8000 points of Planetstrike

So I had a rather large game of planetstrike this week. Went down to my local gaming store, called Kingdom of Adventure in Kirkcaldy. Anyone reading this who lives local to it should definitely pay a visit. It’s a new shop but has good staff and a lot of room for gaming. Anyway back to the Planetstrike game. It started out at 6,000 points a side with 3 players a side. The defenders were two Tyranid players (I was one of them) and a Necron Player, against 3 Codex Space Marine players, basically the Space Marines had Shrike in charge of one force, Lysander in charge of the other and Forgefather Vulkan He’stan in charge of the final one. Then in turn 2 we added a Space Marine player to the Defending side and a Guard one to the attackers side. Another 2000 points per side, all of which got to roll for reserves on the 2+ roll for Turn 2. We didn't really come up with a Reason for the armies fighting together in the alliances we had, it was just a demo night and basically we aimed to involve everyone that we could. In total it took us 4 hours to play 3 complete turns, at the end of which the Defenders won 3-2 on objectives. It pretty much came down to a combat between Marbo and a Zoanthrope. Had Marbo killed the Zoanthrope in the final turns combat he would have needed only a 3 on his consolidation move to get in base to base with the 3rd Objective that the attackers needed. The game was hectic and immensely amusing. We had Shrike, a Chaplain and the Sergeant of the Assault Squad they started the game with in base contact with the 3rd Objective for the attackers at the beginning of the Defenders 3rd Turn… with no less than 6 units ready to shoot at them we started out with the smaller guys who were less likely to kill them, and I am happy to say that my 7 Termaguants took out the Chaplin and the Sergeant and also took a wound off Shrike. Shrike was finally killed by a Heavy Destroyer shot he took straight to the head (well I think that’s where they aimed for). Another turn probably wouldn’t have helped the Attacker either. They had a Bike squad with a Captain in it, however they couldn’t really charge anything as that wouldn’t have allowed them to get into base contact with one of the objectives, and by this point with no other fast moving units left in the game other than this Bike squad it did look very promising for us. During the game one of the Attackers said that they thought the whole of the game was aimed at giving the Attacker huge advantages, to which I have to agree. However I have won all of the games in which I have defended, including this multi-player one. Now it is possible that because I am using Tyranids that gives me an unfair advantage… who wants to deep strike in and Charge a combat orientated army? I must admit I look forward to some attacking games with my Stonewing & Hawkwing list. My defensive list on the other hand will not include any of these units and will be made up entirely different units and I look forward to defending with them. I will try and get both of these lists posted once I have tried them out, and let you know how they do.