Classfied Report

Classified Report +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
For the Attn of Inquisitor Alicor Naaman +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Inquisitor, the report that follows should give you and idea of what the Sons of the Lion chapter will be facing while they are defending the Varcan Cluster.

In the last 2 years there have been numerous incursions into the Cluster by the Tau. Even now they have established several stronghold planets, and have occupied two Imperial worlds.

The first world, Gardan appears to have opted to join the Tau for protection from raiders. The planetary governor made this decision, however I have been unable to get any information from the planets populace to determine if they are merely suffering the Governors decision or are willingly defying the will of our God-Emperor. At this time it appears that the Halls of Terra are not aware of this invasion (or defection depending upon further investigation).

The second world is the Shrine world Clowa, dedicated to Saint Varcan, he preached on this planet several thousand years ago, and overturned a Chaos incursion. Since then it has had a strong Imperial presence. When the Tau arrive and offered their protection, the planetary governor rejected them. The Tau invaded anyway. There has been fierce fighting on the planet, and this has seen several Shrines and most of the major cities destroyed. The PDF fought valiantly, however they were out numbered, and out manoeuvred by the Xenos scum, and they were defeated about 6 months ago. Since then the remainder of the PDF forces have been fighting a fierce Guerrilla war against the Tau, but this is not a war they will win.

In addition to these two worlds the Tau have also established several strongholds with Garrison forces on some of the dead worlds in the same region of space. This means that they control about 10 planets on the Eastern Fringe of the cluster, there may be more but I have been unable to identify anything further.

Another worrying discovery was that on the North Eastern Fringe of the Cluster several thriving worlds have been reduced to barren rocks. This has been happening with more and more frequency. While no inhabited worlds have been… well devoured is the only word I can think of to describe what I have seen, it is something that is sure to happen. I cannot be sure of the Xenos race involved in this, however all the evidence indicates there may be a Tyranid Hive fleet in the cluster itself. Which tendril it has splintered off from I am unsure, but all of the information I can gather points to something moving into planetary systems, devouring all of the organic matter and breaking down the rest before moving on.

There have also been some Xenos and Chaos incursions that have been dealt with by other Space Marine Chapters. From the information I have managed to acquire it appears that both the Raven Guard and Blood Ravens have at least a Cruiser in the local area, if not a Battlebarge.

With regards to the recently Fallen Marines there have been scattered reports of small warbands. The Daemon Prince Leuctra has not been reported since the battle on the Chaos Stronghold planet of Mediasa. This could simply be a case of him wiping out anyone he and his retinue have encountered.

While I am sure the Sons of the Lions movements and recent engagement will be no secret to you, they do seem to be avoiding the Tau area of space at the moment. Several of their fleets seem to be heading that direction, however whenever they detect the Tau fleets they seem to go elsewhere. This means that two Imperial worlds are being left out on their own.

My Prayers go daily to the God-Emperor that the near permanent presence of a Space Marine Chapter in the cluster will help clear out the Xenos scum and allow Saint Varcans deeds to be spoken of again with more meaning.

Your faithful servant

Dro Nociol