Planetstrike - Defending (pt.2)

Another post on the same day... something must be going wrong with me... althought after the last post I figured I would try to impart some more information relating to Defending in Planetstrike. The reason no information has been forthcoming from me regarding attacking is because I havent had anywhere near as good luck Attacking as I have defending. I can tell you that it is not wise to charge a 5 man Deathwing squad into Difficult and Dangerous terrain to router out Kantor and his Sternguard Squad... you are bound to roll three 1's on the Dangerous part and basically give them a free Killpoint with minimal effort required. Anyways back to defending. Something that all my games of Planetstrike have shown me... RESERVES RULE!!! Quite literally, even with the random nature to how they turn up the main thing that has won me a lot of my defending games and lost me a lot of my attacking games is those pesky reserves. For example.... the Attacker rolls for his forces to arrive on turn one and gets the vast majority of his army on the table... when it comes to your turn it simply gives you more targets to try and arrive next to. For me the number of times that i have had a Gaunt Unit, Carnifex, Genestealers or Broodlord arrive from Drop Zone is unreal, the fact they then have to turn to face the new threat, or leave themselves exposed at the back makes it very interesting. It also means that you reduce the effectiveness of Firestorms by a lot, and their first turn of Deepstrikes can be severely reduced in effectiveness if there is less for them to try and charge when they arrive. A couple of thoughts on what has been a tried and tested tactic for any of the Defenders I see, whether it is me or someone else... it is damned annoying to see that Landraider Crusader with Special Charater and Terminator squad arrive from behind your men.

A Mid Week Post!

Whats this? A mid week post... nope my eyes are not deceiving me I have actually found the time at home to sit and write something on my blog! My last post about an Ork Army List got a trial run yesterday. I was facing a friends Space Marine list consisting of... Shrike Assault Chaplin 10 Man Tactical Squad in Rhino 10 Man Tactical Squad in Rhino 10 Man Tactical Squad in Drop Pod 10 Man Assault Squad Vindicator Vindicator Vindicator I played this army twice, the first time was with a previous version of the Ork List... which I knew kinda sucked but wanted to see how it worked. I pretty much ran headlong into a brick wall of death... my death not the Space Marines. Now dont get me wrong I did get some of the Rules wrong... namely Nobz having 2 wounds slipped my mind (Big Oversight). However even had I not forgotten this the game was still a loss. The Orks themselves seem to only have 1 thing going for them... and that is an excessive number of attacks. The transports I took basically got my men there to get the charge on a Vindicator and my Nobz and Warboss into the Drop Podding Marines, both of these combats ended very well for me with next to no losses. However after that the transports themselves were of no further use to me... the battlewagon being immobilised and the only unit that could fit in the Trukk being stuck in combat with Shrike and his goonies. With the frustrations getting the better of me I called it a loss (at this point I had lost 5 Nobz from Shooting, failng all 5 'Eavy Armour Saves and then 5 Feel no pain saves... really shoulda picked up on the 2 wounds thing). We were playing Killpoints and I now had nothing left to damage his Vindicators... my Deffkoptas and Big Mek had the shooting prowess of wet tissues and pretty much everything of his was able to counter charge or stand and flame me. So with a less positive mindset than I started with... but knowing about the 2 wound thingy on the Nobz I used the list printed in the previous list. We did Killpoints again, I won the roll off for the first turn and happily set down my forces. My Opponent then went for stealing the iniative... and for the first time in all my games of 5th Ed he did it.... ah well I thought this could work out better. The marines have to get closer to me which means more first turn charges for the Orks. In the first turn his shooting was not awesome, he blew two of my three two Kopta units out of the Sky... I managed to fail pretty much all of the cover saves. The Drop pod turned up on the left and in tandem with one of the Rhino Tactical Squads they took down one of the Deffkopta units. No Charges so on to my first turn! I did pretty much what any Orky player does (I think) and I raced everything forward and jumped out. The Shooting was less than stealla with only a Flash Git hitting the target... and managing to kill it, but I was less bothered about that than the charges. The Warboss and his Nobz managed to get the charge on Shrike, the Chaplin and 10 Assault Marines (the warboss does have a powerclaw... i made sure i paid for it). The 12 man Ork Boyz unit in the other trukk hit the Drop Podding Marines. This was the combat I did first as I always prefer to leave the interesting ones till later. The Marines were down to 8 men and with their attacks against me they manage to kill two of the Boyz, however our Response was to wipe out 5 of the marines so that they would run away.. of course they were faster than us so we couldnt catch them, but out Consolidation allowed us to make sure we were close enough that they couldnt automatically rally next turn. Then game the big combat. Shrike hit first and managed to take 3 wounds from my Nobz. The Chaplin proved he need his re-rolls not hitting at all ( I am glad they didnt charge) and the Assault Marines caused a whopping two wounds, of which 1 was saved and the other saved by feel no pain. Our turn to hit back. The 10 Nobz between them through out an excessive number of attacks which managed only to see 3 Marines fall, however it was a drawn combat and one which I was happy with at this point. Then my Warboss got to attack... now me being me and in fully under the influence of the Ork Dieties, I decided to take out Shrike... I had 6 attacks, hitting on 4's and wounding on 2's at Strength 10 ignoring his armour save... what could go wrong? Well nothing really went wrong for me... I hit Shrike 3 times, and wounded twice... of course he made both of his Invulnerable saves. Drawn combat overall... not a bad result but winning and with him having 2 less marines (probably more as I would have hit them on 3's) the next turn wouldnt have turned out too badly. At this point things took a turn for the worst... my Battlewagon went Boom... rather impressivly the last of my Deff Koptas (and the chances of taking out any of the 3 Vindicators) went bye bye. My 12 man Ork Boyz unit so happy from the destruction of the Drop Podding Marines ran heading long into one of the units of Rhino Marines and were broken in rapid effect. Combat came and saw my Warboss and Nobz charged by another tactical squad, of which 5 of them got in to combat. Then Shrike and the Chaplin took out another 5 or 6 wounds between them which reduced meant that combat was going from bad to worse. Now I will fully admit, at this point I was very disheartened by the Orks, as I could only see one thing going for them.... lots of attacks... their shooting wasnt worth the points, and against marines their fighting ability seemed to suck... so I threw the towel in the second time ever (that I remember) and that day. This isnt something I normally do, even when it is all going wrong... I might seriously debate it, but I never normally hand my opponent a victory like that. All in all yesterdays games (and this is only 2 of the 3 I had) left me very disheartened, especially with the Orks. They are the first new army I have played in at least 2 years and I can honestly say I find very little that appeals to me to play as them. However! That was yesterday I really dont know when I will make the time to play the Orks again but I think I will (something my regular opponent Tom will be happy to hear). A lot of my problems probably come from the army selections and I will have to try rejigging things around. It will be interesting to see how the Orks perform in another game with a few more tweaks to the army list. In the final analysis I have learnt two very important things from this: 1. Ork armys need more refining than I first gave them credit for 2. Dont be afraid to concede the game. The first of those points is kinda obvious i guess, the second less so. The second point is particulary important if you like me sometimes let yourself get frustrated by the way the game is going, especially if it spills out into Rants or random dice throwing. The game is meant to be fun, and while everyone says it, it seems to me that not many people acknowledge that when it isnt fun just stop... step back and if needs be concede the game. I knew that yesterday I was taking the shine off the inevitable victories that Tom was gonna get, so that is something I need to work on, and if I do work on it and get better then I should certaintly become more entertaining to play against. Anyways thats enough for the whining and complaining side of me. Congratulations to Tom for soundly and comfortably beating my poor Okses into the ground.... it may take them a little time to recover but I am sure they will be back again. After all the Varcan Cluster is a big place.

Orks Orks Orks!!!! Waaaaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!!

So just to prove I have too many armies and how much I enjoy pottering around making army lists, given my recent fun with Orks I figured I would post yet another Army list. Fortunately I own all these models, which is partly why its written this way.

Any comments or feedback is welcomed as always. I will try and update the list every so often to give people and idea of how it fairs.

Total Points 1498
Total Orks 68

Warboss: 120 points
Twin Linked Shoota, Cybork Body, 'eavy armour, Attack Squig

Troops11 Ork Boyz: 76 points
Big Shoota

12 Ork Boyz: 112 points + 45 Points
Nob w/ Power Claw, Big Shoota, Trukk; Red Paint, Rokkit Launcher

11 Nobz: 330 points + 45 Points
Painboy, eavy armour, 5 x Big Choppa, Trukk; Red Paint, Rokkit Launcher

20 Ork Boyz: 255 points
Nob w/Power Claw, 2 Rokkit Launcha's, Ard Boyz

Fast Attack
2 Deffkoptas: 90 Points
Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher

2 Deffkoptas: 90 Points
Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher

2 Deffkoptas: 90 Points
Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher

Heavy Support
Battlewagon: 95 points
Red Paint

5 Flash Gitz: 150 points
More dakka

Tyranid Defensive Army List, 2000 points

Well 7 posts in now and I have managed to cover a variety of different things. Thankfully the Varcan Cluster itself is a hub or activity and war… many forces can be found here, and all in all it gives me wonderful reasons to collect all the armies I collect, design army lists, and just generally write about stuff and ideas that float into my head.

I thought that today I would share a Defensive Tyranid list. This list has played in about 10-15 games of Planetstrike. So far it has not lost a game, now I am not saying that is because its brilliant or that I am, at least half of those have been won through sheer dumb luck, and some seriously nasty Deep Strike mishaps (Tom, I am looking at your 400 point Terminator unit).

Anyway, by posting this, it gives anyone who uses ‘Nids a chance to see a Defensive list that may be a bit different from the norm (I don’t know as I have no clue what a normal defensive list is). Also I hope to get some feedback on any weaknesses or strong points of the list itself.

So without further ado… I present 2000 points of Defensive Tyranidy Goodness:

Hive Tyrant : 194
Barbed Strangler, Twin Linked Devourer, Extend Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs
Accompanied by 1 Tyrant Guard with Flesh Hooks

Broodlord: 205
Extended Carapace, Feeder Tendrils, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Accompanied by 5 Genestealers with Extended Carapace & Flesh Hooks

4 Brood Warriors: 161
Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (Both WS & I)
3 Deathspitters & 1 Barbed Strangler

4 Brood Warriors: 161
Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (Both WS & I)
3 Deathspitters & 1 Barbed Strangler

3 Brood Warriors: 111
Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (Both WS & I)
3 Devourers

10 Termaguants: 90
Fleshborer & Without Number

10 Termaguants: 90
Fleshborer & Without Number

10 Termaguants: 90
Fleshborer & Without Number

6 Genestealers: 144
Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Scything Talons

Heavy Support

Carnifex: 176
Twin Linked Deathspitter, Crushing Claws
Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Reinforced Chitin, Adrenal Glands (WS & I)

Carnifex: 179
Twin Linked Devourer, Crushing Claws
Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Reinforced Chitin, Adrenal Glands (WS & I), Enhanced Senses

Carnifex: 193
2 Twin Linked Devourers
Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Reinforced Chitin, Adrenal Glands (WS & I), Enhanced Senses. Bonded Exoskeleton, Tail Weapon Scythe

Carnifex: 205
Crushing Claws, Scything Talons
Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Reinforced Chitin, Adrenal Glands (WS & I), Bonded Exoskeleton, Toxin Sacs, Tail Weapon Scythe

Total 1999

Any suggestions or thoughts for bettering or battering this army are happily welcomed.

It has so far faired well against Raven Guard, Standard Space Marines (No Special Characters) & Tau.

The Tactics I tend to go for are keeping the Genestealers and the Broodlord in Reserve, along with a Carnifex. This sometimes is a real risk with the way your reserves come in, but as I believe you can declare that the Broodlord is Outflanking (please correct me if I am wrong) then at least one of them is likely to turn up next to the DZ and hopefully cause some merry hell for the tanks and armoured items that trundle on.

Other than that the Trench Network is a must in your Stratagem Selection, and as I have mentioned previously if you have a Sky Shield then whacking a Void Shield on it is another must.

Hope people find it interesting, and I look forward to any comments people add.

One Day, Two Players, Three Games (well sort of)

Well as the title suggests today before work I managed to fit in 3 complete games. By complete the first game was going so badly I conceded on Turn 4, the second game went to turn 5 before ending and the 3rd one got to Turn 3 before we ran out of time.

My record today was Lost – Draw – Draw (although in my opinion this was a sure loss).

The first game was 1500 points, and was the first time I had ever used and Ork army… unfortunately for me it showed.

Here is the lowdown of what I had:

Warboss w/ Power Claw, ‘Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Twin Linked Shoota & Attack Squig
Big Mek w/ Zzap Gun 7 Cybork Body
10 Nobz, All with ‘Eavy Armour, 5 with Big Choppa’s and a Painboy, Mounted in a Trukk with various Orky Upgrades
23 Ork Boyz, Slugga & Choppa, w/ Big Shoota x 2 & Nob
20 Ork ‘Ard Boyz, Slugga & Choppa, w/ Rokkit Launcher x 2 & Nob
12 Ork Boyz w/ Shoota & 1 Big Shoota & Nob
5 Storm Boyz
5 Burna Boyz w/ Mek
3 Deffkoptas w/ Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher
Battlewagon w/ Zzap Gun and Various Orky Upgrades

My Opponent had:

Vulkan He’stan
Space Marine Captain
Command Squad
Dreadnought w/meltagun & heavy Flamer
Ironclad Dreadnought w/seismic Hammer, Heavy Flamer & Meltagun
10 Man Tactical Squad w/ Rhino
10 Man Tactical Squad w/ Drop Pod
5 Man Assault Squad
Land Raider Redeemer

The army looked cool, had lots of big units… well two of them. However the idea of charging forward with my Orks (which was what I wanted to do) didn’t seem so sensible given the 2 Dreadnoughts and Landraider that was in front of me.

The Stormboyz rolled a 1 religiously whenever they tried to move, I forgot I had ‘Eavy Armour on my Nobz and didn’t even roll saves, and when I did I forgot they had Feel No Pain.

The Deffkoptas didn’t turn up turn after turn and I even forgot to roll for them one turn in the middle of all my cursing and crying.

The only highlight of the game was the fact that Vulkan’s drop pod and tactical squad dropped into just the right spot for me to hit them with some Stormboyz and my Nobz and Warboss… that combat wiped out everything save the Warboss and 2 Nobz.

I ended up with an Ork Boyz unit with 20 men it stuck in combat with a Dreadnought… no Power Claw on the Nob… and my unit of ‘Ard Boyz was less than 5” from the Ironclad Dreadnought at the beginning of the Space Marine Turn 4. My only other troop Choice was down to 2 men and fleeing and basically in an Objective based game I couldn’t capture any objectives.

I called it quits there as my opponent (My Brother Paul) was more than happy for a Rematch. I quickly ran to my PC and re-tweaked the army list. The changes made the list seem a little (and I stress that word) more viable.

Warboss w/ Power Claw, ‘Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Twin Linked Shoota & Attack Squig
Big Mek w/ Zzap Gun 7 Cybork Body
10 Nobz, All with ‘Eavy Armour, 5 with Big Choppa’s and a Painboy, Mounted in a Trukk with various Orky Upgrades
23 Ork Boyz, Slugga & Choppa, w/ Big Shoota x 2 & Nob w/ Power Claw
20 Ork ‘Ard Boyz, Slugga & Choppa, w/ Rokkit Launcher x 2 & Nob w/ Power Claw
12 Ork Boyz w/ Shoota & 1 Big Shoota & Nob
5 Burna Boyz w/ Mek
2 Deffkoptas w/ Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher
2 Deffkoptas w/ Twin Linked Rokkit Launcher
Battlewagon w/ Zzap Gun and Various Orky Upgrades

This time we had the same mission but with a pitched battle deployment and 4 objectives on the table. I deployed everything on the table this time, and even with second turn I did really really well.

By the end of Turn 3 I had wiped out his two troop choices, however by the end of Turn 5 I had only one troop choice, firmly entrenched in difficult terrain and cover ,with no way to get to the objective in time, and an Ironclad Dreadnought in the way which my Deffkoptas simply couldn’t kill. This one ended up a solid draw, with me only having 3 Deffkoptas and a unit of 8 Ork Boyz waiting within licking distance of an Ironclad…

The Third game was Planetstrike and was an attempt by my Sons of the Lion Chapter re-take a Planet from the Nefarious Vulkan He’stan lookalike.

My Brother used the same army as his last two games, except he had his drop pod reassigned to his Ironclad and a couple of extra units. His defences looked sound and even a Firestorm with a huge 15 Shots did little but destroy his Auto-Defences and Interceptors. The Crash and Burn I used on turn one kinda stung him, knocking out 3 out of the 4 Bastions (including my brand new freshly glued and painted one… damn you luck gods!!!)

This game didn’t go too badly for me, no Deep Strike Mishaps and not an in-ordinate amount of armour failures from me, but other than some initial successes, the arrival of his Landraider Redeemer with 5 Thunder Hammers and Vulkan He’stan didn’t seem too bad… ok he got the Charge into my Stonewing Company Master and his Terminator squad with the Company Banner and Apothecary… however from then on it was all down hill.

I have to admit I HATE how much of a buff the characters in the Space Marine Codex have got… the WS6, S6 power weapon attacks that Vulkan has are kinda annoying. Couple this with a 2+ save as standard and a 3+ Inv and he made short work of my Stonewing Master.

The rest of the Terminator unit faired little better, even with 3 Sets of Lighting Claws and 4 attacks each when charged did nothing to save them as we managed to cause a whole one wound before being wiped out to a man.

This game ended up finishing on Turn 3, and in my honest opinion it was a loss for me. I don’t think I would have been able to capture enough of the objectives with the few numbers of models I had on the table and only 3 turns gone, well not capture them and hold 'em lol.

Anyway that’s a long enough post for today me thinks.

8000 points of Planetstrike

So I had a rather large game of planetstrike this week. Went down to my local gaming store, called Kingdom of Adventure in Kirkcaldy. Anyone reading this who lives local to it should definitely pay a visit. It’s a new shop but has good staff and a lot of room for gaming. Anyway back to the Planetstrike game. It started out at 6,000 points a side with 3 players a side. The defenders were two Tyranid players (I was one of them) and a Necron Player, against 3 Codex Space Marine players, basically the Space Marines had Shrike in charge of one force, Lysander in charge of the other and Forgefather Vulkan He’stan in charge of the final one. Then in turn 2 we added a Space Marine player to the Defending side and a Guard one to the attackers side. Another 2000 points per side, all of which got to roll for reserves on the 2+ roll for Turn 2. We didn't really come up with a Reason for the armies fighting together in the alliances we had, it was just a demo night and basically we aimed to involve everyone that we could. In total it took us 4 hours to play 3 complete turns, at the end of which the Defenders won 3-2 on objectives. It pretty much came down to a combat between Marbo and a Zoanthrope. Had Marbo killed the Zoanthrope in the final turns combat he would have needed only a 3 on his consolidation move to get in base to base with the 3rd Objective that the attackers needed. The game was hectic and immensely amusing. We had Shrike, a Chaplain and the Sergeant of the Assault Squad they started the game with in base contact with the 3rd Objective for the attackers at the beginning of the Defenders 3rd Turn… with no less than 6 units ready to shoot at them we started out with the smaller guys who were less likely to kill them, and I am happy to say that my 7 Termaguants took out the Chaplin and the Sergeant and also took a wound off Shrike. Shrike was finally killed by a Heavy Destroyer shot he took straight to the head (well I think that’s where they aimed for). Another turn probably wouldn’t have helped the Attacker either. They had a Bike squad with a Captain in it, however they couldn’t really charge anything as that wouldn’t have allowed them to get into base contact with one of the objectives, and by this point with no other fast moving units left in the game other than this Bike squad it did look very promising for us. During the game one of the Attackers said that they thought the whole of the game was aimed at giving the Attacker huge advantages, to which I have to agree. However I have won all of the games in which I have defended, including this multi-player one. Now it is possible that because I am using Tyranids that gives me an unfair advantage… who wants to deep strike in and Charge a combat orientated army? I must admit I look forward to some attacking games with my Stonewing & Hawkwing list. My defensive list on the other hand will not include any of these units and will be made up entirely different units and I look forward to defending with them. I will try and get both of these lists posted once I have tried them out, and let you know how they do.

Stonewing Army List

Stonewing Army List, Help!:

This is a list I have been working on building for a while, and with me finally having happily decided on a decidedly Deathwing Colour scheme for my so called Stonewing I figured I would go ahead and try writing it out.

Its not a complete list… I have 85 points left and would love any ideas or suggestions for what to spend the last 85 points on. I know I can happily slip a Whirlwind into the list, however I don’t really think this fits with the feel of the army.

Upgrading both Dreadnoughts to Venerables is really the only other option here and that still leaves me 45 points so I figure I would ask the community…

So without further Ado:


Darton (Belial); Lightning Claws; 130 Points

Librarian ; Terminator Armour, Combi Melta; 150 points


Dreadnought; Twin Linked Lascannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod; 200 points

Dreadnought; Multi-melta, Stormbolter, Drop Pod; 175 points


Stonewing Terminators; Assault Cannon, Chainfist; 250 points
Stonewing Terminators; Assault Cannon, Chainfist, L/Claws; 250 points
Stonewing Terminators; Heavy Flamer, 3 T/Hammers & S/Shields; 220 points

Stonewing Terminators; 3 L/Claws, Cyclone Launcher, Apothecary, Stonewing Standard; 290 points

Heavy Support

Landraider; 250 points

Grand Total: 1915 points
Any hints, tips, ideas or suggestions will be warmly weclomed. Will also try and post a couple of after action reports for the list when I get it finished... along with some pictures.

Classfied Report

Classified Report +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
For the Attn of Inquisitor Alicor Naaman +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Inquisitor, the report that follows should give you and idea of what the Sons of the Lion chapter will be facing while they are defending the Varcan Cluster.

In the last 2 years there have been numerous incursions into the Cluster by the Tau. Even now they have established several stronghold planets, and have occupied two Imperial worlds.

The first world, Gardan appears to have opted to join the Tau for protection from raiders. The planetary governor made this decision, however I have been unable to get any information from the planets populace to determine if they are merely suffering the Governors decision or are willingly defying the will of our God-Emperor. At this time it appears that the Halls of Terra are not aware of this invasion (or defection depending upon further investigation).

The second world is the Shrine world Clowa, dedicated to Saint Varcan, he preached on this planet several thousand years ago, and overturned a Chaos incursion. Since then it has had a strong Imperial presence. When the Tau arrive and offered their protection, the planetary governor rejected them. The Tau invaded anyway. There has been fierce fighting on the planet, and this has seen several Shrines and most of the major cities destroyed. The PDF fought valiantly, however they were out numbered, and out manoeuvred by the Xenos scum, and they were defeated about 6 months ago. Since then the remainder of the PDF forces have been fighting a fierce Guerrilla war against the Tau, but this is not a war they will win.

In addition to these two worlds the Tau have also established several strongholds with Garrison forces on some of the dead worlds in the same region of space. This means that they control about 10 planets on the Eastern Fringe of the cluster, there may be more but I have been unable to identify anything further.

Another worrying discovery was that on the North Eastern Fringe of the Cluster several thriving worlds have been reduced to barren rocks. This has been happening with more and more frequency. While no inhabited worlds have been… well devoured is the only word I can think of to describe what I have seen, it is something that is sure to happen. I cannot be sure of the Xenos race involved in this, however all the evidence indicates there may be a Tyranid Hive fleet in the cluster itself. Which tendril it has splintered off from I am unsure, but all of the information I can gather points to something moving into planetary systems, devouring all of the organic matter and breaking down the rest before moving on.

There have also been some Xenos and Chaos incursions that have been dealt with by other Space Marine Chapters. From the information I have managed to acquire it appears that both the Raven Guard and Blood Ravens have at least a Cruiser in the local area, if not a Battlebarge.

With regards to the recently Fallen Marines there have been scattered reports of small warbands. The Daemon Prince Leuctra has not been reported since the battle on the Chaos Stronghold planet of Mediasa. This could simply be a case of him wiping out anyone he and his retinue have encountered.

While I am sure the Sons of the Lions movements and recent engagement will be no secret to you, they do seem to be avoiding the Tau area of space at the moment. Several of their fleets seem to be heading that direction, however whenever they detect the Tau fleets they seem to go elsewhere. This means that two Imperial worlds are being left out on their own.

My Prayers go daily to the God-Emperor that the near permanent presence of a Space Marine Chapter in the cluster will help clear out the Xenos scum and allow Saint Varcans deeds to be spoken of again with more meaning.

Your faithful servant

Dro Nociol

Planetstrike - Defending

So with the new expansion being out I have managed to play 10 to 12 games so far. I have to say that I have found this expansion a lot more accessible than Apocalypse, and just as exciting. I have managed a fair number of games as both the Attacker and Defender mainly using my Tyranid army in both rolls. I have to say that the Tyranids appear to be a little overpowered against the people I have faced, and they appear overpowered in both roles. I think that playing as the Attacker gives you a real benefit when you then get the chance to defend. It lets you how things work, and what you need to work out. The items I have been attacking against are: 1 Aegis Defence Line 2 Bastions 1 Sky Shield Lots of Cities of Death Buildings

A 6' x 4' Board Basically listed below are the steps I have gone through setting up my ideal defence with this terrain. Sky Shield – Central Setup, set with the walls up. Bastions setup either side of it, within 6” Quad Linked Autcannon on the Sky Shield as an Interceptor Platform Lascannon on the Sky Shield as an Interceptor Platform Comms Tower in One Bastion Lascannon in the Other Bastion Lots of Cities of Death Terrain setup around 3 Sides of the Board. Leaving as little distance between your defensive perimeter and the terrain as you can These steps give you the following advantages: 1. The Attacker is more likely to choose the open side of the board as his DZ, because it means less difficult terrain tests for trying to get to the objectives they need to capture. This is good for you because you can concentrate a lot of firepower targeting the DZ. 2. The Terrain on the other 3 Sides of the Board means that Deep Striking units stand a good chance of having to test for Dangerous terrain if they scatter. 3. It also means Difficult Terrain tests for when they want to get those charges in. 4. If they try to Deepstrike in the small area you have left between your perimeter and the terrain then they have a better chance of scattering onto a unit of yours, or a building and then they have the fun of the Mishap Table. 5. A must Stratagem is the Void Shield, put this on your Sky Shield and then Deploy as much of your army on the Sky Shield, or under it and you don’t have to worry about a lot of damage from the firestorm (pray they take Scorched Skies as one of their Stratagems and you can can basically make them waste those 2 stratagem points. 6. Make sure that your Sky Shield has very little clear space on it, that way if they try to deepstrike on to it there is more chance of a Mishap. The Disadvantages: 1. Three Objectives very very close to each other… 1 Squad could conceivable capture two of them without a problem. 2. Crash and Burn will probably wipe out most of your defences, and depending on your Armour Saves… a lot of your army. 3. Armies with Move Through Cover will not be worried about a Drop Zone covered in terrain, and will probably benefit the most from cover saves. 4. You are giving your Opponent a lot of Cover Saves.

All in all this defence strategy has worked very well for me with my Nids, and worked not too badly for my opponent who I discussed it with. Will get some of my thoughts about attacking up later on.

Sons of the Lion

The Sons of the Lion chapter is one of the Dark Angels Successor chapters. They are one of the few successor chapters created from the Dark Angels gene seed. Although a relatively new Chapter the Sons of the Lion have already prevented several minor Chaos incursions, along with one full scale offensive.

The main Chaos incursion they prevented was in the Varcan Cluster. They had responded to reports of a Fallen leading a renegade warband, which was ravaging the worlds in the Cluster. The whole of the Sons of the Lion chapter was redeployed into the Varcan Cluster in an effort to stabilise the sector. Two Imperial Guard regiments from the Sons of the Lion’s home world, Methelas, where dispatched to support them, along with Inquisitor Naaman to help route out any corrupt government officials. After several months of searching they found the renegade base, a heavily fortified moon orbiting a dead planet, although at the time of discovery it was undermanned as the main force of the renegades was obviously away raiding yet another system.

Chapter Master Kalidian ordered the 6th, 7th and 8th Companies to move into the base and eradicate the enemy forces. When the renegades returned from their Raid they would find the doors of their base barred, and the walls manned by their Enemy. When they moved to retake their base, the rest of the Chapter would descend to crush them. The initial assault went well; the Company commanders reported a swift victory with minor losses. The Sons of the Lion’s fleet moved out of the system to avoid detection.

Two weeks after the base was taken the fleet received a communiqué reporting the renegade fleet had been spotted entering the system. The Chapter Master moved quickly to deploy the Imperial Battle group to engage the renegade ships in Orbit, while the Sons of the Lion’s Battle barge and supporting Strike Cruisers deployed the rest of the Chapter to crush the renegades. When the Spear tip led by the Stonewing reached the base, they found the renegades inside. Before the Stonewing could react, their own battle brothers of the 6th, 7th and 8th Companies descended on them. The fighting was brutal and intense as only the fighting between brothers can be. Chapter Master Kalidian rallied the Stonewing to him, while the rest of the Chapter attacked. The ensuing battle lasted for the better part of two days, hundreds of Sons of the Lion perished in the conflict.

In the final hours of the fight, as the Sons of the Lion began to turn the tide in their favour, the Fallen they had come chasing emerged from the base. The once Veteran Sergeant Leuctra had now fully committed himself to the powers of Chaos, choosing to favour the Lord of Decay over the God-Emperor. Kalidian charged him, knowing that somehow this Traitor had turned three companies of his Marines to the ruinous powers. Faith in the Lord of Mankind met the stench of Decay, the titanic battle between the two was devastating. The earth shook as they two waged war, Kalidian found himself overmatched by the thousands of years of experience of Leuctra, and found himself on the defensive, losing ground, his armour battered and broken by the thunderous blows of the now Daemon Prince. Such was the fury of the duel the two opposing armies had moved back to give the combatants room. The Sons of the Lion preparing for one final charge to destroy the enemy, each Marine knowing that if their beloved Chapter Master could not defeat this Daemon Prince; they would soon be following him to the death.

Just as Leuctra was about to deliver the final blow, Kalidian prayed for deliverance, not for him, but for his battle brothers so that they may survive to rebuild their chapter in order to wipe out the betrayers. That deliverance came as Inquisitor Naaman teleported to the Surface of the moon, along with a contingent of Grey Knights. The Inquisitor formed a psychic barrier between the beleaguered Chapter Master and Daemon Prince, one that barely held from the force of the blow aimed to kill Kalidian. Staggered by the knock back of the Psychic shield, Leuctra stumbled. Grey Knight terminators charged into him to finish off this Fallen Marine, they got no nearer than ten paces before Plague Bearers started appearing. First a few… then more, hundreds, thousands of them appeared, separating the Loyalist forces from the renegades. By the time Sons of the Lion and Grey Knights had cleared the battlefield of Plague Bearers the renegade forces had retreated to their ships, and made an emergency warp jump out of the system leaving the forces of the God-Emperor to count the cost.

The battle had accounted for over 300 Battle brothers lives. The Stonewing had been reduced to Kalidian’s command squad and fifteen Terminators, many other companies had been reduced below fighting strength. Inquisitor Naaman informed Kalidian that he had studied the nature of the enemy, realising that only a Daemon Prince or Chaos Lord given unimaginable gifts would have been able to orchestrate the destabilisation of the sector. With this knowledge he had requested a Grey Knight presence as insurance against the possibility of Daemon encounters.

A Month after the betrayal and reinforcements were on the way from the Sons of the Lion’s home world. The 10th Company had almost en mass been promoted to full Space Marine status to help the Chapter get back to full strength. During this time the Dark Angels fortress monastery, The Rock, appeared in the cluster and demanded the presence of the Kalidian to explain the actions of his men. No one knows what was said during Kalidian time on The Rock, but upon returning to the Sons of the Lion many things changed.

The 6th, 7th & 8th Companies were stricken from the records, reducing the Chapters overall strength by nearly a third. The 11th Company was created to consist of the Scout units and the pool from which new Sons of the Lion would be promoted. Kalidian took personal command of a battlegroup consisting of elements drawn from all of the Chapters Companies, and has since lead them on several daring raids against Renegade strongholds. The Master of the Hawkwing, Marhod started inducting more Marines back into the Hawkwing to replace the losses they experience during the conflict. Darton, the commander of the Stonewing command squad that fought with Kalidan during the battle was raised to the Master of the Stonewing, and he along with the twenty survivors began the searching the Chapter for replacements to refill the Stonewing ranks.

Inquisitor Naaman requested to remain with the Sons of the Lion assisting in the search for the Renegades and the Daemon Prince Leuctra and the stabilisation of the Varcan cluster. The detachment of Grey Knights left without much contact with the Sons of the Lion. Their Strike Cruiser has since been spotted within the cluster indicating they are still awaiting the Inquisitors command. The 5th and 6th Regiments of the Methelas Imperial Guard have been permanently assigned to assist in the task of bringing stability back to the sector. They currently work alongside the Sons of the Lion where required, and answer Inquisitor Naaman’s calls for aid and military strength.

While their home world of Methelas remains defended and is still recruiting the next wave of Sons of the Lion, the Chapter itself has established several Bastions and Bases throughout the Varcan Cluster, this does mean their man power is thinly spread, however it also allows them to respond quickly to threats across nearly 90% of the cluster.

A further month following the betrayal, Kalidian addressed the assembled chapter. The Words he said at that gathering were recorded and all new initiates to the chapter must memorise them during their induction to becoming a fully fledged Son of the Lion.

“We have been betrayed. By the Brothers we fought side by side with. By the Mentors who tutored us and the pupils who learnt from us. We have been betrayed.
Now we move to undo the wrongs the Traitors have wrought. We move to track down and eradicate the stain on our Chapters honour. There will be no rock unturned, no leaf unstirred until we have found and accounted for each and every one of our treacherous brothers. This task may take Millennia for us to achieve, but we will not falter in the face of it.

The people of the Varcan cluster will not be left undefended in the face of these traitors. We will remove the taint from any planet we find it on. We will kill the xenos and purge the unclean. We are the hand of the God-Emperor; we have his righteous fury within our hearts, his strength in our arms, and unyielding faith in him in our souls.

Come now my children, it is time our enemy learned what it is to face the Wrath of the God-Emperor and the roar of the Sons of the Lion”

A bit of information about the chapter itself, why they are where they are and whats happened recently. I know the story is pretty much a copy of the backstory to the main Dark Angels chapter, but I figured that this is something that is in the Geneseed itself. Maybe some day they will find out why those three companies turned...

A Beginning

Welcome to everyone and anyone that is reading this. I have started this as an outlet for some of the ideas bouncing around inside my head. About 2 years ago I bought myself a Dark Angels army, the lore and the minis have always been something that has fascinated me. Since then I have written a bit of history for the Chapter, and even went as far as to create a region of space that they had been tasked with defending. Since then the army has grown, and the initial antagonist in the Varcan Cluster has expanded from simple Traitors Marines to Necrons, a Tyranid Hive Fleet, Tau and even a couple of untrusting Space Marine Chapters. While I do not own all of these armies, they do feature my in my collection, or that of my regular opponents. My aim is to write a bit more of a history for the Varcan Cluster, and the various forces located here, post Battle Reports, Army Lists, pictures of my army and general ideas and opinions relating the the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. An ambitious plan for this blog... hopefully I will be able to do all of this, and entertain and maybe even enlighten anyone who reads this.

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