Combat patrol, Methelas style.

Another quiet week for me on the blog front. Managed to get down to my local gaming club at Kingdom of Adventure. I also managed to play 2 games while there. One of which was the 400 point combat patrol for their ladder league. Having played 2 previous games of this I opted to stick to the same army list which has served me pretty well. I basically took my Infantry Platoon from my 1500 point list and didnt even have to change it. Command Squad; Medi-pack, Vox Caster, 2 x Plasma Guns Infantry Squad; Vox caster Infantry Squad; Vox caster Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Rocket Launchers The units above come to one nice 400 point army, which can cope with a variety of situations (I hope). 3 games into the Ladders system and I have drawn 2 and won 1. The first game I played was against a Rocket Launcher heavy Marine Army, and with them getting first turn it was an unholy massacre of my Guard units... frag rockets hurt... and hurt bad. However somehow I managed to pull a win... to be fair that could be something to do with my opponents scouts charging and him (and me) before forgetting to add the +1 attack for charging. The second game I have to say I dont really remember, other than that it ended in a draw. The Third game I merged all of the Infantry squads with the Command squad and bodly charged forward... the mass of men with FNP survived the best of the rocket squads shooting, and my Lascannons and Rockets knocked Marines down left right and centre. All in all, it has left me feeling like joining my first tournament in over 5 years, only a combat patrol one but something I think could do well in, and enjoy. The list itself can have some things trimmed, I can lose all three Vox casters and squeeze in another Plasma gun in my command squad, my intent is to try and combine the infantry squad and command squad in every game... if I end up in an objective one then the best I can do is aim to wipe out the enemies units. on objectives... massed firepower is something this combat patrol can do quite well. Any other suggestions for changes or tweaks to the list will be greatly appreciated, and taken onboard. Thats it for now... maybe another post this weekend... hopefully if I find the time.