he sat back and held them. It took me a few turns but eventually my Master of the Ordnance found his range, as did my Valks Rocket Pods and the Orks broke and ran leaving me holding only one objective, but no others being held. Next time, I know he is gonna charge down my throat, and it honestly scares the crap outta me, cause my Guardsmen need 5 turns of shooting to inflict sufficent damage on his army to win... and I will only have 2 at most... *gulp* Neways, another update should follow this next week... I hope.

Planetstrike - A New Type of Mission

The Hive:One of the Planets that recently fell into disarray in the Varcan Cluster was the Planet Heci. It was an Industrial world, producing arms and munitions for the Imperium forces. Chaos had managed to infiltrate to the highest levels of the Planets’ Government. Members of the Fallen had moved in with Chaos forces and corrupted Guardsmen to seize control of the planet and its production facilities. When News of this reached the Sons of the Lion, they dispatched a force of their Elite Stonewing and Hawkwing companies to attack the Hive City directly, recapture any fallen present, and to take control of the planet again. This strike to cut the head off the snake is repeated throughout the history of the Space Marine chapters. A Decisive blow like this at the stronghold of the enemy can stop a war of attrition before it begins.

Layout:As usual the defender gets to setup his terrain in any way that they see fit. However they get to choose which Long Board Edge will be the attackers Drop Zone. The Attacker cannot choose their drop zone as there is only one way to get into the Hive City and it is by battering down all of the defences in their Way.

The Defender may place as many Interceptor guns as they wish regardless of the number of objectives on the table.

All Bastions must be connected to another Bastion by Aegis Defence Lines.

The Defender always gets 2 More Stratagems points than the Attacker; however the Attacker always gets a minimum of 6 Stratagem points, so the Defender always gets a minimum of 8. If there are more than 6 Objectives on the table then the Attacker will get a number of Stratagem points that corresponds to the number objectives, and the defender will always get 2 more. E.g: If there are 8 objectives on the table then there will be 8 Stratagem points for the Attacker and 10 for the Defender.

Deployment:The Attacker as usual does not deploy anything onto the Board edge as everything arrives from Reserve.
The Defender must count the number of Kill points in their army, and must deploy over 50% of them on the table to begin the game. They would not leave the main entrance to their Hive City undefended. So if the Defender has 10 kill points they must deploy more than 5 of them on the table.

The Attacker gets to launch his Firestorm as usual, however the firestorm is Strength 10 as they launch the strongest bombardment possible to increase their chances of success.

Reserves:The Reserves rolls follow the rules for reserves laid out in the Planetstrike Rulebook.
When an attackers unit arrives from Reserve they may arrive in one of the three ways:
Drop Zone

Any unit that could normally deepstrike in a game of Planetstrike can deepstrike in, alternatively they can arrive from the Drop Zone. Any unit that may normally Outflank (I.E Can Scout or Infiltrate) may do so.
The Defenders reserves may arrive in one of the following two ways, either from their own Board Edge, or by Outflank. All of the Defenders Reserves may choose which they wish to arrive from, however you still must declare which reserves are trying to Outflank, this must be declared before the game beings, as they are sent from a different section of the Hive City in as soon as the battle begins.

Victory:Each side gets Kill Points in the manner detailed in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.
Each Bastion that is controlled by either faction grants 3 additional points.
For Each Bastion that is still intact at the end of the Game the Defender gets 2 additional points
For Each Destroyed Bastion the Attacker gets 1 additional point
The Side with the most points Wins.

As usual all the Attacking units may capture a Bastion, and should both forces be in contact with an Objective at the end of the game then the Attacker claims it.

So basically this is a mission idea that I have had bouncing around my head, it does break away from some of the things in Planetstrike, and treats it a lot more like assaulting a Fortress. It probably isn't fair, but then again if you are playing a game based on a mission you saw someone put up on the net you are probably more in it for the fun than for it being an entirely balanced game. The idea behind the victory conditions may seem a little bit complex, but I actually designed this mission for a campaign, but as I am still waiting to get the finishing details on the campaign I haven't got that posted yet.

As usual if anyone has any suggestions, or can point out any inconsistencies then please let me know. Not managed to get game of it yet, but will aim to do so and let you know how it went.

A Ramble

Well back to normal for me with no updates during the week. I blame it on the stoopid number of models that arrived at my home this week. I actually meant to get a load more pictures uploaded, including some of my Belial command squad mini's however a mad week of Ebay selling and buying slowed my online activity lol. No games this week either, meant to but kept getting too side tracked by painting hehe. I recently sold three armies of old on Ebay, and the proceeds managed to get me 2 Assault on Black Reach, 3 Valkyries and an Imperial Guard (Cadian) Battleforce. I dont have all the Valks yet, as there was some stocking issue with the people I bought from, however the rest arrived yesterday, and I now have a lot of Blue Guardsmen. I also got myself an Imperial Guard Demolisher... which I have to say is a very nice piece of Kit. Havent glued the Sponsors, or the main turret weapon, but some magnets or blue tack will give me plenty of options on that. The Battleforce has been entirely assembled, and so has one of the Assault on Black Reaches, the Marines being relatively straight forward, only a couple of arm swaps on the Terminators to make em more Deathwing(y). The Orks underwent a bit more of a conversion with 6 of the Boyz having both arms cut off so I could glue some spare Shoota arms on. The Nobz also got a rework, with one being given a Customer Shoota / Burna thingy, and 2 others having Power Claws attached. The second set of Nobz will be being gleefully converted to represent my Flash Gitz with a liberal use of the Loota weapons that were left over when I made my Burna Boyz. I now simply need to wait for either my Valks to arrive, or for the Leman Russ I won to turn up for me to have a 1500 point Imperial Guard list (which I will post this weekend). Hopefully I will cram in a game this weekend before life gets truly hectic for me. All of the models that have arrived for me in the last week have been funded by selling unused items on Ebay... and for trading some Nid stuff that I had never opened back into GW to get a new shiny tank from their shop shelves. It will be pretty much all the items I am buying for a long while, but should give me a good go at my painting for points scheme. I originally set my target to 100 before the end of the year, and with this many models I think I will hit it without too much difficulty, that said I still have to paint them. The Marines are now undercoated, the Orks from one AoBR are now Green, and all of the Guard have been light blue, then inked blue so I definitely got a good start today. Anyway another post will follow in the next day I imagine... either my trial Imperial Guard List, or some pictures of my Stonewing.

Tyranid Pictures

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and put my painted models up for show on the blog...

The models I paint for the most part are painted to a nice level for tabletop gaming, and so that the army looks good when put together, however they are not all Golden Demon entries... no where near.

Hopefully they will serve to show where I get some of my inspiration, and hopefully putting them up for general viewing will help me improve my painting skill.

So without further ado, here are a couple of my Tyranids, all painted in the Scheme of the Tyranids that are causing havoc in the Varcan Cluster.

The Malanthrope; this is one of my favourite forgeworld models, reasonably priced (at least when I got it, only costing £38), and fun to paint, with very little hassle gluing it together. I probably havent done it justice in my paint job, but the paint it has fits well with the scheme I have used for the army.

Lictors, possibly one of the more irritating units in the Tyranid list. Impossible to defend against, unless you have full control of terrain setup. Another fun (ish) model to paint the first time, less so for the second one, and the third one I have is causing me to lose sleep.. well not quite.

My First new style Carnifex, built and painted when the new models first came out. This is possibly the best plastic kit they have released for 40k, however having not made each and every plastic kit out there I am probably wrong, but the options and the conversion oppourtunities here are some of the best around.

The Methelas Marines

The World which the Sons of the Lion chose as their own had inhabitants that followed a strict Martial Code. This foundation gave the Sons of the Lion two advantages. The first was a good pool of men to test and trial and then for the select few, induct into the chapter. The second was the PDF that was raised to defend the planet.

The PDF itself was well trained and well equipped, this helped guarantee the safety of the home world, if the chapter were to be called off world to deal with some Xenos or Chaos threat.

Methelas has also been tithed to raise several Imperial Guard Regiments. Unlike most worlds that raise Guard Regiments the Methelas regiments do not follow a set pattern. The first Regiment raised was Regular Infantry, the second was an Armoured Company, the third regular infantry and the Fourth was entirely Mechanised. Since these initial founding’s there have been only a small fraction of the total regiments raised which were not regular infantry.

The Methelas Marine Regiments also experienced some early defections, with Companies and in one case an entire Regiment defected, turning on what mere minutes before had been their Allies. Now the Methelas Marine command structure is rigidly enforced by the Iron Will of the Commissars assigned to each and every command unit.

Now to prevent any further embarrassment for the planet or the Regiment no Methelas Marine unit will ever take to the field without at least 1 Commissar present and for the most part the deployments operate on the basis of 1 Commissar per 50 Guardsmen involved. This is what the Departmento Munitorum have deemed as appropriate for Regiments with dark histories of desertion.

If you were to look through the records of the Departmento Muintorum they would almost certainly show that these figures are strictly adhered to, however given the large number of Commissars this would require the truth of the matter is entirely different.

In general any new Regiments raised from Methelas have around 8000 fighting men and around 50 Commissars. On rare occasions the Departmento Munitorum manages to get 100 Commissars onsite for the Regiments founding; however in truth many of these are re-assigned during the course of the Campaigns that the Regiment will fight.

In charge of the Methelas Marine units is Lord General Lokar Jayson. He ensures that the deployment and activities of the Methelas Marine units match the current needs of the Crusade. The Guard units are currently engaged in ten planetary defence engagements and two planetary offensives.

The Methelas Marine 5th & 6th Infantry Regiments are currently working with the Sons of the Lion in their crusade to cleanse the Varcan Cluster of the Chaos Taint. They have also been joined by the 2nd Armoured Company and the 10th Mechanised Company.

The Methelas Marine 5th & 6th Regiments were raised to fulfil the planets tithe to the Imperium. Each Regiment consisted of around 8,000 Guardsmen at the time of their founding. Now on duty in the Varcan Cluster the exact Regimental Numbers are unknown.

Information fed back to the hierarchy on Methelas itself revealed that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Companies of the 5th Regiment were decimated while holding a Vital mining world against a Tau invasion. They managed to hold the line long enough for the Sons of the Lion to arrive and destroy the Tau forces.

Current Estimates place the Methelas Marine 5th Regiment at around 5,600 Men, and the 6th Regiment at around 7,000.

The Methelas Marine 2nd Armoured Regiment also joined the Varcan Crusade at full strength. It had just been replenished with fresh recruits from Methelas Marine when the conflict began and was re-tasked to assist. The addition of firepower of this company has provided a welcome boost to the firepower the Crusade is able to bring to bear on the traitor legions.

The Methelas Marine 10th Mechanised was due for retirement as it had been reduced in numbers in recent conflicts. The whole regiment is barely able to field full company strength. Their involvement was welcomed by the Sons of the Lion, as Kaildan himself knows the hearts of warriors, and that no warrior wishes to be left out when battle rages.

Planet Strike Attack (Also doubles as a 2000 point army)

Ok so August... new day, new month... new posts!

I posted a few weeks back about a Stonewing list for my Sons of the Lion. That list never got used and has been heavily modified.

The list I present to you below is a combination of the Stonewing and Hawkwing Companies from the Sons of the Lion (Deathwing and Ravenwing from the Dark Angels).

This list has played 3 games attacking... and I am sorry to say it hasnt won a game yet. Great potential to though. Any suggestions let me know, the list is very much an Elite list and depends a lot on a first strike, but the number of Meltas means than any Bastions should be easy enough to threaten.

Also if the Hawkwing manages to turn up early with some Terminators failing to arrive then the Teleport Homers will do wonders for the positioning and getting the charges.

The list itself is also perfectly legal for a normal 2000 point game, 4 Troop choices that can deep strike (half of which turn up on turn 1), and 2 Fast Attack units that can either outflank or get a 24" scout move before the first turn so that those deepstriking units can get optimum positioning.

Master of the Stonewing, Darton Auriel; 130 Points
Lightning Claws (Counts as Belial)

Venerable Dreadnought; 170 points + 50 points
Venerable, Heavy Flamer, Twin Linked Lascannon, Drop Pod

Stonewing Terminators; 255 points
4 Stormbolters, 1 Assault Cannon, 2 Chain Fists

Stonewing Terminators; 250 points
3 Stormbolters, 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Chain Fist, 1 Set of Lightning Claws

Stonewing Terminators; 220 points
1 Stormbolter, 1 Heavy Flamer, 3 Thunderhammers & Stormshields

Stonewing Terminators; 290 points
Cyclone Rocket Launcher, Deathing Company Banner, Apothecary, 3 sets of Lightning Claws

Fast Attack:
Hawkwing Attack Squadron; 305 points
6 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike with Multi-Melta, Sergeant with Power Weapon, 2 Meltaguns

Hawkwing Attack Squadron; 320 points
6 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike with Multi-Melta, Sergeant with Power Fist, Meltagun, Plasma Gun

Total Points: 1990 points.

As always any suggestion please feel free to throw them out there. The idea of this list is to be highly themed and it does certainly lose something on the competitive edge which I dont mind.

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