Stonewing Army List

Stonewing Army List, Help!:

This is a list I have been working on building for a while, and with me finally having happily decided on a decidedly Deathwing Colour scheme for my so called Stonewing I figured I would go ahead and try writing it out.

Its not a complete list… I have 85 points left and would love any ideas or suggestions for what to spend the last 85 points on. I know I can happily slip a Whirlwind into the list, however I don’t really think this fits with the feel of the army.

Upgrading both Dreadnoughts to Venerables is really the only other option here and that still leaves me 45 points so I figure I would ask the community…

So without further Ado:


Darton (Belial); Lightning Claws; 130 Points

Librarian ; Terminator Armour, Combi Melta; 150 points


Dreadnought; Twin Linked Lascannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod; 200 points

Dreadnought; Multi-melta, Stormbolter, Drop Pod; 175 points


Stonewing Terminators; Assault Cannon, Chainfist; 250 points
Stonewing Terminators; Assault Cannon, Chainfist, L/Claws; 250 points
Stonewing Terminators; Heavy Flamer, 3 T/Hammers & S/Shields; 220 points

Stonewing Terminators; 3 L/Claws, Cyclone Launcher, Apothecary, Stonewing Standard; 290 points

Heavy Support

Landraider; 250 points

Grand Total: 1915 points
Any hints, tips, ideas or suggestions will be warmly weclomed. Will also try and post a couple of after action reports for the list when I get it finished... along with some pictures.


Raptor1313 said…
The one thing that hops out immediately is that you're starting with just one piece of armor on the table. On the one hand, it's AV14. On the other hand, every last anti-tank weapon will converge on it.

I'd consider dumping the drop pods and going for an additional dreadnought. Ups the armor-saturation, but it still leaves you with 15 Termies + 2 ICs. All the other anti-infantry power gets slammed into those guys.

Overall, it just seems a little bit spread-out. If you're willing to get away from all termies all the time and want to keep the Land Raider, I'd think about dropping a 5-man tactical squad into the regular Land Raider to make it scoring and sit it at home.

The other option I'd consider would be dropping the Land Raider for another Terminator squad, and kit them out for ranged combat. Consider autocannons, lascannons, or multi-meltas on the Dreadnoughts.

If you were going all foot...

Belial 130

Libby w/ Combi-Melta 150

Ven Dread w/ Multi-melta 145

Ven Dread w/ Multi-melta 145

Ven Dread w/ Multi-melta 145

That gets you 5 Deathwing Termies w/ Assault Cannons and a Chain Fist, and leaves you 35 points. I'd drop 30 on a Narthecium/Reductor in a squad, and then drop a 5pts on something like another Chain Fist or a Heavy Flamer on one of the dreads.

The only other thing that pops to mind is something I intend to roll with, that involves massed DW on foot, a second HQ, and a pair of command squads with with apothecaries and a third apothecary in a DW squad.
Kraggi said…
I like the idea of getting more Dreadnoughts in and will seriously look into it.

I wanted to stay with Deathwing only models, or at least models that would be in that company... so Dreads, Termis and Landraiders are about all my options.

After more of a Themed list than anything else, but I have managed to come up with an interesting idea for a 2000 points planetstrike a
Raptor1313 said…
Ah. I've done some Deathwing, and am doing it again, because I have scads of Terminators good way to get rid of them. Since Black Reach came out, you can get the sprue of 5 termies for about $10, and I really don't feel the need to pretty much give away termies at $2 a head.

The one perk I feel that DA dreads have over CSM dreads is that Venerable comes cheaper. Sure, you keep WS/BS4, but the big deal is the 'venerable' special rule. I mean, extra armor is neat and all, and I'd consider it if you had the points and were dead-set on making your dreads assault-oriented (so they keep slugging forward, and never lose an attack for being stunned).

My one beef with the triple-land-raider builds is that it SEROUSLY butchers your options, and maims your model count. If the enemy can't handle a couple crusaders and a regular raider? You're in good shape. If they can, and they do it fast? You lose. Three Raiders runs you 750, three DW squads runs you 645, and Belial runs you 130. That's already 1525...might get you another squad in there, and maybe a dreadnought, but it's even more eggs in fewer baskets.

I think I did have some success with double-crusaders, though I'd also allowed myself to bring MM/HF Land Speeders to compensate for tank-killing. At 75, they're not a bad deal, but outside of your theme, so...
Kraggi said…
My Revised list is now running at something like this:

Belial : 130 Points

Terminator Squad : 250 points

Terminator Squad : 250 points

Terminator Squad : 215 Points

Terminator squad : 290 points

Ravenwing Squad : 390 points

Ravenwing Squad : 390 points

Or something in that region, maybe a little more on the Ravenwing.

The scout move and a 24" Turbo boost before the game starts means that i can make sure that My Terminators arrive where I want them, and also with the potential for having some of the Bikes ready to outflank and lots of melta guns should help with some armies I could face.

I figure this is perhaps a bit more in line with how the DA's and their successors would work. Ravenwing & Deathwing assault to crush the enemy.

Have to say I am not 100% about being able to Turbo-boost as part of the scout move, but if I can that will work wonders, especially if I get first turn and the enemy doesnt win the iniative.