Tyranid Pictures

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and put my painted models up for show on the blog...

The models I paint for the most part are painted to a nice level for tabletop gaming, and so that the army looks good when put together, however they are not all Golden Demon entries... no where near.

Hopefully they will serve to show where I get some of my inspiration, and hopefully putting them up for general viewing will help me improve my painting skill.

So without further ado, here are a couple of my Tyranids, all painted in the Scheme of the Tyranids that are causing havoc in the Varcan Cluster.

The Malanthrope; this is one of my favourite forgeworld models, reasonably priced (at least when I got it, only costing £38), and fun to paint, with very little hassle gluing it together. I probably havent done it justice in my paint job, but the paint it has fits well with the scheme I have used for the army.

Lictors, possibly one of the more irritating units in the Tyranid list. Impossible to defend against, unless you have full control of terrain setup. Another fun (ish) model to paint the first time, less so for the second one, and the third one I have is causing me to lose sleep.. well not quite.

My First new style Carnifex, built and painted when the new models first came out. This is possibly the best plastic kit they have released for 40k, however having not made each and every plastic kit out there I am probably wrong, but the options and the conversion oppourtunities here are some of the best around.