In Space no one can hear you Blog.. especially if I dont post.

Well been a quiet week from me. Lots of ideas bubbling around in my mind at the moment. Waiting to get my hands on the Planetary Empires, so I can get a campaign started. The Hive City Mission from the other week was actually aimed for a Campaign setting, although I still think it will be a fun one off mission. The whole idea of campaigns is more what I want from the game I think. I enjoy the competitive side of things with the game, and like beating my opponents on fair and balanced (for the most part) battlefield... but the idea of facing off against worse odds also appeals to me. The truly heroic things you read about in history, sci-fi or fantasy books are always when the odds are stacked against you, and map based campaigns certainly can give you this. I also managed one game this week with my Imperial Guard. 1000 points, and I played my brother who was using Orks for the first time. With both of us being N00bs to our armies, the game was interesting, and pretty fast. I managed to win without losing one model, my sentinel lost its weapon and got immobilised but not destroyed and that was the only damage I sustained. The main problem for the Orks was it was a take and hold mission, and he had 2 objectives on his side, and only 1 on my side... so he sat back and held them. It took me a few turns but eventually my Master of the Ordnance found his range, as did my Valks Rocket Pods and the Orks broke and ran leaving me holding only one objective, but no others being held. Next time, I know he is gonna charge down my throat, and it honestly scares the crap outta me, cause my Guardsmen need 5 turns of shooting to inflict sufficent damage on his army to win... and I will only have 2 at most... *gulp* Neways, another update should follow this next week... I hope.