The Methelas Marines

The World which the Sons of the Lion chose as their own had inhabitants that followed a strict Martial Code. This foundation gave the Sons of the Lion two advantages. The first was a good pool of men to test and trial and then for the select few, induct into the chapter. The second was the PDF that was raised to defend the planet.

The PDF itself was well trained and well equipped, this helped guarantee the safety of the home world, if the chapter were to be called off world to deal with some Xenos or Chaos threat.

Methelas has also been tithed to raise several Imperial Guard Regiments. Unlike most worlds that raise Guard Regiments the Methelas regiments do not follow a set pattern. The first Regiment raised was Regular Infantry, the second was an Armoured Company, the third regular infantry and the Fourth was entirely Mechanised. Since these initial founding’s there have been only a small fraction of the total regiments raised which were not regular infantry.

The Methelas Marine Regiments also experienced some early defections, with Companies and in one case an entire Regiment defected, turning on what mere minutes before had been their Allies. Now the Methelas Marine command structure is rigidly enforced by the Iron Will of the Commissars assigned to each and every command unit.

Now to prevent any further embarrassment for the planet or the Regiment no Methelas Marine unit will ever take to the field without at least 1 Commissar present and for the most part the deployments operate on the basis of 1 Commissar per 50 Guardsmen involved. This is what the Departmento Munitorum have deemed as appropriate for Regiments with dark histories of desertion.

If you were to look through the records of the Departmento Muintorum they would almost certainly show that these figures are strictly adhered to, however given the large number of Commissars this would require the truth of the matter is entirely different.

In general any new Regiments raised from Methelas have around 8000 fighting men and around 50 Commissars. On rare occasions the Departmento Munitorum manages to get 100 Commissars onsite for the Regiments founding; however in truth many of these are re-assigned during the course of the Campaigns that the Regiment will fight.

In charge of the Methelas Marine units is Lord General Lokar Jayson. He ensures that the deployment and activities of the Methelas Marine units match the current needs of the Crusade. The Guard units are currently engaged in ten planetary defence engagements and two planetary offensives.

The Methelas Marine 5th & 6th Infantry Regiments are currently working with the Sons of the Lion in their crusade to cleanse the Varcan Cluster of the Chaos Taint. They have also been joined by the 2nd Armoured Company and the 10th Mechanised Company.

The Methelas Marine 5th & 6th Regiments were raised to fulfil the planets tithe to the Imperium. Each Regiment consisted of around 8,000 Guardsmen at the time of their founding. Now on duty in the Varcan Cluster the exact Regimental Numbers are unknown.

Information fed back to the hierarchy on Methelas itself revealed that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Companies of the 5th Regiment were decimated while holding a Vital mining world against a Tau invasion. They managed to hold the line long enough for the Sons of the Lion to arrive and destroy the Tau forces.

Current Estimates place the Methelas Marine 5th Regiment at around 5,600 Men, and the 6th Regiment at around 7,000.

The Methelas Marine 2nd Armoured Regiment also joined the Varcan Crusade at full strength. It had just been replenished with fresh recruits from Methelas Marine when the conflict began and was re-tasked to assist. The addition of firepower of this company has provided a welcome boost to the firepower the Crusade is able to bring to bear on the traitor legions.

The Methelas Marine 10th Mechanised was due for retirement as it had been reduced in numbers in recent conflicts. The whole regiment is barely able to field full company strength. Their involvement was welcomed by the Sons of the Lion, as Kaildan himself knows the hearts of warriors, and that no warrior wishes to be left out when battle rages.