A Ramble

Well back to normal for me with no updates during the week. I blame it on the stoopid number of models that arrived at my home this week. I actually meant to get a load more pictures uploaded, including some of my Belial command squad mini's however a mad week of Ebay selling and buying slowed my online activity lol. No games this week either, meant to but kept getting too side tracked by painting hehe. I recently sold three armies of old on Ebay, and the proceeds managed to get me 2 Assault on Black Reach, 3 Valkyries and an Imperial Guard (Cadian) Battleforce. I dont have all the Valks yet, as there was some stocking issue with the people I bought from, however the rest arrived yesterday, and I now have a lot of Blue Guardsmen. I also got myself an Imperial Guard Demolisher... which I have to say is a very nice piece of Kit. Havent glued the Sponsors, or the main turret weapon, but some magnets or blue tack will give me plenty of options on that. The Battleforce has been entirely assembled, and so has one of the Assault on Black Reaches, the Marines being relatively straight forward, only a couple of arm swaps on the Terminators to make em more Deathwing(y). The Orks underwent a bit more of a conversion with 6 of the Boyz having both arms cut off so I could glue some spare Shoota arms on. The Nobz also got a rework, with one being given a Customer Shoota / Burna thingy, and 2 others having Power Claws attached. The second set of Nobz will be being gleefully converted to represent my Flash Gitz with a liberal use of the Loota weapons that were left over when I made my Burna Boyz. I now simply need to wait for either my Valks to arrive, or for the Leman Russ I won to turn up for me to have a 1500 point Imperial Guard list (which I will post this weekend). Hopefully I will cram in a game this weekend before life gets truly hectic for me. All of the models that have arrived for me in the last week have been funded by selling unused items on Ebay... and for trading some Nid stuff that I had never opened back into GW to get a new shiny tank from their shop shelves. It will be pretty much all the items I am buying for a long while, but should give me a good go at my painting for points scheme. I originally set my target to 100 before the end of the year, and with this many models I think I will hit it without too much difficulty, that said I still have to paint them. The Marines are now undercoated, the Orks from one AoBR are now Green, and all of the Guard have been light blue, then inked blue so I definitely got a good start today. Anyway another post will follow in the next day I imagine... either my trial Imperial Guard List, or some pictures of my Stonewing.


Tom said…
It'll be fun to take apart a Guard list - he said hopefully ;o)