Help Requested! Methelas Marines 2000 points (ish)

So another day another post.

Last time I posted by combat patrol force for the Imperial Guard, this time I post my 2000 point list.

Or rather I post 1790 points of Imperial Guardsmen that I feel are Must haves, leaving me a 210 points to play with each time I decide to play a 2000 point game.

Any advice of what you would spend the remaining 210 points on please post a comment as I look for all the advice I can get.

Company Command Squad: of Ordnance, Astropath, Master of the Fleet, 2 x Bodyguards, Vox Caster, Regimental Standard, 2 Bodyguards, Medi-pack; 220 Points

1st Platoon:
Command Squad; Medi-Pack, Vox Caster, 2 x Plasma Guns: 95 Points
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster: 55 Points
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster: 55 Points
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Rocket Launcher: 90 Points
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons: 105 Points
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Mortars: 60 Points
Special Weapons Squad; 3 x Sniper Rifle: 50 Points
Special Weapons Squad; 3 x Grenade Launchers: 50 Points

Veteran Squad; 2 x Meltagun, Vox Caster, Grenadiers: 125 Points

Valkyrie Assault Carrier; Multiple Rocket Pods, 2 Valkyries: 260 Points

Vendetta: 130 Points

Vendetta: 130 Points

Leman Russ Executioner: 195 Points

Leman Russ; Heavy Bolter Sponsors: 170 Points

This comes to a grand total of 1790 points.

I normally add in a squad of 5 Ratlings, Plasma Sponsors on the Executioner, Carapace Armour for the Company Command Squad and a Lord Commissar, however I would like to see what options other people come up with and what suggestions people have.

There is a chance some of the points are a little out... given that I don't have my codex to hand, but i will correct it when I have it in my hands.

So please comment away I look forward to some suggestions and seeing what other goodies I can add to the army.


Raptor1313 said…
You can save some points off the command squad in a big way.

Lose the Master of Ordnance (he just won't do much). Lose the Bodyguards, lose the medi-pack.

Same thing for the platoon command squad. Lose the medipac, lose the plasma guns, get a few flamers. Get heavy weapons in the infantry squads (I would think Autocannons).

You've got a LOT of heavy weapon teams. On the one hand, firepower's good, but on the other hand? You will HATE S6 weapons. I think the mortars are a good scoring squad since they can be hidden out of LOS and still contribute.

You'll be harder-pressed to use the Special Weapon squads. Three BS3 sniper rifles are unimpressive, and the grenades are very middle-of-the-road and not that accurate. I think if you want to use a special weapon squad, they go inside a Valk/Vendetta and get either flamers or demo packs. Life's cheap, they're sacrificial AND scoring.

I suggest some've got the guard air force. Get at least another Vet Squad, ditch the vox casters, and go either 3x melta or 2x melta/1 Heavy Flamer. They're your utility drops.

All your ground-based vehicles should take heavy flamers, it's your version of the counter-assault. "Oh. You charged. you nuked a squad. Nice. NOW BURN!"

If you really want to run an executioner, I suggest plasma sponsons and moving your other Russ into a squad with it, and giving that russ just the battle cannon and heavy flamer. It's your expensive tank's ablative armor.

I advise against Ratlings (...die very easily) and don't see much a point for carapace armor on any IG squad. For the points, you're halfway towards another squad.

If you are going to go massed heavy weapon squads, I'd slap Mr. Lord Commissar in there to take advantage of his Stubborn Aura, but do NOT attach him to the heavy weapon squads. (Nothing like them getting an order, botching it, and the LC blatting one).

Last part is I suggest heavy bolter sponsons on your Vendettas; 10 points to let them threaten infantry a bit more.
Tom said…
I'm not sure about IG - reading Codex as we speak to get some ideas as to where there weaknesses are, but one thing I would not do is get rid of the medi pack dude in a big squad your combined platoon and platoon command squad with FNP is hellish to deal with.
Kraggi said…
I see your point with the the command squad, the Master of Ordnance has done some nice work, in one game he actually managed to splat two large Ork units dead on, in the other I believe he took out a Rhino... lol.

The Bodyguards are there simply becase for 30 points they mean I can ignore the torrent of fire rule for assigning wounds to the commander because each can take upto 3 wounds for the commander... and that is kinda nifty in a cinch.

The Medipack in the Platoon Command squad works very well when you merge the command squad with another Infantry squad... 15 men with FNP actually makes the Medipack worth it... almost. Especially as it helps the guardsmen out against the Bolter heavy armies I seem to run headlong into.

The Lord Commissar... ya I used him completely wrong in one game and shoulda whacked him near the heavy weapon squads for passing orders, instead I ran him forward and ended up with him killing two normal marines... woohoo.

I am going to get some more Veteran squads, and my aim is to have them with 3 x special weapons... I just dont have the models yet, well at least not the Meltas.

Hadnt thought about the Heavy Flamer... but that could work very well.

The Ratlings definately die too easily as Shirke and a Chaplin... shot twice, killed 2 and they ran off... although it did mean those two didnt charge and got almost mowed down by my firepower (a one trick pony I know Tom, but gotta love it hehe.

The Executioner is one of those tanks I really like the look of, but it does cost an arm and a leg... so will probably try swapping it around for a different version a touch as that will save me a lot of points on its own.

Thanks for the tips so far... will look at re-writing the list to see what I can get in it... then its off to the piggy bank (the wife) to see if my spending money for the month has run out or not.